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Found 9 results

  1. The GemRB team is proud to announce a new release. It has been a while since our last release, but plenty of goodies have landed since. This release brings a slew of minor features and fixes, of which a select few are mentioned below. Of those that aren't, a last minute AttackReevaluate fix stands out, since that action is used all the time in AI scripts. Wait a minute, but where's the promised return of biography editing, you may exclaim. That branch is very much still alive and being worked on, with more than 1000 extra changes. The rewrite just spiralled out of control. Interested users can take a peek at the subviews branch. You can get the sources and packages from here. Full changelog digest: GemRB v0.8.5 (2017-11-26): New features: - SDL2 resolution-independent window scaling, environmental audio, IRIX compatibility - regeneration during sleep, time dilation - iwd2 ability stacking, iwd ZZ* weapon bonuses - portrait.2da handling, avatar shadows, dialogF.tlk handling Improved features: - infravision - better compatibility with bgt, 10pp, ia, kelsey, dr - sdl2 input, mouse scrolling, opengl driver - iwd2 cg&lu, item (un)usability, avatar sizes, permanent clabs - ambients, verbal constants, random walk, walk sounds - bugfixes Packagers note that a few CMake options have been tweaked and are now togglable as true CMake options.
  2. The GemRB team is proud to announce a new "minor" release. With a slight delay of several months, we bring you the first release where you can finish PST, the engine nightmare! To make it even sweeter, iwd2 levelup was implemented along with a score of related bits and pieces. Of course it also includes an assorted array of fixes and tweaks benefiting other games too. Currently the sources, linux, osx and android builds are available. You can get them from here. Binaries for both those platforms are now consistently available through a Travis build bot. Full changelog digest: GemRB v0.8.4 (2016-02-29): New features: - pst should be roughly completable - iwd2 level-up, concealment, hardcoded clabs, tracking - ToBEx simplified "concentration" option, spontaneous casting for everyone - bg1, iwd2, (pst) casting sounds Improved features: - iwd2 spells (shapes, songs, crossclass mixing, learning), action bar - lots of pst details and annoyances - stores, dialogs, scripts, iwd and pst effects - bugfixes Known regressions: biography editing still does not work
  3. The GemRB team is proud to announce a new sweet release. The text subsystem rewrite that was merged right after the previous release took a lot of effort to stabilize (some kinks remain), but is now mostly complete. As with most under-the-hood work, only dedicated users will spot a difference. More obvious is the support for parties larger than 6 in combination with the 10pp mod (to fix the data). The rest of our mods were also fully converted to WeiDU for simpler installation. On top of that, the usual hundreds of fixes and polishing that should make this one of our best releases yet! While Sourceforge deals with a hardware failure, here are some direct links: source, windows build TBA, android build They should all be availble from the usual place next week. Full changelog digest: GemRB v0.8.3 (2015-07-23): New features: - text system rewrite for better fidelity, performance and maintainability - 10 player party support (see the 10pp mod for the script part) - basic test suite for the text system - more tobex triggers and actions - smart cast-on-rest logic Improved features: - android build system script is now complete and rerunable - combat and spell immunities/bounces, contingencies/sequencers - iwd2 scripting and effects - bugfixes Release notes: Known regressions: biography editing does not work There is a new config option related to the 10pp mod: MaxPartySize=INT EXPERIMENTAL: Set this to 1-10 if you want more party members or enforce fewer. 6 by default. NOTE: You need to choose a big enough resolution, so there will be enough room for all the party portraits! Does nothing for PST and IWD2.
