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  1. Lots of tutorials out there, I think, on DreamTalks, hassles with Dream Timers, and all sorts of stuff, so this will probably be more of a "post the talks and be done with it". The easiest - a straightforward "on waking, outside, after Underdark". .bcs, .dlg, and PartyRested(). No need t=for the DreamScript, C-ARAJD, as that script only runs at rest - and since there is no before-rest | after-rest pairing, this one is a straightforward one. c-aran.baf addition: /* On waking banter, after Underdark : bcs */ IF InParty(Myself) Global("c-aranwakeup","LOCALS",0) Global("Chapter","GLOBAL",6) CombatCounter(0) !StateCheck(Myself,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) InMyArea(Player1) !StateCheck(Player1,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) PartyRested() // this one makes it immediately after rest !RealGlobalTimerNotExpired("c-aransmalltalk","GLOBAL") // not while smalltalk timer is still running, so we don't load up OR(2) AreaType(OUTDOOR) AreaType(FOREST) !AreaType(DUNGEON) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("c-aranwakeup","LOCALS",1) RealSetGlobalTimer("c-aransmalltalk","GLOBAL",300) PlaySong(0) PlaySound("c-aranft") StartDialogNoSet(Player1) END c-aranj.d addition, two possibilities - waking up during day, or waking up during night /* On waking banter, after Underdark : dlg */ IF ~Global("c-aranwakeup","LOCALS",1) TimeOfDay(DAY)~ c_nice_to_see_day SAY ~[ARAN] Birds. Daylight. Sunrise. Blighted hells, it be nice to stretch out after a real sleep, an' see th' sky...~ IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("c-aranwakeup","LOCALS",2)~ GOTO c_we_made_it END IF ~Global("c-aranwakeup","LOCALS",1) TimeOfDay(NIGHT)~ c_nice_to_see_night SAY ~[ARAN] Stars. Breezes. Selune Herself, shinin' down. Blighted hells, it be nice to stretch out after a real sleep, an' see th' sky...~ IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("c-aranwakeup","LOCALS",2)~ GOTO c_we_made_it END IF ~~ c_we_made_it SAY ~[ARAN] for awhile there, I thought we might never get topside again. I did not relish th' thought o' endin' up stuck down in th' Underdark permanent-like.~ ++ ~[PC] Oh, it wasn't so bad. At least we knew almost everything we met was just waiting for a chance to kill us.~ + c_like_they_arent_now ++ ~[PC] The classic Whitehand juxtaposition - say something nice, but add a swear word or two strong enough to blister the ears of young children.~ + c_beautiful_words ++ ~[PC] Good, you are up. Get some food going, fast. I am starving!~ + c_and_not_fungus + ~Global("c-aranrom","GLOBAL",2) Global("c-aransex","GLOBAL",1)~ + ~[PC] Hey, I am not done with you yet. I still have some unattended romantic business to finish...~ + c_going_to_kill_me ++ ~[PC] Shhh. Not so loud. I am going back to sleep for awhile.~ + c_get_up END IF ~~ c_like_they_arent_now SAY ~[ARAN] We don't have to be in Underdark for that to be true, eh? If danger be th' spice o' life, then I think you be cayenne, paprikea, an' burnin' oil all rolled into one!~ IF ~~ THEN GOTO c_get_up END IF ~~ c_beautiful_words SAY ~[ARAN] Fervent feelin's fill foul phrases full, eh? I guess I should o' said "Mystra's Tears", or "Lathander's Smile", or some such.~ IF ~~ THEN GOTO c_get_up END IF ~~ c_and_not_fungus SAY ~[ARAN] Praise be to th' gods, we don't have to worry about no strange creatures showin' up in th' food, an' there be not a mushroom or fungus in sight. Real meal, an' open air.~ IF ~~ THEN GOTO c_get_up END IF ~~ c_going_to_kill_me SAY ~[ARAN] Good gods, woman. You are like to kill me. We can always stop for a mite later, but we'd best be movin' on.~ IF ~~ THEN GOTO c_get_up END IF ~~ c_get_up SAY ~[ARAN] Now, pop right out o' that there bedroll, <CHARNAME>... my cookin' muscles have been all cramped down underground. I can feel a first-class meal comin' on. An' I be in th' mood for a right fine <DAYNIGHT> o' travel an' adventure!~ IF ~~ THEN EXIT END Taking ideas for expansion, but sometimes short and sweet is all the scenery dialog you need. Reminders to self - Classic Modder Mixups to recheck in main files - Posible Mismatches: SCOPE. we set a timer on each fun talk and flirt that tries to space out potential scenery dialog/ fun talks so that you don't end up with several becoming evaluated true at the same time. Some places that tend to load up include the start of every major area, and every chapter, so there is a talk-fest and then not so much. But, is it consistent in its usage? we need to recheck RealSetGlobalTimer("c-aransmalltalk","GLOBAL",300) <-> !RealGlobalTimerNotExpired("c-aransmalltalk","GLOBAL") as a pairing, because if we use the game time timers on either side of this in other code, it will not do what we want it to do. Same with variables - edited above code just now because I set a LOCALS and closed a GLOBAL, which will not work quite as intended... Global("c-aranwakeup","LOCALS",0) <-> SetGlobal("c-aranwakeup","LOCALS",1)
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