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  1. One lazy weekend, Tempest and theacefes decided it would be a good idea to write some crossmod. The players in this banter are Auren, Sarah, Nalia, and introducing Tempest's Valerie (a duty-bound sorceress of the Cowled Wizards) and Lyria (an elven priestess of Sehanine Moonbow who believes that life is a journey, not a destination). Note that this banter is ridiculous at many parts and it will most likely never be coded. Lyria ~Miss Aseph, Miss or whatever-your-noble-title-is De'Arnise, the faith of Sehanine Moonbow is formally recognized by the government of Amn as a religious institution. This means I have legal authority to wed you. So either stop acting like an old married couple or, so help me Lady of Dreams, I'll turn you into one!~ Nalia ~What?! I'd rather sleep on a bed of rusty nails than have anything more than an uncomfortable acquaintance with Aseph.~ Lyria ~You *have* grown out of the cooties phase, right?~ Nalia ~Have you *met* Auren?~ Auren ~Now, now *princess*, let's not get carried away. You're not such a prize yourself.~ Valerie ~Lyria? Do it.~ Auren ~No!~ Nalia ~I object-~ Lyria ~Overruled, Mrs. and Mrs... uh... how does it work for humans, again?~ Valerie ~I'm taking shelter. I do *not* want to stick around for this...~ Auren ~Can I keep my last name? Auren De'Arnise doesn't really flow.~ Nalia ~By the gods, Auren, shut up for once!~ Sarah (in some impossible install where the party is all female and mod characters with tons of lesbians) ~I'm with you, Valerie.~ Valerie ~It's like the girls' dorm during apprenticeship all over again.~ Lyria ~And my work here is done. This should keep those two occupied for the next few days and safely out of our hair.~
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