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  1. The EE Mod Setup Tool (for windows) Overwiew EET installs get more complex now that more and diverse mods are available to enhance the basic game. K4thos, the EET author recommended BWS for save installs when he started the project. However, original BWS has lost the supporters it had in the past and slowly decayed. This tool is aiming to provide similar functionality to mod EE games in large scale. The BWS-EE is a fork from Big World Setup (BWS old) which was originally created by dabus. BWS-EE is streamlined to serve EE game installations in a way that is up-to-date and maintainable still. While the tool was mainly intended to support EET, it also can be used to mod other EE games as listed below. Features: - assistance for creating your own customized game with any number of mods - downloading current versions of selected mods - easy mod installation for EET - correct install order of mods/components - merges SoD DLC with BGEE if needed - handle mod and components conflicts and dependencies - apply interim fixes when needed. - use players' tested compilations - save your own compilations for re-use or sharing Supported games: - Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition (standalone game) - Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition (standalone game) - Enhanced Edition Trilogy EET( BG1:EE + SoD + BG2:EE ) - Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition - Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition Supported mods - All actively maintained or properly completed ones! (make a pull request if there is a mod you want added) DOWNLOAD Mod requests : Create a pull request https://github.com/EE-Mod-Setup/EE-Mod-Setup or post a request at: Support https://baldursextendedworld.com/Install-Tool/ Changelog https://github.com/EE-Mod-Setup/EE-Mod-Setup/commits/master
  2. Is the SCS mod available for Icewind Dale EE? If not, can assets such as AI enemy scripts from the SCS mod be transferrable to IWDEE with some tweaking? Thanks!
  3. It is possible that the Yxunomei encounter will lock you out from further plot progression, even in the literal sense. This can happen if you try to be "clever" and place most party members further away from the boss chamber, and then approach Yxunomei with one of your characters. When the battle begins, the door to the last segment of the serpentine passage is closed and locked by script, and does not open until Yxunomei is dead. The door cannot be unlocked by force, skill or spell. There is also no key for the door. If the character inside the closed area dies, or is otherwise unable to defeat Yxunomei, it is impossible to advance the plot without cheating. This is not strictly a bug, but rather a loophole in the boss encounter design. However, I still think it should be fixed it in the EEFP. Thoughts?
  4. I'll create a thread here for things I've seen that seem too small to deserve their own thread.
  5. Causes an infinite loop. Apparently the originals did not, it is purportedly an EE-introduced bug.
  6. Someone mentioned a scroll of Death Spell working against a Hakeashar, but the Skull of Death failing. I looked into them and found that the former uses 148 (cast spell at point) while the latter uses 146 (cast spell at creature). CamDawg mentioned that the BG2FP went through many scrolls to correct this, but other items like this might be missing.
  7. Version v10.1.1


    This mod is a collection of player AI scripts designed for use in Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, the Enhanced Edition Trilogy, and Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition. With these scripts, you can focus on the fighting aspect of combat while these take care of the nuances in the background. Of note, these scripts allow easy pre-buffing of all characters with a keystroke, intelligent debuffing of enemy protections, and smart use of defensive spells and abilities. Forum Project Page Readme
  8. There is a rather subtle bug in the UI code to sort custom soundsets, present on all four of BGEE, SoD, BG2EE, IWDEE. The soundsets are sorted by the lua function compareCustomSounds (in ui.menu), which is as follows: function compareCustomSound(s1, s2) -- DEFAULT, then normal alphabetically, then AoN alphabetically (result must be strictly less than) if (s1.sound == "DEFAULT") then return s2.sound ~= "DEFAULT"; elseif (string.sub(s1.sound, 1, 4) == "BDTP") then if (string.sub(s2.sound, 1, 4) ~= "BDTP") then return false; end elseif (string.sub(s2.sound, 1, 4) == "BDTP") then return true; end return s1.sound < s2.sound; end But this doesn't quite do what it's supposed to do, at least if there are any soundsets with filenames alphabetically preceding DEFAULT. Suppose you add a soundset 'BREAKS'. Then compareCustomSound will deliver DEFAULT>BREAKS, but also BREAKS>DEFAULT. lua's table.sort algorithm demands (reasonably enough) that its sort function defines a total order, so it sulks and stops sorting the sound table, leaving a mess. (The problem occurs because although the function forces DEFAULT>anything, it doesn't force anything<DEFAULT - it just resorts to alphabetical order.) As it happens, this doesn't occur in unmodded play because the default soundsets all have names alphabetically later than DEFAULT. But it could easily occur in a mod or just if a user adds their own soundset. This version works: function compareCustomSound(s1, s2) -- DEFAULT, then normal alphabetically, then AoN alphabetically (result must be strictly less than) if (s1.sound == "DEFAULT") then return s2.sound ~= "DEFAULT"; elseif (s2.sound == "DEFAULT") then return false; elseif (string.sub(s1.sound, 1, 4) == "BDTP") then if (string.sub(s2.sound, 1, 4) ~= "BDTP") then return false; end elseif (string.sub(s2.sound, 1, 4) == "BDTP") then return true; end return s1.sound < s2.sound; end I'm about to upload a fix to the fixpack (in files/tph/dw/ui_fixes.tph).
