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Found 9 results

  1. Version v7


    The Geomantic Sorcerer Kit is strongly based on the Druidic Sorcerer Kit by Constant Gaw, and resurrected by hlidskialf and loosely based on the Geomancer presitige class from the AD&D 3rd Edition Masters of the Wild manual. The kit combines the sorcerer's spellcasting methods and spells with additional druidic spells and abilities and features its own unique tiered HLA progression and custom spells. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  2. Version v3


    Totemic Cernd is a minor modification to Baldur's Gate II that changes Cernd's druid kit from that of a Shapeshifter to a Totemic Druid. In the process, cirerrek also decided to increase Cernd's physical statistics somewhat to make him a reasonably attractive alternative to other clerics or druids, such as Jaheira or Anomen. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  3. Version v8 (BETA)


    Version 8 is a beta release. The Divine Remix aims to rebalance and change several aspects of divine-magic-using classes, such as clerics, paladins, druids, and rangers. The mod was originally known as Cleric Remix. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  4. Couple of bugs that have popped up in the last day or two: 1. Druid will not change form. I have the ability and it was working before I ran the savegame under GemRB. The GUI changes to reflect that I have shapeshifted (once I have pressed the Verbeeg icon). No transformation on screen. The stats do change, but the character appears ineffective in combat. Possibly because I was inside in a confined space, and a Verbeeg is large and at a disadvantage? 2. The staff at the arms merchant in Targos are now hostile. Everyone else at Targos are fine initially. When I visit the merchant the staff immediately attack, and then all other inhabitants of Targos go hostile too. Cannot remember doing anything to provoke this. 3. Clerics and druids intermittently get "spell failure" returned when trying to buff before combat. Happens out of doors for druid too. Looking forward to new releases in the new year Happy festive season to all!
  5. Greetings all! I'm working on my first mod now; a mod that aims to change the druid into a somewhat darker character. I've tried to change the way shapeshifting functions (and the role it plays in combat), and added some spells to reflect the darker nature. I am aiming at making a highly versatile druid, that can step into almost any role; he becomes something of a "jack-of-all-trades, master of some". The result is a druid that is (intentionally) somewhat more powerful than the average druid -but hopefully not overpowered (nor underpowered, either). I say hopefully, because I am lacking in knowledge about how to scale the class while still remaining balanced. For all I know, the class could be horribly broken. Lastly, I apologize for any language mistakes. English is not my first language, so any corrections are appreciated. In general any and all feedback from you are more than welcome! Dark Druid: The Dark Druid consider death as a natural part of life. Death magic (or any other study involving death) is not the opposite of nature; rather, it is just another side of mother nature; a side that few living beings understand. The Dark Druid seek knowledge about this darker side, and thus has a strong connection to the dead, as well as departed spirits of the forest. This connection can be used to reanimate spiritual animals from the realm of the dead, or manifest the undead in the flesh to serve as loyal retainers. The Dark druid does have a 'wider' interpretation of concepts such as: "Natural", "animal", "society" and "life". To him, humans are nothing more than animals living in their own habitats. There is little to no difference between human society, and that of a pack of wolves. Naturally, this makes relations between the Dark Druids, and other druids, somewhat strained. ADVANTAGES - Can shapeshift into the following forms at will: Snake (anti-mage) Rat (scout) Spider (damage) Ooze (regenerate/tank) - The following spells are added to the Dark Druids' spellbook: 1st level: Find familiar 2nd level: Melf's Acid Arrow 3rd level: Animate Dead 4th level: Contagion 5th level: Shadow door 6th level: Breach - May ressurrect a spirit animal to fight at his side, once per day for every 5 levels (starts at first level with one use). DISADVANTAGES: - No other shapeshifting abilities. - Does not gain poison immunity or elemental resistances at higher levels. - Can only wear leather (non-studded) armour.~ DETAILS: SPIDER FORM The spider is a powerful creature, capable of overpowering foes with a hail of blows -each of them lethally poisonous. Base : Permanent free action // targets hit are poisoned. Lvl 1: 1d6dm, +1STR/DEX, +1 attacks per round, +1 THAC0, poison target on hit; 1 damage every sec for 6 seconds, claws considered normal weapons Lvl 6: 1d8dm, +2STR/DEX, +1 1/2 attacks per round, +1 THAC0, poison target on hit; 1 damage every sec for 9 seconds, claws considered +1 weapons Lvl 11: 2d6dm, +3STR/DEX, +2 attacks per round, +2 THAC0, poison target on hit; 1 damage every sec for 12 seconds, claws considered +2 weapons. Lvl 16: 2d8dm, +4STR/DEX, +2 1/2 attacks per round, +3 THAC0, poison target on hit; 1 damage every sec for 15 seconds, claws considered +3 weapons. Lvl 21: 2d8dm, +4STR/DEX, +3 attacks per round, +3 THAC0, poison target on hit; 1 damage every sec for 18 seconds, claws considered +4 weapons. RAT FORM The rat makes for an excellent scout due to its small size and rapid movement