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  1. Version v4


    The Lore From Learning mod is a small WeiDU mod that adds lore bonuses to your main character as you learn and adventure throughout the game. The bonuses (and the stimuli that provide them) are, by design, meant to be minor and enhance the role-playing aspect of the game. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  2. Hello world. Here's a pack of hacky IWD2 portrait edits. The Owlbearers Portrait Pack The zip file contains 14 heroes to be used in either IWD2 or the Enhanced Editions. Here's a couple for a taste... I would really appreciate any comments, especially suggestions for improvement. Also, I'd love to know who you have to kill to get a file on the Portrait Packs section!?
  3. Well, after much time, effort and I dare say love poured in my TUTU install I reluctantly switched today on EE. TUTU run peachy until 65 or so days ingame and then suddenly started crushing out of blue without any indications in baldur.err or Tobex log files. But when I installed EE I noticed that game is unbearably slow. Main problem is crawling of my CHARNAME which is fast as elderly turtle with the gout. I tried finding solution on net, changed graphic options on alternate rendering ( which causes crashes on starting the game until reverted on lua file ), nothing helps. Until I changed my screen resolution to lowest ( 800:600). It seems that allowed game to run normally but the graphic on that setting is so bad compared to original with 1pp installed that it completely defeats any joy in playing. I would appreciated some tips if possible on how to make it run more smoothly. I would also like to know if there will be need for biffing like in BGT after heavy modding ( and most importantly if biffing actually even work on EE, I think not ) and some links with EE list of compatible mods please.
  4. Hi all, I've been a lurker here for some time, and played a fair bit of BG2 since release, with a smattering of IWD and BG1. Today I finally have something to contribute. In working toward some multi-mod installs, and perhaps eventually an EET run, I started a list of mods with some info to help me work through compatibility issues. I shared this elsewhere, and @Cahir has been good enough to contribute, bringing it to a state where I suspect it may have some value to others. The goal is to create a compatibility guide and "cheat sheet" for multi-mod installs. The focus is on EE games as I mostly care about BG2EE & Cahir EET. Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vislrHkbvsqlN0m5jtDxDcSzlnA5D6ABSZy5TG1O8FQ Please comment in any additional info or suggested changes, this will only improve with collaborative effort. Any and all feedback appreciated. 4udr4n
  5. At 0x90 there is a 128-byte field declared "unused" in IESDP. Testing in IWDEE (the game I'm busy modding) shows that there is a field here that is visible in saved game Areas. 0x90 (32 byte length) is a copy of the loaded CRE's Name1 STRREF (first 32 characters) I noticed this while browsing saved areas and decided to test it. My test character was given an 80-character Name1 (using WeiDU labels) of numeric digits and an 80-character Name2 of alpha characters (A-Z); only the first 32 characters of Name1 were copied to this field. That leaves a 96-byte unknown at 0xB0 in the Actor record.
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