  9. This is spun off of the general EE content bug thread, starting with this report handed over by Andrea C. And while my original plan was truly a showcase of my work ethic: ... I'm going to tackle these myself. A brief overview of the spinny-head animation follows: The animation itself is spmindat.bam. It is played by spmindat.vvc for many, many different effects--primarily fear, hold, and feeblemind. Because of the overlap, spells which might block spmindat.vvc from playing (a spell such as Resist Fear) would end up blocking it correctly if it was sourced from a spell such as Horror, but incorrectly if it came from Hold Person. As a result, BG2 Fixpack cloned it into an identical animation, cdhorror.vvc. Spells which caused fear were updated to use cdhorror instead of spmindat, and spells which provided fear immunity were updated to block cdhorror instead of spmindat. Both VVCs still play the same underlying animation, spmindat.bam, but the different VVCs allow us to block one or the other via spell effects. However, oBG2 can only block animations, not remove them. So a creature who gets hit with Horror, and then had their panic removed with Remove Fear, would no longer be panicking, but the spinny-head animation would remain. EEs added the ability to remove the effects from specific spells. As such, spells which 'cure' fear were updated to also remove all the effects of e.g. Horror, to avoid the above. Which brings us to today. The shortcomings in the above plan were 1) we should have given the the same treatment to spells which cause/cure feeblemind as we did to cause/cure fear and 2) we should have updated hold cures to remove hold spells explicitly, as we did for fear cures. The good news is that the new immunity scheme we're using already addresses some of this. So the process from here: Clone spmindat.vvc into cdfeeble.vvc and cdstun.vvc Update spells which play spmindat as part of a feeblemind to play cdfeeble instead Update spells that provide immunity to feeblemind to block cdfeeble instead of spmindat Spells that cure feeblemind (pretty much anything that dispels magic) should now explicitly remove these feeblemind spells Update spells which play spmindat as part of a stun to play cdstun instead Update spells that provide immunity to stun to block cdstun instead of spmindat Spells that cure stun should now explicitly remove these stun spells Update the handful of EE fear spells that are still using spmindat to use cdhorror Update the spells that cure fear to explicitly remove the above, plus any other new fear spells that play cdhorror Update the spells that cure hold/paralyze to explicitly remove the various spells that play spmindat as part of their hold/paralyze effects. Despite hold and paralyze being separate effects (and more differentiated thanks to DavidW's work) they're both removed by the same opcode so they have to be batched here. Most of this will have to be sorted on a per-game basis since we're having to explicitly target specific spells. Once this is sorted I'll be looking at the other effects which 'cure' things that play animations, such as confusion.
  10. A whole mess of stuff fixed in the IWD spell converter used by IWDification and SCS.
  11. Version v14


    This is a collection of kits and an item pack from Sorcerer's Place. The mods were originally in an older, harder-to-install format and have been converted to use a WeiDU installer. Item restrictions are also applied dynamically, meaning that the item restrictions for the Arcane Fist and Archer of Sylvanus kits will be implemented across all items in the game, including those added or altered by other mods. Polar Bear, Drizzt1180, and Creslyn wrote the original content. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  12. Version v15


    The Tweaks Anthology is a WeiDU compilation of fixes, cosmetic changes, and tweaks that will run on every Infinity Engine game, from the original Planescape:Torment, through the Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate series, and the new Enhanced Editions of the games. The successor to BG2 Tweaks and several other tweak packs, some of these were fan requests, others are needed fixes, and others simply make dealing with the more irritating aspects of the game engine easier. Each component can be installed separately so the player can pick and choose only which ones they wish to install. Forum Project Page Full readme Visit the Gallery
  13. Hey! I think that even though mist was added in BG1EE+SoD, I don't think it made it to IWD EE and that weather type doesn't work there. I know it's not used originally, but it could be used by mods, it would be pretty cool. I was wondering if such a feature suits fixpack - to make sure the weather works on other IE (EE) games too, including IWD EE. I'm not sure if it works in BG2EE, but when working on IWD mods I tried to make it work, but I think I failed. It was a long time ago, perhaps something changed, but... I thought I would share the thought here.
