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  1. Hello, I'm trying to run GemRB with the GOG version of BG1 for the first time. I'm on Windows 7, and so far I've installed Visual Studio and GemRB, and I tried to make sure all the paths in the config file are correct. I get this log when I run GemRB, after which it terminates itself: [Core]: GemRB Core Initialization... [Core]: Initializing Video Driver... [SDL 1.2 Driver]: Creating display [SDL 1.2 Driver]: SDL_SetVideoMode... [SDL 1.2 Driver]: Checking for HardWare Acceleration... [SDL 1.2 Driver]: Creating Main Surface... [SDL 1.2 Driver]: Creating Back Buffer... [SDL 1.2 Driver]:
  2. From GemRB Wiki. Is this fully implemented? I tried it, had no effect.
  3. I've made a mod that adds a Ranger / Thief multi-class option, and there are two problems remaining: 1. I don't want any racial restrictions, so this is available for all races. The alignment is restricted to NG and CG in alignment.2da, which is enforced for all races except for gnomes. So, if I make a gnome Ranger-Thief, all alignment choices are available on character creation, all the other races can only have the right ones. Any ideas how this could be? 2. Concerning item usability: GemRB wiki says So if I use Ranger item usability in classes.2da my character still can't
  4. I've been trying to make GemRB work on Windows 10 (Baldur's Gate 1 Classic + Baldur's Gate EE Installed) for several hours now, and after following several guides, this is what happens when I run the .exe file: black screen (Full screen) waits about a second crashes and drops out to desktop, without error sounds or the like I'm not really sure now to make it work, I've made a save game in the classic version of Baldur's Gate, and I'm not really sure what to do next. I've gone from 0.2 seconds before the crash to approximately 1.2 seconds before the crash, if that means an
  5. ////This is temporary rough version of the guide. Sorry I deleted by mistake the finished guide. But it is still applicable. This is guide for Windows users. Sorry I do not own/have Linux or any other systems. This guide will help you set up GemRB engine and install GemRB 10pp mod so you can enjoy 10 party members or decrease maximum allowable pary members. I recommend you to install Notepad ++ or similar program for easier editing paths. I. First Setting up your GemRB: 1. First go to this site and download the latest build Windows: https://s
  6. Another FYI: Latest gemrb from git, files affected: FXOpcodes.cpp: // 0x13e ChangeWeather // sets the weather to param1, set it to: // 0 normal weather // 1 rain // 2 snow // 3 fog effects.ids: 0x13e ChangeWeather wildmag.2da: 5 SPWM105 0x13e * Latest TobEx, files affected: TobEx_ini.txt: Description #318 (0x13E) Stat: Set stat [318] Parameter #1: Statistic Modifier Parameter #2 low: Stat Opcode Parameter #2 high: Type After Sword Coast Strategems install this entry is found in console log: [Unknown]: fx_change_weather(318): P1: 1 Rain is present upon most level t
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