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  1. Scraps of ideas from researching (read that as distracting berelinde from her appointed tasks by poking at her and asking silly questions. Hey, i think I can get a job at Fox research, now...) Edwin/Edwina tranformation. Adding a banter to Edwin's post-transformation banter file, /* Fun with Edwin as a Woman */ Probably will never play, but heck - why not. This is long form built out of Edwin's BEDWINWO.DLG file, acient long-form EXTERN. This could be rebuilt more efficiently as a CHAIN, or just tidied up, but the code part that is most fun about it is the use of SAY #sringnumber I saw used in JCompton's D'Arnise alia Romance, where preexisting game string references can be swapped in: APPEND ~BEDWINWO~ IF ~InParty("C-ARAN") See("C-ARAN") !StateCheck("C-ARAN",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) Global("c-arEdwinW","LOCALS",0)~ THEN BEGIN c-edwiniswoman SAY #8556 /* ~(My condition draws fools like flies to honey). Silence, you idiot! You've a death wish that is larger than your swollen head.~ [EDWINW39] */ IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("c-arEdwinW","LOCALS",1)~ EXTERN ~C-ARANB~ woman1 END END APPEND ~C-ARANB~ IF ~~ woman1 SAY ~[ARAN] Hey, now, I weren't saying naught, now, eh? I was just...~ IF ~~ THEN EXTERN ~BEDWINWO~ woman2 END END APPEND ~BEDWINWO~ IF ~~ woman2 SAY ~[EDWIN] Your eyes were practically shouting vile depravity at my feminine form.~ IF ~~ THEN EXTERN ~C-ARANB~ woman3 END END APPEND ~C-ARANB~ IF ~~ woman3 SAY ~[ARAN] Grumbar's Formidable Fists, laddie... err.. m'Lady, I weren't doin' no such thing. It were just that you haven't got used to th' right manner o' walkin in that there body, eh?~ IF ~~ THEN EXTERN ~BEDWINWO~ woman4 END END APPEND ~BEDWINWO~ IF ~~ woman4 SAY #7276 /* ~And exactly WHAT is wrong with my 'manner?'~ [EDWINW49] */ IF ~~ THEN EXTERN ~C-ARANB~ woman5 END END APPEND ~C-ARANB~ IF ~~ woman5 SAY ~[ARAN] Well, for one thing, if you keep slammin' down your heels when you walk like that, you are goin' to jounce those feminine attributes right out o' that there robe.~ IF ~~ THEN EXTERN ~BEDWINWO~ woman6 END END APPEND ~BEDWINWO~ IF ~~ woman6 SAY #7066 /* ~(I will kill ALL of them. Slowly. With...with HOT...pokey things and...and coals and...and prods. Yessssss, prods. Many, many prods.)~ */ IF ~~ THEN EXIT END END So, dv doesn't change, still = "edwin", but the banter file and script in play does. Next step; figure out what consititues a good check for "Edwina" being in play rather than "edwin", so that a banter or talk fits the feminine form. Gender() I think is not the way to go, as my bet is that if they don't change the DV, they must be shell-scripting somehow, so time to look through the decompiled .bcs for clues...
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