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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings everyone! Many many years ago I rebuilt the world of Baldur's Gate within HoMM3. I took a lot of inspiration from Baldur's Gate for my scenario in HoMM3 but I also added a lot of twists and turns on my own. Especially storywise I deviated a lot. It is possible to recognize a lot from Baldur's Gate but also to discover many new things. My big goal was to recapture the atmosphere of Baldur's Gate in terms of HoMM3. These two games have accompanied me since my childhood and I hold them very dear. I published my map "Fight for the Sword Coast" under my old name here. Now, I'd like to do the same with Icewind Dale. I already started the project "Icewind Dale meets Heroes of Might and Magic 3" (aka "Heroes of Ice and Wind" as I like to call it) some years ago. Then I went on a hiatus. And now I would like to continue. I am going to use the HoMM3 mod "Horn of the Abyss" for this project, which is an outstanding mod, that feels so close to the spirit of the original HoMM3 that it could have been made by the original developers just as well. I am going to use this thread to post my progress infrequently. I am looking forward to your feedback. And if you'd like to give me feedback on my Baldur's Gate map you can do so here, too. ~ Easthaven ~ ~ Kuldahar Pass and Kuldahar village ~ ~ The Severed Hand ~
  2. Hi all! I bought the GOG Edition of Icewind dale I and i install it on a Fedora 16: its work perfectly except for the widescreen mode. I download the widescreenmode and when I install it, the installation suddleny stop and i dont know if it finished or not. How i know if the mod was sucesfully installed?
  3. I'm making a request that either a 4th option be added to the 'Friendly Random Drops' component of the 'Convinience Tweaks' section in the 'IWD Tweak Pack', or a seperate mod entirely be made, that causes all possible random loot pieces be available from their source. I hate this RNG loot system, it is not fun, and even the current work-arounds offered in the tweak pack are not enough. I don't care how game breaking or OP it may be, and I have little care for immersion. I want to enjoy the game, and to me that means not being denied an item through chance and limitation, or knowing that because I chose this item, those other items are now denied to me. Even an alteration to the vendor in Kuldahar would be awesome. Give me the option to outright buy all the other items I could have possibly received, instead of replacing the item I did get, once, and never again.
  4. I don't know where to make this thread, but can anyone help with this? I installed full installation of IWD, but minimum installation of HOW. After that I installed tweakpack, IWD fix pack, HOW patch 1.47.. I don't know if this is just prologue or will happen again on the other trailers.. the intro movie of Icewind Dale does have voice however. just wondering why this is happening and if it's related to installing all those patches at once.. The prologue movie is after your character creation and before starting from Easthaven. There's music though, but no narration voice.. I checked the configuration as well, but there was no such thing to disable narration voice. Interesting though, I don't have environmental audio check box on the option from game, not really sure if that has anythign to do with it. Otherwise all the other sound effects work fine.. and I do hear voice from NPCs and my character.
  5. Hello everyone Since "Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition" has different portrait resolutions than in the original version, I started the InfinityPortraits project on DeviantArt.com. I gather Portraits from various Artists around DeviantArt and formate them into the right solutions for the Enhanced Edition, the original games and also Icewind Dale 1 and 2. - http://infinityportr...deviantart.com/ - If anyone else wishes to add their own artworks there, just send me a pn Love and kisses, TariC ~ <3
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