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Found 2 results

  1. I'm trying out a modded GemRB BGT install and I've encountered a bug where the spell selection for sorcerers after a level-up is completely empty. By trial and error (install/reinstall and checking after every mod) I narrowed the bug down to Ascension. It happens even on the install with only BG2 Fixpack & Ascension. The moment it's installed it ruins the sorcerers' spells known table and none can be selected on level-up and I get the following bug. https://imgur.com/a/rYEIDNc
  2. I've made a mod that adds a Ranger / Thief multi-class option, and there are two problems remaining: 1. I don't want any racial restrictions, so this is available for all races. The alignment is restricted to NG and CG in alignment.2da, which is enforced for all races except for gnomes. So, if I make a gnome Ranger-Thief, all alignment choices are available on character creation, all the other races can only have the right ones. Any ideas how this could be? 2. Concerning item usability: GemRB wiki says So if I use Ranger item usability in classes.2da my character still can't use certain items, e. g. the Moon Dog Figurine (MISC7T), which restricts usability for any other classes than Ranger and Ranger-Clerics. So would I have to patch item files then to make them usable for my custom class combination, or did I something wrong? All files can be found here.
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