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  1. Hello, I recently got BG II:EE and imported my old original save files. Now I wasn't really aware of what I was doing, but I had to reinstall all my old mods and as I didn't know which files do what, I only exchanged the KILOVE file I found with my old one, as I assumed this one tracks how far you are with the romance (my save game is from Chapter Six). Now Kivan does have romantic dialogue triggering and has his old inventory items and all, but I couldn't hear his voice. And then he suddenly started saying weird uncharacteristic stuff...And then started talking in this primitive creepy Gollum voice. When I googled his lines I found out he is using the voice of an imp called Cespenar, that I haven't even met yet, because I haven't reached Throne of Bhaal. Does anyone have an idea why his soundfiles and dialogue are exchanged for Cespenar's? It is really creeping the hell out of me when he talks like that. It sounds as though he has been posessed by a demonic child. I recently read that there has been a bug going on in EE, where using game-foreign soundfiles causes dialogue glitching, making characters sound completely bonkers. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks in advance Cori
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