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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm very new to Baldur's Gate and have a fairly simple question to ask: Is the mod Sword Coast Stratagems v33.1 fully compatible with the latest versions of the following mods: BG1 NPC Project, Unfinished Business, Portraits Portraits Everywhere and Distinguishable Clubs? https://www.gibberlings3.net/mods/tweaks/scs/ https://www.gibberlings3.net/mods/npcs/bg1npc/ https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/38254/bg1-unfinished-business-v16-0 https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/61015/mod-portraits-portraits-everywhere-for-bg1ee-sod-bg2ee-iwdee-eet/p1 https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/34524/distinguishable-clubs-weidu-update-1-1/p1 Also, the page listing mods compatible with BG:EE + SoD over there at Beamdog states that SCS needs a fix to work. After I've installed SCS following all the instructions, do I still need to use that fix for SCS to work in my game? The fix mentioned is in the link below. https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/732385/#Comment_732385 Just so you guys know, I have the BG:EE + Siege of Dragonspear from Steam, and I installed them yesterday for the very first time and so far I only played for 30 minutes just to see how it was and if everything was ok, so my install is 100% vanilla clean and I would like to make my first playthrough with those mods listed above. Last but not least, any recommendations about other mods that are 100% compatible with the ones mentioned above and that would fit really well with someone like me playing BG for the first time? Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi all! Does anyone have experience on running the NPC Project alongside Unfinished Business? I am currently unable to help poor Prism complete his sculpture. After Greywolf's death, Prism simply becomes unresponsive, uttering [PRISM 2] from the .tlk file ("Soon... my work will be done"). Nothing else happens. Though if I pickpocket him at this point, then give back the gem, I can summon another Greywolf, thus farming an unlimited number of Varsconas. Which, don't get me wrong, is nice, but I would much rather see Prism's life's work complete than have six characters dual-wielding Varscona into the mines. As far as I can tell, the only mods I have that modify the prism.dlg are the NPC Project and Unfinished Business, so I'd wager there's some incompatibility here? I installed Unfinished Business first, which I think its readme suggested. I'll attach my current .dlg file just in case someone here is fluent in IE (which I am not). I'd be thankful for any help! For now I'm just leaving poor Prism alone. prism.dlg
  3. Hi All, The Darkest Day and Spell Revisions both add spells to the game. Is there any compatibility issues? I've experienced some weird spell behavior myself. For example, the "Eyes of Wrath" spell targets all creatures on the current map; the "Otiluke's Resilient Sphere" spell cannot be dispelled...
  4. Here's the most recent version: https://www.dropbox....052015.zip?dl=0 - spawns bunnies in most woodland areas - squirrels! - fix for Firebead and Nessie - horses get dialogue, but not much Install: before game start if possible Talking: Cows, Cats, Eagles, Rats Encounters: Rabbits, NE corner of Beregost map; Birds, Coast Way, just north of caravan Potion of Talking: talk to Firebead in Candlekeep, or ask Gellana Mirrorshade for advice Other Points of Interest: Cat-killing doppelganger, Reevor's Rat Quest (Prologue), Nessa the Cow (Prologue) Resource Sharing: Patches dialogue and/or override files into cow.cre, cowh.cre, cat.cre, catp.cre, eagle.cre, rat.cre, rat2.cre The Cow Goes Moo The cow goes moo and ruminates on philosophy, the cats quote Nietzche, the rats... the rats want to be your friend... I've been working on a small joke mod for BG1, partly as a tutorial project. I've tried making it crossplatform compatible - I've checked it for BGT, but don't have Tutu or EE to try it out on. So yeah... if you've got a spare half hour, either Tutu or EE, and feel like hanging out with talking animals for a bit, I'd appreciate the help. Screenshots: Just because the cow *can* talk, doesn't mean it will... Charname, Defender of Cats So far: - The mod is confined to BG1, with plans to expand later. - - - You need to enter an area for the first time for the patches to take, or visit Farmer Ted's Cow at the Friendly Arm Inn or Central Baldur's Gate. - - - This will overwrite any other mod patches to the cows and cats (though I don't know of any atm). - All "Creature has nothing to say to you" replies are transformed to animal sounds. - Using a Potion of Spurious Plot Device obtained from Firebead (Candlekeep), or Gellana Mirrorshade (Friendly Arm Inn) will access the philosophy and Nietzche. - The revolutionary chickens are coming... (not written or coded yet, though). If you're interested, PM me and I'll get you a download link. Thank you in advance, Thimblerig
  5. I'd like to set up a tp2 so that, when it detects which platform it's using, it records that in a Global (which my dialogue files can read...) eg. T1GameIs 1 = vanilla BG, T1GameIs 2 = BGT, T1GameIs 3 = EE... Is there an easy way to do that?
