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Found 4 results

  1. I am trying to cross off BG2:EE on the hardest difficulty setting that I found (Insane + SCS + Tactics for EE adn so on.), also I making the manual that maybe will helps someone playing on the same difficulty (The manual like I made for BG1:EE). But I am a sentimental one so I need to play in my own fairytale and that because I need a strongly motivated characters in the my 'final party' for a walkthrough. E.g. from BG1:EE - Rashaad the SUN SOUL MONK, he was a very motivated to fight against an evil, if my avatar jumps to the bloody lair of a blaze demon overlord itself, Rashaad jumps for without any idle or thinking or regretting. The Same was with Khalid, Jaheira, Ajantis and Imoen . But in the BG2:EE all is different. The First thing that I realized in the BG2:EE that the characters is SCATTERED so hard... Though I will pick up the final party fast but after the couple of quests I realized how I was wrong... I spent time not to search of characters but to resolve the annoying quests with LIMITED time to complete it. My not final party fought hundreds of an enemies, on 12 lvl (the avatar was 9th-10th on beginning of the game because of transporting from BG1:EE + The Black Pits) even defeated the DRAGON that was tough like a bloody hell itself... . But still I have no find the my final party. For now the party is: My Avatar (Diviner), Minsc (Ranger), Yoshimo (Dounty Hunter), Jaheira (Fighter/Druid), Jan (Illusionist/Mage), Mazzy (Fighter). I need a some advices. I try to release Minsc and his Hamster, but they just stands where I left them . So regretting the all of horrible things that Jonny prepared for the party, I can not to left Minsc, because without his friend and leader - Dehaneir , he is obviously helpless and to be sure Minsc alone will got in a some troubles, he will be killed or he will kill the someone innocent in a rage (that is a more likely...). So I can not just left Minsc alone... . Yoshimo is a capable one, he can make a very deadly traps, he is no a good one, and probably he killed some innocents in the past, but I hope he did not... The party with Yoshimo almost from the very beginning , but still Yoshimo is one of the my main candidates for replacing. In general I do not think that Yoshimo will jump to the abyss if my jumps to there first.... But I spent many battles with Yoshimo and I have sorrows about it. Jaheira - this character suffers too much, and mostly because of my avatar. . . And I think it is will be not a fair thing when Jaheira will suffer even more, I tried to release Jaheira from beginning but then starts a hell long sequence of quests (Like I realize after...). And I just can not releas her before I the party will done that quest, because she saying that she have no place to go and if I will release her , Jaheira will never return . Jan - Omg, The crazy, the almost insane gnome with a huge crossbow that shooting with a BOMBS - he is the perfect character to hunting down a bold Jonny , indeed. The party must have . And his bombs is a super useful, one of that bombs was a reason of death a very annoying Revanek - the fighter with crossbow and two-handed sword from a Shangalar gang. And he is super capable with a locks, with a traps even with a enemy ILLUSIONS! Mazzy - the very good and motivated character, that have a superior skill with a Shortbows and who can perform a very hard kick in the close combat with a Shortswords . The party must have indeed. She is one of the top damage dealers of a party, and obviously when Jonny will have some feelings of a cold steel of Mazzy's strongly motivated blade in his ... I am will be happy . The party needs a HEALER because without healer my party is almost helpless... Because I have no money to by such lot amount of a potions. When I release Jaheira, I need a healer, where I can found this healer??? Any directions? Aerie, or Anomen, I do not think so, Anomen have no good motivation, Aerie same as Jaheira, she is suffers too much and I do not want to bring off a 'fresh meat' for a mad Jonny... If I will have no choice, I will pick Anomen, he was a very capable against undead creatures. His heal and the protective magic is an incredible too. I need Rashaad or someone , that I will replace Yoshimo when I will done his quest, but I cannot found Rashaad ;/. I have found Neera (that the same Neera that is do not like the Red Wizards, from BG1:EE I do not like them too...). But Chaotic magic it is too much for me, really I have fair enough of a crazy mad an overpowered magicians like Jonny is. . . So for now I do no know what a final party will be. At least I need the party that will not be catches off unaware like my previous one from BG1:EE . . . Thanks for an advices.
  2. frostysh

    Lucky Minsc.

