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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I came across GemRB awhile ago and being able to play Balder's Gate and Planescape: Torment on my iPad seemed like a great idea. I had to wait quite sometime for iOS 7 to be jailbreakable, but I have finally gotten around to sorting that out. After jailbreaking, I downloaded the latest version of GemRB and attempted to install it through iTunes. It appears to complete, but the icon on my iPad 2 remains that dull colour it has when something is still installing. Tapping on the icon just replaces the app name with "installing..." and nothing happens. I've tried leaving it for 10-15 minutes and the "installing..." eventually clears, just for it to appear again when I click the icon again. GemRB is also not appearing in the file sharing section on iTunes, so I have been unable to transfer my version of Planescape: Torment onto the iPad yet. I've tried installing a couple of versions of GemRB, each producing the same effect. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Has there been any thought given to support for installing to iOS devices via http://macbuildserver.com/? This allows for signing and installation of apps straight from github without having to jailbreak your device. I've already given this a try and get a "xcodebuild: error: The project 'apple/GemRB.xcodeproj' does not contain a target named 'GemRB'." error. I can post the entire build log, if it helps.
  3. Most information regarding Download and installation can be found on the wiki. For your convenience here are helpful some direct links to helpful information: Source Forge Buildbot downloads (these are bleeding edge and automatically built any time a change is made to the source) Touch Input Guide Known Issues my TODO page Please check the wiki known issues and bugs before posting a problem. If you prefer you may submit a bug ticket on source forge. Try to only post iOS specific bugs and issues here. If you aren't sure please test (if you can) with GemRB on another platform (try to use the same Buildbot version) There is currently no stable release for iOS; only Buildbot incremental builds are available until next GemRB release. For reference the old thread is here.
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