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Found 6 results

  1. KNIGHTS OF THE CHALICE 2 finally has a Kickstarter publicly available after more than a year of waiting! Fund, fund, fund! I know some of you want more reason to buy. What is this game? KotC2 is a party-based turn-based RPG based on the D&D 3.5 ruleset. Knights of the Chalice 1 was a well-regarded indie RPG (also turn-based, party-based, and D&D 3.5 rules-based), and this sequel offers more classes, more scenarios, a game editor (for new scenarios, stat editing, etc.), and (unless the game author has changed it) the ability to legally sell your modules if they're your property. (No selling your recreation of Keep on the Borderlands, an official D&D module, but your original work is OK.) The game author made a more detailed overview of KotC2 and displays various classes, races, and stats in the KotC2 database. Enjoy! (I apologize if this isn't the place to mention this. Noobermeet was the only off-topic forum I found on G3.)
  2. Heyooo everyone, nice to meet ya'll! My name's Misha and I've been a long time lurker on Gibberlings. I thought I'd share my game called Ili which I've been working on for the past 19 months. he game is greatly influenced Baldur's Gate 2 and the romance/friendship banters you have with party members, both in the vanilla game and great NPC mods you guys created! Hope it peeks your interest! Stay awesome Gibblerings community! May Infinity Engine mods live another 50 years! Ili is an immortal being haunted by regret. Your aim is to guide Ili through her past and meet the ghosts from her past. While Ili is the game’s protagonist, you control most of her actions and act more like her spiritual guide. You are to help her say or do things that she would be too afraid to do by herself. The problems put in front of both you and Ili can be solved in different ways through talking. Do you intend to change the past? Or is it better to make peace with the past and to move on? Check out the trailer and the link to the kickstarter below, I'm very proud of what I've made and would love to share with everyone Link to Kickstarter! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/447132087/ili Link to Demo! https://mishac.itch.io/ili-demo Hand-drawn style. Pencil, pen, watercolour. The game will use analogue drawing techniques to render this these painted worlds. Through these 2D methods, the game will experiment with how games can represent their worlds. 4th wall breaking narrative. Through the entire game, Ili will talk to you through the 4th wall, and you will guide her actions as you travel beyond time and space. Narrative-focus. Despite being a powerful immortal being, Ili is a pacifist and deals with her problems through talking and negotiation. Like Fallout 1 and 2, through the power of speech instead of violence, you can approach each situation through different ways. Multiple endings. Ili will have multiple endings in the style of Silent Hill 2 and visual novels, where the way you play and the things you say will change how the story of Ili will end. The City of Pala Infinite Point Perspective First greetings Falling through space Misha C - That's me! I'm the lead developer, artist, programmer, writer, and PR manager. I graduated from the University of Auckland with Masters degree in architecture. My goal is to be an indie game developer Seoroh - A friend and fellow artist who can possibly be commissioned to design a few worlds and characters! Check their tumblr for more of their work! http://seoroh.tumblr.com/ "Solaris" by Seoroh
  3. Whalenought Studios, the developer of Serpent in the Staglands, have their next game up on Kickstarter. It's a cyberpunk, part-based CRPG with turn-based combat (a bit different from typical turn-based in that every action takes a certain amount of time, so actions play out in real-time) and stealth mechanics. They're ~80% funded with a week to go. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1649838104/copper-dreams/
  4. Hey everyone! Wow, it's been an insane string of months. I seriously apologize for the link craziness. I moved our domain name to Google Domains with the rest of my domains and well, there's a couple other things that have to happen on the server end of G3 to get the links to direct properly again. Hopefully, it will happen soon but in the meantime, big props to Mike1072 for going through all of our mod pages and changing the links so our SEO ranking doesn't suffer too much or annoy our members. Some little highlights for what's happened so far this year! New Work Project Released! A week ago, my company released the newly designed Apartments.com! I was proud to have led the UI development of the site and to have been on the team that built it. Hopefully if any of you are looking for apartments in the US it'll help you. New Music Project and My First Kickstarter! That's right! I'm recording a new album and I'm looking for help to do it. I'm using Kickstarter to help fund the project, which should be released sometime in June of this year. I invite anyone interested or who is familiar with my music to check out the Kickstarter page! That's it from me for now. Hope the year is treating you well so far.
  5. Hello! If anyone has shared my same videogaming past (Amiga), it's impossible to have forgotten Cinemaware's masteripiece, Rocket Ranger (1988). After Wings! Remastered, Cinemaware is now updating the most precious jewel they ever produced provided the Kickstarter campaign proves successful here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/850516062/rocket-ranger-reloaded I invite everyone to pledge because Rocket Ranger is one of those games that deserve to be brought into the modern gaming era. Thanks.
  6. Serpent in the Staglands a CRPG (PC/Mac/Linux) with RTwP combat, inspired by Darklands and the Baldur's Gate series with lots of choices to make. Graphics are old school 2D pixel art, but all very well done and I just get a really good vibe from this one. The setting is based on medieval Transylvanian folklore, so it will be quite a bit different from the typical fantasy settings. They have 2 days left on Kickstarter already passed their funding goal and are now working towards stretch goals. They also have a Steam Greenlight page and a GoG wishlist... I'm sure they'd appreciate your upvotes there if you have a minute.
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