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  1. public static final String[] s_kituse201 = {"None", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", ""}; public static final String[] s_kituse202 = {"None", "Cleric of Lathander", "Cleric of Selune", "Cleric of Helm", "Cleric of Oghma", "Cleric of Tempus", "Cleric of Bane", "Cleric of Mask", "Cleric of Talos"}; public static final String[] s_kituse203 = {"None", "Mage Diviner", "Mage Enchanter", "Mage Illusionist", "Mage Evoker", "Mage Necromancer", "Mage Transmuter", "Mage Generalist", "Cleric of Ilmater"}; public static final String[] s_kituse204 = {"None", "Paladin of Ilmater", "Paladin of Helm", "Paladin of Mystra", "Monk Old Order", "Monk Broken Ones", "Monk Dark Moon", "Mage Abjurer", "Mage Conjurer"}; This is a paste from my local Near Infinity source (Java SE) for ITM 2.0 after I took the time today to test all of this. In case it's not clear, "Usability" byte 1 (0x29) is not used. "Usability" byte 2 (0x2B) is as s_kituse202 above: bit 0 = Cleric of Lathander ... bit 7 = Cleric of Talos "Usability" byte 3 (0x2D) is as s_kituse203 above: bit 0 = Mage Diviner ... bit 7 = Cleric of Ilmater "Usability" byte 4 (0x2F) is as s_kituse204 above: bit 0 = Paladin of Ilmater ... bit 7 = Mage Conjurer Feel free to do what you want with this. The labels I used were just for quick convenience while I was testing. As a side note, IWD2 kits don't have swapped dwords so if you look at them with NI as it is available now, they will show up wrong. I added a check for IWD2 in my local NI and the kits appear in the structure display perfectly. On a related note, I also looked at SPL 2.0 exclusion (0x1E) and so far was only able to confirm alignment is working. I took a cleric of Ilmater completely through all other bits and nothing was ever blocked, but he was blocked by alignment flags. None of the player-accessible Wizard spells use the exclusion flags. public static final String[] s_exclude_20 = {"None", "Chaotic*", "*Evil", "*Good", "*Neutral", "Lawful*", "Neutral*", "?", "?", "?", "?", "?", "?", "?", "?", "?", "", "?", "?", null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null, null}; So here's where I left off with my code after testing/confirming all 32 bits. Chaotic* includes Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil, etc. *Good includes Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, etc. The question marks are the unknown bits specified by a few priest spells. And, since I can't seem to focus anymore, here's another one I just remembered. The primary exclusion flags (ITM 2.0 offset 0x1E) left out Half-Orc at bit 29, right after Gnome. Actually, since the IESDP is lacking a few other bits as well (NI has them already) here's more code... public static final String[] s_usability20 = {"Normal", "Barbarian", "Bard", "Cleric", "Druid", "Fighter", "Monk", "Paladin", "Ranger", "Rogue", "Sorcerer", "Wizard", null, "Chaotic*", "*Evil", "*Good", "*Neutral", "Lawful*", "Neutral*", null, null, null, null, null, "Elf", "Dwarf", "Half-Elf", "Halfling", "Human", "Gnome", "Half-Orc", null, null}; with Barbarian at bit 0 and Half-Orc at bit 29.
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