  14. In the 2.6 patch, clones created by Simulacrum are affected by opcode 144 effects which disable thief skill buttons, so if a mage/thief casts Simulacrum or a thief uses Vhailor's Helm, the clone will not be able to detect traps, or dispel illusions, or hide in shadows ability. This seems to be a pretty blatantly intentional addition on Beamdog's part, but I cannot see any rationale for it; why wouldn't a cloned thief be able to hide? Note, this means Shadowdancer clones cannot use Hide in Plain Sight, which is the kit's signature ability... and the kit also has an HLA that creates a simulacrum. In that context this change seems kind of crazy to me. It was claimed to be a bug in the Beamdog forum, and Beamdog reps did not deny or push back against that claim. People just said, in essence, "have patience, wait for the 2.7 patch." (Also note that the change only affects the buttons - the clones can still be scripted to use thief skills, if clones can be scripted.) It's been quite a while since I dabbled with Simulacrum spells, but I'm pretty sure this would be quite easy to fix, by simply patching SIMULACR.SPL. If people agree it ought to be fixed. EDIT - (crap, has jmerry already gotten to this? I bet he did. Why don't we just make his mod the Fixpack and go home? )
  15. I thought I'd post a few minor IWD things that were in v2.5 and still in v2.6 (so probably not a priority for official fixes). Some of this is polymorph-related. I know there's already a shapeshift thread, but that's more BG-focused and the discussion there moved in a different direction, so I thought it better to stick this with other IWD stuff. Note: For myself, I made fixes for most of the stuff here in my IWDEE polymorph fixes/tweak mod. The main component includes a couple tweaks/non-fixes. It makes Psionic Blast (Mind Flayer ability) usable at will. For pre-v2.6 games, it also changes the spell to use the IWDEE v2.6 projectile (same as Shout spells). Sneak Attack/Crippling Strike - Crippling Strike is capped at -7 to attack/damage rolls. The in-game numbers can show bigger penalties in the stats screen and dialogue box, but the actual effect won't go past -7. Assassin's are supposed to scale to -10 to rolls. This can be tested by sneak attacking a party member with a level 30 Assassin. - Values are set in backstab.spl. For my mod, I just copy the file to the override, since it shouldn't be used for anything else, and also scaled it to -16 for a hypothetical level 50 Assassin. Polymorph Self spell - Winter Wolf, Polar Bear, and Boring Beetle forms have a Haste effect on their weapons. This is an obvious error, as the forms are supposed to be identical to the Druid forms and none of the other polymorphs are hasted. The descriptions are already identical to Druid, just without the mention of the 12 HP healing that Druids get. Items affected: cdpolyww.itm cdpolypb.itm cdpolybb.itm Note: I do think a movement speed increase could be considered for the Winter Wolf or Polar Bear forms (both Druid and Polymorph Self). Both forms are currently slower than the Boring Beetle and slower than in human form. In classic IWD, the bear is still super slow, but the wolf moves faster than in human form. In my mod, I used 180% movement for wolf forms and 250% for bear forms. At these speeds, they move slightly faster than in human form. At least for the wolf form, I think this could be considered a fix. Note that the BG2 animals, regular wolf and brown/black bear, also move much slower than in the BGEE games. Shapechange spell - Water Elemental: Weapon only does 1d8 damage (CDSHWELE.ITM). It should be 4d8, matching description as well as Druid form. - Giant Troll: Description says 18/00 Strength. The form actually has only 18 Strength. I changed the form to 18/00, but either way works. Descriptions: - The descriptions don't all follow the same format. They should be changed to match the way the Druid descriptions are written. I do this already in my mod. Probably doesn't matter to most people, but seems better to me to have descriptions from the same spell follow the same format. - Fire Elemental: 15% acid and electricity resist isn't mentioned. Druid version has correct info. - Earth Elemental: Fire and cold resist should be 25%, not 20%. Druid version has correct info. - Water Elemental: This currently uses the same strings as the Druid spell. Name should be changed to Shapechange: Water Elemental (instead of "Shapeshift"). Description should remove the mention of the 12 HP healing that Druids get. Mind Flayer: - Description for Psionic Blast says the stun duration is 5 rounds, but it's actually 10 rounds. I patched the spell to 5 rounds, but either way, the description should match the actual duration. BG2EE does this same thing. - Mind Flayer description doesn't mention the Psionic Blast ability. Not technically a bug, but incomplete without it. Sword of Days (DAYS.ITM) - Not sure if you'd consider this a bug, but this item only blocks the regular Haste spell, not Improved Haste. This is unchanged from classic IWD, but that game doesn't have a separate Improved Haste and regular Haste already doubles APR. It feels to me like the intention is for the weapon to prevent any magical Haste or Slow effects. Magical diseases like Contagion or Dolorous Decay make sense as an exception, not that any enemies in the unmodded game use those.