    + + = I want to say no more, good work Minsc and good luck to you in the future! If someone will have a difficulties to run out from that cursed a stupid trap in the Bridge District, on Insane difficulty, I will post the full battle tactic soon.
  3. I started playing IWD2 under GemRB, and the game was difficult even at the default (midway) setting. I failed to load the savegames after reloading IWD2, so I replayed the Prologue on Easy under PlayOnLinux to get it over with. That was using a default party (Winter Rose), tweaked a bit to be more powerful. Now I've started again with a 4-person party, on the hardest setting, and it's a breeze in the first part of the Prologue. I have two questions: 1. Does GemRB implement a more difficult setting (Heart of Fury?) by default? Under GemRB, the goblin caves in the Prologue took multiple days of resting to complete, as I needed all the Sleep spells I could get. Even so I also needed to use plenty of burning oil pots to do enough damage. 2. How would I implement Heart of Fury mode under Play On Linux? This link says it is possible: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=4644&iTestingId=32363 EDIT: 2 can be solved by running PlayOnLinux, Configure (for IWD2), then on the General tab select Run Configuration Wizard under IWD2 Specific Configuration panel.
  4. Recently I played through SoA with most SCSII AI Enhancements components installed. (I think all except for Smarter Beholders / Smarter Mind Flayers / short-term pre-buffing.) My impression was that enemy warriors and priests were not much tougher than their vanilla versions, but enemy mages became a lot more powerful (even without the short-term pre-buffing component installed). Maybe I'm just a crappy player, but I found it virtually impossible to win battles against enemy mages in the early parts of SoA (e.g. the government district mage I encountered during Cernd's quest; and even a single nameless yuan-ti mage in the sewers forced me to empty half my spellbook). In the later parts of the game, once I had good anti-magic spells and ample spell slots, it became much easier - but it was a pain to get there. On the other hand I don't want to go back to playing against the vanilla AI either, because it makes enemies behave stupidly in cheese-provoking and immersion-breaking ways. Thus let me express my wish for an optional "Intermediate Difficulty" setting for SCSII Smarter Mages, that makes magic battles more tactically challenging and less cheesy than they are in the unmodded game, but at the same time not quite as difficult as the "full" (that is, currently only) version of Smarter Mages. Of course it would be a shame to nerf the smart combat-decision-making AI that SCSII is famous for, but luckily I don't think that would be necessary to noticeably decrease the difficulty. Instead, for example, you could: Randomly remove spells/contingencies/prebuffs from enemy mages If I understand correctly, SCSII aims to make fights fairer and more symmetrical by giving enemy mages and player-controlled mages roughly the same opportunities. However, there is one way in which their respective situations are radically different: The player-controlled party usually has to survive a series of many separate battles in between resting, and carefully ration their spell usage accordingly - whereas enemy mages can always go "all-in" and use up their entire spellbook on the one battle they fight against the party. "Evening the odds" a little by randomly withholding critical buffs/contingencies/spells from enemy mages, might be an effective way to lower the difficulty level without making the AI dumber. In addition to making mage battles a little easier, it would also make them more varied and less "routine". Rationalization: Maybe the enemy mage already depleted his Stoneskin in an earlier battle the same day? Maybe he already used up his Invisibility to hide from his visiting in-laws? Maybe he accidentally stubbed his toe, thus setting off the "on damage taken" Contingency prematurely? Decrease (some) enemy mage levels Does an upper-class townie with whom your party might have a run-in early on, really need to be able to cast multiple incantations of "Gate"? I'm not sure what gameplay consequences it would have to categorically nerf all mages by, say, two levels... Maybe it would be better to only modify mages whom the party can meet early on? Or make it dynamically scale with the party level? In any case, it might be an option worth exploring.
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