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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone! I'm very new to Baldur's Gate and have a fairly simple question to ask: Is the mod Sword Coast Stratagems v33.1 fully compatible with the latest versions of the following mods: BG1 NPC Project, Unfinished Business, Portraits Portraits Everywhere and Distinguishable Clubs? https://www.gibberlings3.net/mods/tweaks/scs/ https://www.gibberlings3.net/mods/npcs/bg1npc/ https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/38254/bg1-unfinished-business-v16-0 https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/61015/mod-portraits-portraits-everywhere-for-bg1ee-sod-bg2ee-iwdee-eet/p1 https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/34524/distinguishable-clubs-weidu-update-1-1/p1 Also, the page listing mods compatible with BG:EE + SoD over there at Beamdog states that SCS needs a fix to work. After I've installed SCS following all the instructions, do I still need to use that fix for SCS to work in my game? The fix mentioned is in the link below. https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/732385/#Comment_732385 Just so you guys know, I have the BG:EE + Siege of Dragonspear from Steam, and I installed them yesterday for the very first time and so far I only played for 30 minutes just to see how it was and if everything was ok, so my install is 100% vanilla clean and I would like to make my first playthrough with those mods listed above. Last but not least, any recommendations about other mods that are 100% compatible with the ones mentioned above and that would fit really well with someone like me playing BG for the first time? Thank you in advance!
  2. Greetings, all! I have a question I wish to pose to all of you modders out here, since I haven't seen it asked before, and that is is it possible to change a BGII original mod to be compatible with BGII:EE? (If so, how?) As someone who has never made their own mods before, I haven't the slightest idea of where to begin so any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  3. Greetings! After a clean installation of GOG BGEE + Sod(modmerged) i manually installed the latest 1) Unfinished business for bg1, 2) Spell revisions, 3) Iwdification, 4)More style for mages and 5) Tweaks Anthology, in that order. After testing with a new SOD toon , i noticed that my mage was missing some vaniilla spells like Bindness, deafness and more. Same thing with BG2EE,(same mods with bg2's UB) i was missing spells like Wyvern Call, Summon Djinni/Efreet and others that i don't remember. I guess they were overwritten by the spell mods due to incorrect installation order? I can live with dupicate dispel magic/expeditious retreats and the occasinal wrong text ( vampiric touch innate is named "Moving Crates" -lol- ) but being a spell junkie i would appreciate any suggestions on that matter. Thanks!
  4. Hello there! I dont think this was posted before now so I thought I would post my findings and see if anyone else has gotten this far with the new Siege of Dragonspear game. I have been playing around with mods on the EE games for about a week now (installing different ones to test compatibility etc) and i think I have a stable game running a version of Big World Setup using the recommended BGEE install. I was almost certain it would break the game but everything seems to be working other than the portrait packs as far as i can tell. Im goingto play a bit more and see if SCS and the others seem to work. Ill let everyone know more in a few hours
  5. The port of the remaining mods to pure weidu* has been completed and they all received some extra love on the way. They can be found here: https://github.com/lynxlynxlynx/gemrb-mods Click on the individual folders to see the docs for each mod. A release has been tagged, so they can also be downloaded without git. * 10pp still requires perl — this will never change
  6. I have EE versions of Baldur's Gate from steam and unix based OS. Is there a way to install any mods that use weidu? The linux installation instructions for most mods seem to expect you to run original Baldur's Gate using wine, even thought they say that they are EE compatible. The EE version seems break if you run tolower, which is the first instruction in prety much every installation guide. Is there guide or tutorial for how to use WeiDu on linux with EE? Can the tolower be avoided or fixed afterwards? Without tolower WeiDu gets: ERROR: Unable to find DIALOG.TLK in: ./^dialog\.tlk$ And with it, I can't play. There is dialog.tlk named files in lang/xx_YY folders and DIALOG.BIF in data folder. So is the error from location or naming of the files? So, renaming xx_YY to xx_yy (ex. en_US to en_us) got me bit forward. The next error is like this, but it does allow to continue. Couldn't open the readme: file not found. ERROR: No translation provided for @0 Continuing despite error.