  16. In IWD only (not in BG) there is a confirmation prompt when trying to replace a memorized spell with another one. I cannot find any way to disable that prompt. It causes inconvenience when reloading spells.
  17. Hi y'all! I noticed that upgrading Bren Muller's Crossbow (lxbowbm.itm to cdxbowbm.itm) doesn't work. The dialogue options after "Contact Other Plane" are correctly triggered bu there is no effect on the item I think that for unknown reasons TransformItem("lxbowbm","cdxbowbm") just doesn't work. Maybe "TransformItem" doesn't exist in EE's engine? For what it's worth, I "fixed" it deleting the former and using a straighforward: TakePartyItem("lxbowbm") GiveItemCreate("cdxbowbm",PartySlot1,0,0,0)
  18. Now that the engine can properly support them, add the remaining oIWD soundset entries (secondary sounds for leader, tired, &c.) to IWDEE.
  19. Some classes/kits get what to me seems a suspicious enough inconsistent penalty in the last colum. For example, this are the ones receiving a 5 penalty (should be only Wizard group, I think): MAGE 0 0 5 MAGE_THIEF 0 0 5 ABJURER 0 0 5 CONJURER 0 0 5 DIVINER 0 0 5 ENCHANTER 0 0 5 ILLUSIONIST 0 0 5 INVOKER 0 0 5 NECROMANCER 0 0 5 TRANSMUTER 0 0 5 WILDMAGE 0 0 5 SORCERER 0 0 5 SHADOWDANCER 0 0 5 DRAGON_DISCIPLE 0 0 5 I think Mage/Thief should not be there, as it should get the best of the two classes, and neither should Shadowdancer, because other thieves have a 3 instead. The list receiving 2 or 3 penalty seems correct to me.
  20. All effects in the game--whether from a spell, item, EFF file, or applied directly on a creature--use two percentile probability fields (high and low) that determine whether they get applied. Quoting myself from a ticket: I had some fixes in hand for IWD and BG2 (via the respective Fixpacks) and have spent the better part of the past few days working on lists for PsTEE and BGEE/SoD. I found and fixed few other minor issues as I went along; unusual probability cases are also noted below. General notes I found at least a few effects on all games where an effect was "deactivated" by setting its probabilities to 0-0 or 100-100. Unfortunately the former still has a 1% chance to occur, and the latter is redundant. In both cases I delete the effect. BGEE/SoD (full fixes) Belhifet poisons on all hits, but was only showing the poison icon on half of them. Blind Albino Wyrmlings cause sleep and a thac0 drain on 15% of hits, but show a feeblemind portrait icon on all hits. If anyone has a better suggestion for an icon here, I'm all ears, as feeblemind doesn't seem like a good fit. Barrityl's Burden's ability randomly does fire/cold/electrical damage, but they overlapped awkwardly and the fire damage was 1d1 while cold end electrical were 1d2. They been separated to equal non-overlapping chances and normalized to 1d2 damage. BG2EE (full fixes) A handful of drow uses a 'whip' weapon with overlapping probabilities, which are separated. Fallen Solars have vorpal hits on 15% of hits, and dispel magic on the other 85%. It seems like they should still dispel magic on a failed vorpal so I made this 15% vorpal, 100% dispel. This was also adjusted on BGEE even though the item isn't used there. The spell weightings from the Cloak of Atonement were off by quite a bit more than 1% Power Word: Sleep lacked the normal (half-)elven sleep resistances IWDEE (full fixes) Dazer (and its spectral hero copy) had mismatched probabilities Static Two-Handed Sword has listed bonuses of bonus electrical damage on 50% of hits and stun on 25% hits, but was only doing these at 40% and 20% respectively PsTEE (full fixes) A huge number of items (mainly notes) have an odd, 0-0 op319 effect attached to a header and aimed at nothing. These are fairly consistent, which makes me worry they have some hardcoded function I don't know about--for now they're removed. Unlike BG/BG2/IWD there aren't a lot of items/spells with x% chances to do stuff, and when there is, it's never listed as an explicit percentage. Nonetheless I've adjusted a number of effects where it's clear they're going for an explicit percentage, e.g. something that's currently a 51/49 split gets adjusted to 50/50.