speed. Base: STR 7 / DEX 9 / CON 10 Immunity to disease // Max HP set to 50% // 1d2 damage (non-magical) Can cast invisibility on himself (1x per transformation) Lvl 1: +1 movement rate. Lvl 6: +2 movement rate. Lvl 9: +3 movement rate. Lvl 12: +4 movement rate, non-detection. Lvl 15: +5 movement rate, non-detection. OOZE FORM The ooze is a tough thing to kill, and thus are favoured when the druid have to withstand heavy blows. Base: Immunity to normal weapons Lvl 1: 1d2 dm, + 5% physical resistance, 10% resistance to fire, cold & acid, regenerate 1 HP every 10 sec, +10% HP, +2 bonus to AC. Lvl 6: 1d3 dm, +10% physical resistance, 15% resistance to fire, cold & acid, regenerate 1 HP every 6 sec, +15% HP, +2 bonus to AC. Lvl 11: 1d4 dm, +10% physical resistance, 20% resistance to fire, cold & acid, regenerate 1 HP every 3 sec, +20% HP, +3 bonus to AC. Lvl 16: 1d5 dm, +15% physical resistance, 30% resistance to fire, cold & acid, regenerate 1 HP every 1 sec, +25% HP, +3 bonus to AC. Lvl 21: 1d6 dm, +15% physical resistance, 40% resistance to fire, cold & acid, regenerate 2 HP every 1 sec, +30% HP, +4 bonus to AC. SNAKE FORM The venomous snake is particulary deadly against spellcasters, as its poison is slowing the mind; thus those bitten find it increasingly difficult to cast even the simplest of spells! Base: Immunity to poison Lvl 1: 1d4dm, +1 DEX, 20% magic resistance, 5% miscast per hit, bite considered +1 weapon for determining what it can hit (no damage/hit bonus). Lvl 6: 1d6dm, +1 DEX, 25% magic resistance, 5% miscast per hit. bite considered +2 weapon for determining what it can hit (no damage/hit bonus). Lvl 11: 1d8dm, +2 DEX, 30% magic resistance, 10% miscast per hit, bite considered +3 weapon for determining what it can hit (no damage/hit bonus), + 1/2 attacks per round. Lvl 16: 2d4dm, +2 DEX, 35% magic resistance, 10% miscast per hit, bite considered +4 weapon for determining what it can hit (no damage/hit bonus), + 1/2 attacks per round. Lvl 21: 2d6dm, +3 DEX, 40% magic resistance, 15% miscast per hit, bite considered +5 weapon for determining what it can hit (no damage/hit bonus), +1 attacks per round, drains -1 CON (for 2min) on each hit.
  6. First things first; well met to you all! It's taken me 16 years to finally delve into the world of modding, but so far it's been highly interesting! I've been lurking G3 for many years now, usually prowling for cool mods, expansions and conversions -and I have to say; so many of the mods that you guys create are plain awesome! Being a fan of "most things druid", I've tried to create a shapeshifting mod to deal with the severly underpowered shapeshifting abilities of the druid. I shamelessly used the Bear Walker mod as a template & tutorial. So; I'm using the Item: Create Magical Weapon [111] OPcode, which produces an item with the Polymorph into Specific [135] OPcode. So far so good. However, when using the OPcode Item: Remove Item [112], I am stuck in the new animal form. All effects, spells etc. tied to the shapeshifting form are removed, but the graphic displaying an animal is not. What am I doing wrong? The error seems to be tied to the .cre file, since the bear form from the Bear Walker form performs flawlessly; it is any of the other .cre files that simply won't go away once applied (and yes; the timing is set to [2-While equiped]). Any inputs or suggestions would be most welcome! Sincere Regards, Azadriel
  7. Greetings! This is my first time on this forum, hello everyone then. First I apologiese for my english language, but I am terrible in english, and this is not my mother tongue. I do love Icewind Dale 2 because I am a very big fan of druid character. My point is, that in IWD2 druid has some lacks in AC when shapeshifted. I don't want to DC druid to monk class, because I like this class to be pure. I was looking for some kind of tools to edit game files. I would like to simply edit some of druid forms, give them some more stats and boost AC for some of them. What I need is an advice, or mayby even step by step guide on how to get to editing, which files, which editor etc. Just an example of what I want to achieve: Great Panther has only 20 AC, I would like to boost it to 28, or 30. I am thinking about one bonus attack per round aswell. If someone have an idea, or can help me in this case, I will be very thankful Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi! I have just installed GB2 (bought via gog.com). I immediately patched it with Gibberlings 'BG2 Fixpack v9' and tweaked it a bit with 'BG2 Tweak Pack v11'. One of the tweaks I thus installed was the 'Shapeshifter Rebalancing' mod by Weimer. Also I couldn't help installing NPC Flirt Pack which the Tweak Pack readme was so uncareful as to link to... Then I started a single player game and made myself a nice Shapeshifter druid. HOWEVER... Not much happens when I shapeshift: The spell slot is used, the lady makes some nice handwaving and lightshow but she doesn't turn into a warewolf. Also, her stats doesn't change, neither her picture. I also have Jaheira in my party - she is a ranger/druid. She has no trouble transforming into an animal. I tested her as a bear. What am I doing wrong here?
  9. Within the druid grove, (the druid stronghold,) unless otherwise challenged, the Great Druid is supposed to be indestructible. However, the main character, if attacked by his companions or console command creatures, will die if his hp drops below 0. I'm not quite sure if this is the right forum, it says "bug reports," and I think this should be added to the fixpack.
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