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  1. Hello everyone, I finished my very first mod and I want to share it, but I don't know how to do it on G3. I've visited the "Infinity Engine Modding News" and "Item, Kit, and Spell Mods" forum sections, but I can't start a thread there. I also don't know how to add it to the downloads section. I would be grateful for any information. Thank you for reading this comment!
  2. Guest

    Xzar romance

    Hello, is there a mod to romance Xzar?
  3. Someone has been working in the shadows, manipulating events on the Sword Coast to their advantage... Hey guys, I created this because I wanted to tie up loose ends with 2 things in Baldur's Gate: the Twisted Rune, and the Cowled Wizards, especially to provide an incentive to fight them to the end (and tying it all up with the Twisted Rune, which was probably cut content in BG2). So this mod was born about 3 years ago! It requires the Enhanced Edition Trilogy by k4thos as there is content to be found in BG1, BG2, and ToB (the quest cannot be completed before ToB) Project Page Download Readme github Basically I'm looking for testers and people willing to try out the mod and provide feedback! Be gentle with me, this is my first time making a mod and using github. However, I spent a lot of time learning how to code in a way that doesn't break other mods as much as possible. You can see for yourself in my code. Special thanks to lots of people here including Mike1072, demivrgvs, Roxanne, kreso, DavidW, CamDawg, Nythrun & Miloch (area patching), Avenger, and every other helpful fellow! Also, thanks to K4thos for making the EET Screenshots:
  4. LIST LOCATIONS The information should be functionally identical for each of these lists. -Beamdog General Modding Forum: Contains raw board code for ease of quoting and editing. -Gibberlings3: Lacks raw board code. FORENOTES -Mods that add spells to items or to NPCs but which player characters can't learn are purposefully excluded from this list. The same goes for mods that merely change spell functionality instead of making new spells. -Mods that add spells only to kits included in the same mod aren't emphasized, but may be included. -Entries below starting with - add spells directly to the standard arcane or/and divine lists. Entries below starting with ** use alternative spell systems. -Arcane spells that Wizards can learn are assumed also to have scrolls so you can add these spells to your repertoire. -As of this writing, there is a hardcoded limit of only 50 spells per spell level at a time. (That's 50 arcane per spell level and another 50 divine per spell level.) Any spells beyond this limit won't show on the spell select screen and character creation screen, and mods that would install spells beyond this limit refuse to install. -All information regarding new spells I've obtained from reading mod documentation or/and from mod authors/maintainers directly. I've not played enough with most these mods to fairly state from first-hand experience what they add. WHAT ADDS PLAYER CHARACTER-USABLE SPELLS TO THE BG ENGINE? -Normal and Enhanced Editions of Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II, including the Tales of the Sword Coast and Throne of Bhaal expansions. -B_Spells (Spells and Magic) Adds a small number of arcane spells and divine spells to the game, some of which are already in Faiths & Powers. -Chaos Sorcerer Automatically adds these Chaos Sorcerer kit-only arcane spells to the Chaos Sorcerer's list of spells known: Conjure Chaos Elemental, Conjure Greater Chaos Elemental, Chaotic Weave, Nahal's Wildstrike, and Surge Control. -Dark Side of the Sword Coast (DSotSC) Adds many new spells, some arcane and some divine. The mod's new arcane spells are reviewed at that link as of June of 2018. Note that most of these spells in this mod are already in BG2, meaning if you're playing in EET (Enhanced Edition Trilogy), installing these spells is probably a waste of space! -deratiseur's Spell Mod (FRENCH ONLY!) Adds 30 arcane spells learnable via