  7. It doesn't happen every time, but occasionally when I try to install a mod (particularly a NPC mod or a banter mod), I get an error command saying I don't have appropriate access privileges. I try to change them but nothing seems to work. I'm using a 2012 MacBook Pro with Yosemite 10.10.1 and all other mods seem to work. Furthermore, this problem occurs mainly with mods for BG2. For example, "Romantic Encounters" for BG1 works but does not for BG2. There error message for the command file reads, specifically: "The file [whatever the command file is] could not be executed because you do not have appropriate access privileges. To view or change access privileges, select the file in the Finder and chose File > Get Info." I do so, changing "read only" to "read & write" wherever I can and making the computer as accessible as I know how, but I still get the same error. I have tried some tips seen here and there about entering command lines into the Terminal screen, but that doesn't seem to work either. It's not a hanging matter, of course, as most of these mods are just for curiosity's sake, but any and all help would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  8. So I was wondering if some generous ponies would be willing to look over my install order of mods for BG2, as I keep encountering bugs though the mods SHOULD all work together... I think. Anyway if anypony with such knowledge would like to look it over I would really appreciate it BG2 Mod Installation Order: After the latest patch of course G3 BG2 Fixpack Revisions: Weimer's Item Upgrade Pack Spell Revisions Divine Remix Oversight NPC Mods: Yvette Romance (Maybe, she seems to stop talking/interacting with me after her dream/story talk in her scroll form ;/) Fade Kim Amber Kivan and Deheriana Xan Valen Auren Aseph Tyris Flare Sarah Solaufein Yasraena NPC Interaction related Mods: Cross mod Banter Pack BG2 Banter Pack Dearnise Romance Flirt pack Quest Mods: Unfinished Business Romantic Encounters Every Mod and dog Shards of Ice Tower of Deception Dungeon Crawl G3 Anniversary Mod Assassinations Wheels of prophecy Tweaks: BG2 Alternate Sound Track Song and Silence Full Plate and Packing Steel (Maybe, does anypony know if the alternate armor system really works and it is worth being slow?) NPC Kit Pack Rogue Rebalancing Psionics Unleashed Wild Mage Additions One Pixel Productions BG Paint BP Series Party AI for BGEE & ToB/BGT 0.3079 High Level ABILITIES BG2 Tweaks Add On Content: Tales of the Deep Gardens Innershade The White Queen I Shall never Forget Fishing For Trouble
  9. Greetings good ppl & fellow players. Me & my friends play BG2 long time. Took a pause for a few years and now were back. It was nice to get extra content out in the pause period and thats where the questions come from. Btw we played all of the similar game BG, IWD, etc but BG2 is n0.1 and were sticking to that. It is vary simple. Put as much content in 1 install. So far we made this and tested it. All is compatible and works good. No bugs. Sometimes game crashes when u run arround invisible to areas u didnt previously explored and which contain key game elements. Its better that way anyway. This is the install order and list: -BG2: SoA -BG2: ToB -BG2: ToB oficial patch -bg2fixpack-v9 WeiDU - bp-bgt-worldmap-v901 - huge map -TDD v1.14 - all kits used, any other kits in other mods are not used -Weimer-Valen-v45 -Weimer-TacticsMod-v25 without Improved Small Teeth Pass -Weimer-Underrep-v6 -Weimer-SolaufeinMod-v103 -Ascension-WeiDU-v1.4.24 -LongerRoad_v1.5.1 -Weimer-ItemUpgrade-v38 -bg2_tweaks-v10 Thats it so far. Problem is NOT ENOUGHT CONTENT. If anyone knows any other mod that can be added to the list above and its install order we would much aprreciate it. Please keep in mind 2 things before giving advice: 1. CONTENT (the more added the better) 2. STABILITY (whats the point of having content if u cant play with it) Thx every1 for sugestions.
  10. (Warning: a Captain Obvious post here). We all hear from time to time that someone's hard drive crashed, a backup was too old, and so on, and so forth. Since I'm paranoid, I decided to go and privately copy some of my files via cloud storage. Cloud storage doesn't function as a mirror for your mod(s), if you don't want it to(and I don't want mine to) - just a good and quick backup of your files for your convenience. There are several large ones available: Dropbox, Microsoft Skydrive, Google Cloud Storage(Google requires your billing info even if you're only using free 5gb, though, so I'd stay clear) and so on - they usually give you free 2-7 gb of space, which is more than enough for IE mods. If you are a modder(especially if you have a mod in progress, and especially if you have a small freelance website for your one or two mods and think it'll never fail - take a look at PPG's thread on modlist's dead links, if you don't believe me), I think it's a good backup option. And, yep, I'm paranoid.
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