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Found 6 results

  1. Version v16


    Oversight is a mod that seeks to address errors in the original game, such miscoded alignments, classes, and other issues, as well as adding new content such as Monk HLAs, a new paladin kit, and a tougher version of Sendai in Throne of Bhaal. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  2. Version v10


    Sword and Fist adds new options for those using warrior classes: Fighters, Monks and perhaps eventually Barbarians. This mod is designed to work with BG2 (with or without the expansion pack Throne of Bhaal), the Tutu or BGT conversion projects, or the Enhanced Editions of Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II, and Icewind Dale and the EET conversion. It was originally intended to form part of the Lands of Intrigue mod, but a decision was made to split the kits off into smaller mods (both for ease and so something would actually get released in a reasonable timeframe). Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  3. critto

    monk's APR

    Hi, everybody. I've spent a good part of the day trying to figure out how monk's APR progression works but was unsuccessful so far. I've checked out the mods that tweak the monk class but so far only understood how the fists' damage and enchantment progresses (hard-coded into exe in vanilla vs. proper 2da table in BG2EE). Could somebody please clarify the bit about the APR for me? Much appreciated, thank you. For instance, the Sword and Fist mod states that it changes the APR progression, but for the love of me I can't figure out how. Best regards, critto
  4. I've installed IWD2 on Linux using PlayOnLinux and a GOG game. I want to also install the IWD2 Ease of use mod on top of that so that my dex-based monk can take the Weapon Finesse Feat. See http://www.gog.com/forum/icewind_dale_series/dex_monk_weapon_finesse_feat I was told to install Weidu as a first step. I thought that it would offer options to install various mods so I followed this: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/29361-linux-and-weidu-mods/ Weidu installed but there was no dialogue to install other mods on top of it. What should I do next? I looked at http://weidu.org/iwd2.html#iwd2-ease, but the RAR file links to a directory called /old that can't be right?
  5. Having read the information available, I'd like to propose that the Item Usability change to make monks unable to wear Keldorn's armor (the Firecam Full-Plate Armor, NPPLAT) be removed from the fixpack. While I haven't experimented with what types of races, classes, and with what stats can wear this armor (nor delved into the game's source code), there is substantial reason to believe that this feature is working as intended. Specifically, the item description states "This suit was designed for Keldorn and few [emphasis mine] other than he can wear it." This suggests to me that the developers included the ability for monks to wear the armor on purpose. Ultimately, even if I am wrong, and this is completely a bug, it has become an Easter Egg for the game (whether accidental or intentional) that I enjoy, and I others probably do as well (see DSimpson's Gamefaq walkthrough). Nothing about being able to wear this armor will break your game, either difficulty-wise or preventing you from moving forward with a corrupted save file (at least, not that I know of). By TOB, a monk's natural AC will be lower, and monks get a weaker version of Free Action anyway, along with Magic Resist and good saves. In the meantime, I'll be locating this line in the fixpack and commenting it out. I don't have the "mission statement" if there is one for the fixpack, but in my mind, the fixes should make the game better/more enjoyable, and less likely to break down. I don't see how this makes the experience any better. Thanks for reading, and the great work on the projects. P.S.: Your documentation page is inaccessible in Chrome.
  6. Greetings all, It has always bugged me that the AD&D 2nd ed rules, and by extension, the IE, would not allow monks to use quarterstaves. I'm slowly learning how to mod using NearInfinity, but I've run into a brick wall trying to figure out how to allow monks to use quarterstaves in BG/BG2/ToB. Is this one of the dreaded 'sorry but that's hard coded into the .exe' situations, or is there some kind of work around? Hopefully I won't have to mess with a bunch of animations but, I'm willing to give it a whirl. Thanks in advance! P.S. I'm running the Big World Project 9.10 with the Sword and Fist monk remix mod enabled, if that makes any difference. Edit: a search of the forums for 'monk' was less than successful so I made a new thread; hopefully this specific question hasn't been answered a bajillion times already...
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