scrolls and 25 spells learnable via the spell learning UI, such as for spontaneous casters. For BG2, BG2EE, and IWDEE. (It may also work on EET, but I've not confirmed it yet.) -deratiseur's Unused Kits Mod The kits Shadowmage (AKA Ombremage) and Warlord have unique spell lists according to the author. May be in French only. **Diablo II Kits Mod Adds all 7 classes from Diablo II as kits for various classes! Each kit has new abilities at least inspired by Diablo II! -Dimension Gate: Or How TV Bunny Searched Remote Control. Adds about 20 arcane teleportation spells to warp to player-specified preset points. (It's like Morrowind's Mark and Recall spells.) Also adds some quests and lightsabers. -Divine Remix Adds 13 divine spells: Cause Medium Wounds, Cause Blindness or Deafness, Cure Blindness or Deafness, Detect Good, Divine Shell, Faerie Fire, Impregnable Mind, Protection from Good, Protection from Good 10', Resist Acid and Corrosion, Strength of Stone, Conjure Air Elemental, and Energy Drain. -IWDification Adds Icewind Dale arcane spells and divine spells to normal Baldur's Gate II, Throne of Bhaal, and the Enhanced Editions of BG1 and BG2. Also adds other Icewind Dale-specific content listed in the documentation outside the scope of this post. -Made in Heaven Spell Pack (MiH Spell Pack) Adds a few new arcane spells and divine spells. -Faiths and Powers (F&P, FnP) Adds a small number of divine spells from the mod B_Spells. New spells in Faiths & Powers are described here. -Northern Tales of the Sword Coast (NTotSC) (Spells from this mod don't count against the 50 spells per level limit but can't be learned by spontaneous casters like Sorcerers! They can still be added to spellbooks and prepared and cast that way normally!) Adds Fiery Cloud and Skeleton Guard as arcane spells with scrolls in Sorcerous Sundries (Baldur's Gate city). -OlvynSpells (Spells from this mod don't count against the 50 spells per level limit!) Adds many arcane and divine spells for all casting classes, each of which is listed in the post. Many spells like fly or reverse gravity require EEex to function! Noteworthy is that, as of this writing and OlvynSpells 2.2.0, these spells have been converted to use Olvyn's Spell Tool, thereby no longer counting against the 50 spells per spell type (arcane/divine) per spell level! -Out! Brief Candlekeep Adds one level 1 arcane spell, Vanishing Act. -Red Dragon Summoning Spell Adds a single level 9 arcane spell. -Region of Terror (RoT) Adds new spells that, according to the readme, are "mostly kit-specific." (Thus, you can only access these new spells if you're playing a character using this mod's new kits.) These kits also don't work with Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition. However, this page lists all mod-added spells & kits. -Spell Revisions (SR) and Spell Revisions Revised (SRR) Revises all vanilla and some Icewind Dale spells into a cohesive package for Baldur's Gate games. -Saradas Magic & Saradas Magic II (Spells from these mods don't count against the 50 spells per level limit!) Saradas Magic 1 (and seemingly also 2) adds high-level arcane spells, including something for each school. Dragon Disciple Sorcerers also get an exclusive spell. **Shadow Magic (Spells from this mod don't count against the 50 spells per level limit!) Adds many, many new spells (level 1-9 and seemingly arcane) specific to the new Shadow Adept Mage kit and Shadow Disciple Sorcerer kit. -Shards of ice Adds Summon Cow as a learnable, scribable arcane spell in addition to being a Wild Magic effect. (In Vanilla, Summon Cow is normally available only as a Wild Surge effect on the d100 roll of an 88. It's quite possible to play through the entire BG saga and never cast this spell under normal means) -Siege of Dragonspear to Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Item Upgrade (SoD to BG2EE Item Upgrade) Adds 5 arcane spells. -Spontaneous Casting for Clerics and Druids Adds Magic Fang as a divine spell. -Stone of Askavar Adds these 6 arcane spells. -Sword Coast Stratagems (SCS) Has