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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Avenger, I have a problem when i want to add an actor in an area for IWD2, with DLTCEP (v7.7) DLTCEP not allow to reach the offset 0x002f, which set the presence of an actor according to the difficulty of the game. So nobody can't ever appears in the game ! It is then necessary to go through Near Infinity to add / modify this value - and it's wasting time when you have to do this for each map an each actor. Do you think you could easily add this parameter in the actor's window ? It will be very useful !
  2. Hey there, I have another question. Say I'm looking at a creature file, for example NCAT.CRE (cat), and I want to find out where and in what areas it spawns. (I'm trying to patch some generic creatures with more sounds, and I don't want to do something inappropriate to a special-use creature.) Does anyone know how to find references to the creature in area files? -They're original creatures, so they won't get put in the override. - They're generic creatures, so no walkthroughs will mention them - NearInfinity's and InfinityExplorer's search functions can find me the creature files, but any Find Reference options seem limited to dialogue and stringrefs. These creatures currently have no dlg names. - Opening up Areas in NI will tell me the actors and what cre represent them. It'll get the job done, but I feel that someone, somewhere has come up with a procedure to make this job easier. Would anybody happen to know a shortcut? For a poor newbie who doesn't know better? Thank you in advance.
  3. For some time now I'm running into this problem and I haven't found a solution for so far. Describing my problem is somewhat complicated, but I'll try it anyway: In the mod I'm currently working on I am using helper creatures to run "global" scripts as a way to avoid polluting the baldur.bcs. So each time the party enters a new area, a helper creature is created (if it doesn't yet exist). However, the game doesn't limit the execution of scripts to the current area only. Oftentimes scripts from related areas are executed too. That has probably something to do with master areas and how they control script execution (I don't understand this mechanism fully yet). I can detect this case too, by using Exists() as one of the triggers to decide whether to create a new helper creature. However, if I save and reload a game, the scripts from the related areas aren't executed anymore and as a result a new helper creature is created in the current area. But if I visit the former areas again, then two or more helper creatures are active which could lead to multiple executions of the same script block in special situations. I'm trying to prevent it as best I can, but it doesn't always work. This leads to my question: Is it possible to detect whether two or more helper creatures are active at the same time, so that I can disable the other one(s)?
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