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  1. You know all the IDS and 2DA files that use hex as markers? STATE.IDS is the best example. Here's a sample: 0x00200000 STATE_NONDETECTION 0x00400000 STATE_IMPROVEDINVISIBILITY 0x00800000 STATE_BLESS 0x01000000 STATE_CHANT 0x02000000 STATE_DRAWUPONHOLYMIGHT Now let's say that, for whatever reason, you want to do a StateCheck in a script for a creature with one of these States (which are always hardcoded set by an opcode). You could do a check for each one, or, you could get your handy hex calculator (built-in Windows calculator can) and... add them together, giving us 0x03E00000 NAMEITWHATEVERYOUWANT Great, right? AI mods did this ages ago to make target checking easier. But what does this have to do with kits and their restrictions? Well, if you look at KITLIST.2DA, each kit's restrictions (under the label UNUSABLE) is in hex. This means if you want to make a variant bard kit* that can't learn/cast Invocation spells, you could combine *Blade and Enchanter, giving an UNUSABLE of 0x00200200 This also means you can combine mage specialists, though this just restricts their spells more. The only thing to consider is that the main/starting kit is still going to have its own restrictions. For most kits, there's nothing hardcoded besides item usability. But some have little quirks like thief skills added in, so know what your starting point is.
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