the option at install time to include Icewind Dale arcane spells and divine spells for player characters. If Spell Revisions is installed, AI casters also use SR spells. According to the mod's author, the AI only uses some IWD spells (arcane and divine), not every IWD spell. Also, SCS accommodates the new spells from SCS, from IWDification, and from Spell Revisions. SCS also adds an option to add a level 9 arcane spell, create boneguard which summons d2 boneguards. -Teleport Without Error Spell for BG2 & BG2EE Adds the level 7 arcane spell Teleport Without Error. (The linked version - version 15 - is EE & EET compatible.) Using this spell may result in bugs due to warping places the game expects you to walk. You've been warned! The Darkest Day (TDD for Pre-EE Games, TDDz for EE Games) This mod (TDDz for EE and TDD for pre-EE) adds many new spells listed here of all spell levels and for Sor/Wiz, Cleric, and Druid spell lists! -Test Your Mettle! Adds Spacewarp as a level 5 arcane spell. -Tome and Blood Among other things, Tome and Blood (TnB, Tome & Blood, etc.) includes options for radically changed illusionary clones (mislead, simulacrum...), rebalanced spell schools, and cantrips (infinite-use innate abilities that count as level 0 spells or/and treating level 1 spells as infinitely usable). -Trials of the Luremaster (BG2 TotLM) Adds Icewind Dale arcane spells and divine spells if these spells haven't already been added by another mod, like IWDification. **Warlock (Spells from this mod don't count against the 50 spells per level limit!) Adds Warlock as a Bard kit with many kit-specific invocations, usable at-will. -Weasels! Adds a small number of arcane and divine spells, all weasel-themed. -Wild Mage Additions Adds 27 new arcane spells for Wild Mages only. VERSION HISTORY 2.6: March 14, 2023 -Added Diablo II kits. 2.5: December 23, 2022 -Added Region of Terror Fandom wiki page for mod-added spells & kits. 2.4: October 8, 2022 -Added mention in Sword Coast Stratagems (SCS) of it adding an install option for create boneguard. 2.3: October 29, 2021 -Updated Saradas Magic II (Saradas Magic for BG2) link. 2.2: October 19, 2021 -Added Tome and Blood. -Fixed a bit of the formatting. 2.1: October 1, 2021 -Added deratiseur's Unused Kit Pack and Divine Remix. 2.0: September 23, 2021 -Updated certain mods' GitHub links to point to their latest release. 1.9: May 30, 2021 -Added Dimension Gate. 1.8: February 23, 2021 -Added the Red Dragon Summoning spell. 1.7: February 21, 2021 -Added deratiseur's Spell Mod (French only). 1.6: February 15, 2021 -Thanks to subtledoctor of Gibberlings3 for telling me that Northern Tales spells can't be learned by spontaneous casters but also don't count against the limit of spells per spell level. -Thanks to Greenhorn of Gibberlings3 for telling me that Stone of Askavar has a small number of arcane spells! 1.5: February 14, 2021 -Explicitly mentioned which mods' spells don't count against the limit of 50 spells per type (arcane/divine) per spell level. 1.4: February 12, 2021 -Added TDDz (The Darkest Day) because I felt like it. Thankee to Azazello & Jarno for the mention in the Gibberlings3 thread months ago! -Updated link to teleport without error. This newer version (version 15) includes BG2EE compatibility. Alleluia! 1.3: September 7, 2020 -Added Chaos Sorcerer because I felt like it. -Clarified SCS AI casters to also cast Spell Revisions spells if SR is installed. 1.2: September 7, 2020 -Added Out! Brief Candlekeep. -Clarified that SCS AI used some arcane and divine spells from Icewind Dale if installed. -Added forenote about how I obtained the information about what spells are in each mod. 1.1: September 6, 2020 -Clarified the default spell limit per spell level to be 50 instead of 49. (The range of available spells by default is IDs 0 to 49.) -Clarified what SCS AI did and that Spell Revisions only added some IWD spells. -Added common acronymns for certain mods. -Added IWDification, Wild Mage Additions, and B_Spells. 1.0: September 5, 2020 -Initial Release. Alleluia!
