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Found 2 results

  1. How would you go about creating interjections for two custom modded companions in BGEE. Two of my own custom mods that is. It's not essential, but it would add a lot of life to the mods if they could interact outside of just banters. For example... You already have mod A in your party and are talking to mod B for the first time. Mod A knows mod B so he'll interject to say "Hey fancy meeting you here" before the conversation continues to recruiting mod B, something like this: BEGIN XXXB IF ~NumTimesTalkedTo(0)~ THEN BEGIN FirstMeeting SAY ~Can I join your party?~ == XXXA IF ~InParty("Xxxa") InMyArea("Xxxa") !StateCheck("Xxxa",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN ~Oh hey B, are you stalking me?~ == XXXB ~A? Sweet! Can I tag along? I want to be with A.~ IF ~~ THEN REPLY ~Yes.~ DO ~SetGlobal("XXXB_Joined","LOCALS",1) JoinParty() SetGlobal("XXXA_Party","LOCALS",1)~ GOTO FirstMeeting_Join IF ~~ THEN REPLY ~No.~ GOTO FirstMeeting_No END I'm super new to modding so please bear with me. From what I've seen you have to use Infinity Explorer or Near Infinity to search for the dialogue to get the correct line information to use in the INTERJECT code. I installed my mods and ran Infinity Explorer, their dialogue files show up in the list of Dialogs but it is filled with dialogue that doesn't even show up anywhere in my files and without showing the dialogue that's actually inside the file: "I would have done worse." shows up nowhere in the file MEERIC.d (or anywhere in the mod's files for that matter). Another odd thing to note is I don't have a MEERICP.d file, and yet it lists it as an option. Before I spend a long time writing my mods to be super involved with each other...Is it even possible to have crossmod interjections? I'm trying to think about mods I have tried, but off the top of my head I've only seen mods interject into base game dialogue and through banters.
  2. Celvan isn't an I_C_T or even a regular commentary, just a bit-player (well of *course* he is a bit-player; it is a computer game, after all) who has a chance of saying things about party members he really shouldn't know. He's fun, in a quick-check-a-couple-of-times-and-then-forget-he-exists kind of way. His standard code gives a 50% chance of playing a party member's info; example: Minsc CODE IF WEIGHT #1 /* Triggers after states #: 9 even though they appear after this state */ ~See("Minsc") InParty("Minsc") !StateCheck("Minsc",STATE_SLEEPING) RandomNum(2,1) Global("celvanminsc","AR0300",0)~ THEN BEGIN 0 // from: SAY ~"There once was a warrior true, with the sense knocked out of him, too. but in a hamster he found, some wisdom profound, and now where goes he goes his Boo!"~ /* #25448 */ IF ~~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("TalkedToCelvan","LOCALS",1) SetGlobal("celvanminsc","AR0300",1)~ EXTERN ~MINSCJ~ 48 END Most modders seem to want their code to always play once, leaving out the RandomNum(2,1). I'm sticking to BioWare™ Standard, though - it is more fun to see all the possible reactions by playing the lottery with him. He'll even comment on PC. The format is limerick, the topics are things he shouldn't be able to know, and the poetic standards are lower than low. If you have wishes for masterpieces of Iambic Pentameter, this is definitely *not* the place for it! To add him in, CODE /* Crazy Celvan Encounter */ CHAIN IF WEIGHT #-1 ~InParty("c-aran") See("c-aran") !StateCheck("c-aran",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) RandomNum(2,1) Global("c-arancelvan","AR0300",0)~ THEN CELVAN c_celvanreaction ~"There once was a scribe, so I'm told, whose cooking was warm, jokes quite old. || whose cooking was warm, humor old. In combat a lion, in bed not half tryin', But never a word less than bold!"~ DO ~SetGlobal("c-arancelvan","AR0300",1)~ == C-ARANJ ~[ARAN] Helm's Heavy Hand, that lad knows more than be good for his health, eh? Mayhap listenin' at one too many keyholes.~ END CELVAN 1
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