  21. [Bug] Multi-part creature animations show visible lines between the sections What is currently happening Multi-part creature animations show visible lines between the sections What should be happening Multi-part creature animations should not show visible lines between the sections Steps to reproduce the bug Start a new BGEE game with a default character CLUA in a large wyvern: C:CreateCreature("wyvern") Zoom in Notice the visible lines between the sections of the creature animation If available, a fix Place the attached BAMs in the override folder See that the visible lines are gone Notes Because the EEs allow BAM frame dimensions larger than 255x255 px, this issue can be fixed by recombining the split animations into the top left section's BAM and blanking the BAM frames for the other sections. Fixing the issue in that way does not require an engine fix or modifying the animations' INI files. This also fixed bad frame offsets on 5 frames of the large wyvern animation. Before: After: This should cover BGEE, SoD, and BG2EE. If I've missed anything (PSTEE?), please let me know. I'm also happy to convert mod-added animations if they are brought to my attention. Archive too big to attach here: http://classicadventuresmod.com/temp/MultiPartCreatureAnimationsRework_20220402.rar
  22. [Bug] Multi-part area BAM animations show visible lines between the sections What is currently happening Multi-part area animations show visible lines between the sections What should be happening Multi-part area animations should not show visible lines between the sections Steps to reproduce the bug Start a new IWDEE game with default characters Using the console, move to area AR1105 Click through the dialogue until the cutscene plays and the portal animation is activated Notice the visible lines between the sections of the portal animation, particularly the left and right portions of the top half. If available, a fix Place the attached BAMs in the override folder, as appropriate for each game See that the visible lines are gone Notes Because the EEs allow BAM frame dimensions larger than 255x255 px, this issue can be fixed by recombining the split animations into the top left section's BAM and blanking the BAM frames for the other sections. Fixing the issue in that way does not require an engine fix or modifying the area files. This should cover all of BGEE, SoD, BG2EE, and PSTEE except for AM3017[A-D] and AM6200[A-D]. Those are the Lum the Mad (which I don't think should be combined) and Melissan replenish (I don't understand the mechanisms of how/when these are played). Note that these have received minimal testing. Let me know if I've missed anything. SplitAnimationsCombined_20210501.zip
  23. In no particular order: Cause Disease's description says it's from the necromancy school, but it's an abjuration. Darts of Bone have the normal APR=3 as a global effect, but the effect has a save Lich Touch should paralyze (109), not hold (175) Great Shout shows duplicate 'Stunned' strings on a failed save Emotion, Fear always removes Emotion, Courage even if saving throws/MR block its effects Beltyn's Burning Blood bypasses MR Mass Cause Light Wounds should not be available to druids (all other Cause X Wounds aren't) Cloudburst should remove Fireshields Talonite priests and priestesses in Dragon's Eye don't heal one another due to bad DV checks. Similarly, Jorn only heals 7/8 of his fellow barbarians at the Sea of Moving Ice Various weapons had incorrect damage: Kaylessa's Bow and the Composite Longbow of the Hand lacked a +1 damage bonus for being composite longbows Bren Muller's Crossbow (normal and upgraded) is a +3 light crossbow but was only getting +2 damage Storm Bow is a shortbow but was getting an extra +1 damage as if it was a longbow Skull Flail is a +4 weapon so its base damage should be 1d6+5, not 1d6+4, since regular flails do 1d6+1 The travel times between Severed Hand-Dragon's Eye and Severed Hand-Wyrm's Tooth were inconsistent The Talonite poison was missing the sound file that's supposed to play when used Everard lacks some replies due to a bad fix in Accalia's dialogue from old IWDFP Grisella shouldn't give you a reward for clearing the beetles unprompted Hobart's cleric- and mage-specific replies should be available to dual- and multiclasses Some harpies in the tower with the harpy queen should despawn if the party is below a certain level, but they all used the same DV so this doesn't happen. Four items on the random loot tables (Wand of Trap Detection, Translocation Arrows, Tranquil Bolts, Bone Talisman) spawn without charges Two untrapped doors display as trapped in Wyrm's