  5. Gives imps, mephits, quasits and the rest of the pesky flying critters, including familiars, a leg-up. Imps and quasits get colored skin (dust mephits are still gray), and all of them get more, new and better sounds. They will snicker, mumble and generally make themselves felt, and they move with a hop. Should be compatible with any version that allows adding animations. My thanks go to kjeron for help with this. Download
  6. Greetings! After some time I decided to learn how to draw to achieve some money by making a video-game or anime, and laso I like to play in video-games so I decided to play in IWD: EE, then in IWD2: EE, then probably in SoD and BG2: EE. I have created a custom portrait for IWD: EE, I will create some biography for my MC, and so on... But the point, I am as usually discovered that IWD has white font on black, which is annoying for me and harmful for eyes if read a lot you, and in this games you need read a lot ofc... So I decided to make a little bit different new UI for IWD. I have some experience in the long past with BG UI mods, but I have forgot almost anything, that because I need short help... — What software to download? — How to use this software to modify UI of the Steam version of IWD: EE? After I will start, I will probably bother this forum in section Mods Q&A. Thank you in advance for the answers!
  7. Hi everyone, I am totally new on this forum, but I just wanted to share a mod I have been working on for the past weeks. I am currently writing an Enhanced Version of Westley Weimer's Valen Mod. For those who don't know this mod, this mod makes Valen (one of the Bodhi's sbires) a joinable NPC. She is a chaotic evil vampire fighter/thief with many NPC interactions. This was one of the first mod that allowed you to really play an evil playthrough without disadvantage (lack of evil thief, less rewarding evil path from siding with Bodhi to killing Adalon etc.). Unfortunately, this mod was never ported to the enhanced edition. Here the content of Valen Enhanced Edition: Full compatibility with Enhanced Edition Rebalancing of the mod: the original Valen was known to be quite overpowered and game breaking. I strive to make her progression consistent with the Bhaalspawn one (while keeping her original powers). Better scripting: Westley Weimer's code is quite old, some of the scripts were a bit drastic and unstable. One of the original scripts, for instance, made all the non evil priests hostile to the party, potentially breaking the game or some of the quests. More detailed Valen background, and story, with more NPC interactions (specially her relationship with Bodhi) And many things still in development, from Romance to quests, depending on the feedbacks I will get. Here is the mod current version (stable on latest EE PC version): https://github.com/hellmouse/valen_ee (you can download it from github, installation instructions are on the read me) It is only available in English for the moment, although most of the original content is already translated so translation work would only be required for the new content (if you want to help on translation, don't hesitate to reach out !). I will probably add a French translation (my native language) when (if) the Enhanced Edition gets its French translation. Don't hesitate to give it a try! I would be very happy to take any feedback, whether you want to play-test the mod, or have idea/expectation about it, or even if you played the original Valen Mod and want to share your thoughts about it.
  8. The Gibberlings tweak anthology lets you get up to level 50 but I'm wondering if there is a way to raise or eliminate that.
  9. Greetings, everyone! I've got interested in IE modding some time ago and right now I'm looking for aid. Recently I have finished my first project - NPC mod for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, and right now I need help with proofreading. Here is the short info about the mod: Preview This mod adds a new recruitable companion to Icewind Dale: EE - dwarven wandering priest of Marthammor Duin Turald Ironfist. It was created as an addition to Kulyok's NPCs, though it can be played as a separate mod as well. The idea behind this project was to create a person who would look at the events of the game from the dwarven point of view and who will also be significanlty older than characters from IWD NPC Project. Turald MOD contains dialogs with main character, interjections, player-initiated talks and crossmod content with Kulyok's NPCs and LavaDelVortel's Dusky. Character info Name: Turald Gender: Male Race: Dwarf Class: Fighter/cleric Alignment: Neutral Good Location: Temple of Tempus in Easthaven Romance: No ==HELP NEEDED== The content for vanilla game (I'll add HoW/ToL content a bit later) is ready and needs to be proofreaded (especially since I'm not Native English speaker). So, if anyone can help me with it, I'll be very grateful. If more information is needed, I'll gladly provide it. Have a nice day and thank you for your attention!
  10. I initially posted this in the Divine Remix section, but since it is a ghost town over there, I thought I'd try here. Problem is pretty much in the title. Divine Remix V8 seems to work pretty well for the most part, but special abilities on the new Ranger kits included with it do not appear. Mod is currently installed on Divine Remix V8, on BG: EE, with the tweak pack installed. Any ideas on what is causing this?
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