  6. Hey there my BGEE is crashing after installing BGII Tweak Pack. This is literally my only mod. It keeps on saying that I have too many tables. These notices appear yet the game keeps on running. Then a bit later the game crashes completely and I get these attachments (one from character creation; other from opened save game) to my crash folder that are too big to show here. Help plz can't play at all!
  7. Greetings good ppl & fellow players. Me & my friends play BG2 long time. Took a pause for a few years and now were back. It was nice to get extra content out in the pause period and thats where the questions come from. Btw we played all of the similar game BG, IWD, etc but BG2 is n0.1 and were sticking to that. It is vary simple. Put as much content in 1 install. So far we made this and tested it. All is compatible and works good. No bugs. Sometimes game crashes when u run arround invisible to areas u didnt previously explored and which contain key game elements. Its better that way anyway. This is the install order and list: -BG2: SoA -BG2: ToB -BG2: ToB oficial patch -bg2fixpack-v9 WeiDU - bp-bgt-worldmap-v901 - huge map -TDD v1.14 - all kits used, any other kits in other mods are not used -Weimer-Valen-v45 -Weimer-TacticsMod-v25 without Improved Small Teeth Pass -Weimer-Underrep-v6 -Weimer-SolaufeinMod-v103 -Ascension-WeiDU-v1.4.24 -LongerRoad_v1.5.1 -Weimer-ItemUpgrade-v38 -bg2_tweaks-v10 Thats it so far. Problem is NOT ENOUGHT CONTENT. If anyone knows any other mod that can be added to the list above and its install order we would much aprreciate it. Please keep in mind 2 things before giving advice: 1. CONTENT (the more added the better) 2. STABILITY (whats the point of having content if u cant play with it) Thx every1 for sugestions.
  8. I've never played IWD but this looks like a cool project and I'd like to try it out sometime. I've read the Q&A and some other pinned threads but I'm still unsure: How will this work with mods like Spell Revisions and SCS-II? Will the IWD game be able to benefit from the same AI improvements etc, much like if it was an expansion to the BG series? Are there any plans to do a full integration of IWD into something like BGT? I'm thinking the ability to travel to the IWD areas at certain points in the BGT, do some quests there, travel back etc. Basically convert the IWD into a BG expansion with full BG mod compatibility? Again, I ask with the advantage of ignorance, since I have not having played IWD so I have no idea if this would even be feasible.
  9. Hi everyone, My name's Enrique, I'm writing from Madrid in Spain, and this is my first post here. Yesterday I bought the D&D bundle from GOG.com and decided to mod BGI&II, following the tips in a Destructoid article. I haven't been able to do it yet, due to what seem to be inter-mod compatibility issues. I've given up on some of the most elaborate stuff (I don't really need the fan-made content, although it'd be nice to have the Unfinished Business patches for both games, and the widescreen mod seems I can live without), but even at a very basic stage I have that kind of trouble. After installing both games (to a folder outside "C:\Program files"), patching BGI with its fixpack and text update, patching BGII with this fixpack and then installing BGT-WeiDU, I tried to install the tweak pack and the Windows console only popped up for like a second, seeming to do nothing (which seems to mean that there's a conflict with something I've already installed, if I'm not mistaken). So I uninstalled the fixpack, then tried to install the tweak pack again, and sure enough, this time did it. Only now I try to install the fixpack, and the same happens, which seems to mean that they are mutually exclusive. Are they, and I am supposed to know this? In this case, just excuse my faulty research. If it isn't supposed to happen, I would like to know how to solve it and get both installed, since the fixpack's fixes seem to be rather important but I also want the tweak pack, mostly because of the ability to stack items, among others. Thank you for reading
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