Tooth Glacier Revert the old duplicate random treasure fix for extres4. Basically, oIWD had two instances of extres4 (Cloak of Invisibility, Ogien's Scale +4) and we swapped one of them for an unused drop. However, looking at the charges of the items, we swapped out the wrong dupe. Summoned lizardmen lack visible weapons Portrait icon fixes for items: The cursed version of Vexing Thoughts should show a cursed icon when equipped Boots of the Fox should use the new 'increased movement speed' portrait icon instead of haste Moonblade should cause a 'miscast magic' icon when it hits Bullets +1 and +2 use the same projectile The color glow from Stunning Darts expires too early Per its descript, the effects of Ghoul Touch should last six rounds Heavy Crossbows and Finest Heavy Crossbow's minimum strength should be 11, not 12 Due to a typo, Gauntlets of Valor block Haste, but should be blocking Hold Person The Kinetic Spear blocks Lance of Disruption, but shouldn't. The Kinetic Spear occasionally fires a Lance if Disruption on hit, and this protection was originally to fix a bug (long since fixed) where the Lance would sometimes also hit the wielder. Two items had effects which should have been removed but were instead documented as if they were intended. The War Hammer +4: Defender had a random heal-on-hit and Thrym Extract is supposed to not provide cold resistance on a failed save HP draining spells (e.g. Larloch's Minor Drain) should not work on undead/extraplanar creatures since normal Cause/Cure spells don't. Monk Lay on Hands also worked on undead/extraplanars but shouldn't. Charm via Mantle's of Hell's Furnace did not work at all Hopelessness (via Symbol or Mournful Wail) was not always removing Emotion, Hope like other forms of Hopelessness (e.g. Emotion, Hopelessness) Stoneskin is providing two too many skins at all levels Tenser's Transformation should not block innate abilities Great Roar's fear and strength drain effects had radically different durations Black Ice Knights were carrying gold I also filed a catch-all report for a bunch of small, fiddly stuff that players wouldn't notice and/or stuff that only modders would care about, aka Cam's List o' Stuff That Should Be Fixed But Has No Actual Effect In Game: The slaves in the frost giant cave had a fifth random dialogue option that wasn't being used IWDEE removes a line of Arundel's dialogue from the rumors in the Kuldahar tavern, but never re-weights the remaining options Three items had durations attached to permanent effects ~200 items had breakable flags set on their melee abilities, despite the flag doing nothing in IWDEE The unused clck18 item is fixed Hold Person via floor trap didn't have the normal 318-gating, but given that only party NPCs would ever get hit by it, it really doesn't matter The EFFs from Three Doves had some leftover crap in the dice field which could theoretically make them not apply Power levels/MR inconsistencies for Antidote potions; Contact Other Plane; Wand of Monster Summoning Bad effects on the caster shouldn't be blocked by MR/spell protections: Circle of Bones, Blade Barrier, Champion's Strength, (Great) Shout On-hit effects of the Black Blade of Disaster get checked twice for MR/power Most of these are pretty straightforward but I'd be happy to provide details if anyone's interested. Of all of them, I think the Cloudburst/Fireshield one (original thread here, in the context of IWDification) might be borderline.
  24. (I'm assuming a general framework for thinking about opcodes 109, 175 and 185 which I laid out here). Barbarian Rage makes you immune to paralysis, which is implemented (all the way back to vanilla BG2) by granting immunity to opcodes 109, 175, and 185. The first two are fine and harmless, but 185 is a special opcode used for physically immobilising effects and scripted (cutscene) effects. Immunity to 185 lets raging barbarians ignore Otiluke's Resilient Sphere (while still being surrounded by the graphic: presumably they bump the sphere into foes to attack them). It also means they can ignore the scripted paralysis effect in Hell (You no sell my soul, CHARNAME! Me raging!) We should just delete this: it's pretty clearly unintended and provides evidence that by ToB the design team was losing track of what their various paralyzing opcodes were for.
  25. Version 2


    The Bardic Appraisal mod is a small WeiDU mod that adds an ability to bards (including all kits) that allows them to appraise any identified item in the party. The value reported does not include markup or depreciation. Project page Readme Forum
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