  4. The GemRB team is proud to announce a new (minor) release. It has been a while since the last release, but plenty of polishing and some new features have been added since (particularly for iwd2). A large refactoring of our text layouting and drawing code has been in the works for most of the year, but is not included in this release. We plan to merge it soon and fix any stragglers, then after intensive testing, do another release. But that's for another announcement! Currently the sources and some packages are available. You can get them from here. Windows binary: shortcut. Full changelog digest: GemRB v0.8.2 (2015-01-01): New features: - iwd2 spell learning - movie overrides (tob outro) - 3ed sneak attack, concentration/disruption - statistically fairer random number generator Improved features: - iwd2 chargen, clabs, combat, music - custom map notes and biographies now save properly - effects, tob ending, animation, actions, bg1 nights - bugfixes For everyone building GemRB on their own or for others, also note: The following build vars were renamed in the final few places: DATADIR -> DATA_DIR SYSCONFDIR -> SYSCONF_DIR PLUGINDIR -> PLUGIN_DIR If you use a custom build setup, adjust appropriately. CMake setups are not affected detrimentally.
  5. GemRB 0.8.1 released! The GemRB team is proud to announce a new release. Phew, it's been almost a year! This release brings several improvements to iwd2 and pst compatibility (thanks chiv!) and the usual assortment of fixes and small features all around the place. More notably, two experimental OpenGL renderers are now included thanks to Beholder. While they are not ready for prime time yet, they are already usable. Some extra changes need to happen first for them to offer a comparably lower resource footprint, but that work is already underway. Until then, the plugin will remain disabled by default on all platforms. Building GemRB from source is required for any brave souls that would like to try it. Currently only the sources are available. You can get them from here. The release notes are available there as well. Full changelog digest: GemRB v0.8.1 (2014-05-03): New features: - experimental OpenGL and OpenGL ES renderers - spontaneous casting (iwd2) and "cast healing spells on rest" - iwd2 spawns, saving throws - utf-8 converter for dialog.tlk to be able to use any (cjk) font Improved features: - spawngroups, autopause, bg2 demo compatibility - inventory, pst guiscripts, pst usability - animations, scripting, dialog, touch input, mac gui - bugfixes
  6. The GemRB team is proud to announce a new major release. It is a mix of new engine features, painstaking BG1 polishing, much improved IWD2/3ed support and hundreds of miscellaneus fixes. Almost a thousand revisions have been made since the previous release, so the following changelog does it no justice: GemRB v0.8.0: New features: - iwd2: Chapter 0+1 completable, full spellbook and ECL support - multibyte font support (chinese, korean, japanese) - favourite weapon/spell tracking, bg1 dreams - most gemrb overrides were moved and are now moddable via game override - initial bundled gemrb demo stubs Improved features: - random encounters and spawns (properly difficult) - iwd2 combat, stats, spells, skills, effects and actions - animations, speech, input - looting, worldmap, hotkeys (work everywhere), fatigue - bugfixes Gamewise, BG2 and IWD1 haven't received many changes, but for the first time IWD:ToTLM is playable to the end. IWD2 made the biggest strides and its Prologue can be played through with some minor caveats. BG1 got polished to make the whole TotSC a pleasant and complete(able) experience, something we thought we had already achieved. It turned out nobody tried Durlag's tower or told us of all its problems before. PST support had no major updates, but a playtesting attempt revealed most of the todos and that the plot can be followed far into the game. The last two things would not be possible without extensive, reactive and documented testing by "traveler" and "chiv" respectively, which is greatly appreciated. This allowed the thralls to focus on actually fixing those problems and cursing at the idiosyncracies of the original implementations. While PST hasn't seen many changes, we now have a detailed list of gameplay issues to work on and test with. Interestingly, IWD2 support turned out to be much more complete than we had anticipated, so the doors are wide open to making it as nicely supported as BG2 in a release or three! We've also started a small dataset that is bundled with GemRB, a sort of demo. On that note, we're looking for help in any available form! To make collaboration even easier, we moved our GIT code hosting to Github. Existing users of git gemrb don't need to restart the download, but just run git remote set-url origin git://github.com/gemrb/gemrb.git first and then continue updating as usual. Exciting times! Currently only the sources and some packages are available. You can get them from here (project page link!). Including a new Android build thanks to psch. Release notes: GemRBOverridePath was split, so it now contains only the few real gemrb overrides. A new preset path variable has been introduced to hold the remaining files, called GemRBUnhardcodedPath. It is searched after the game paths, so its can be easily modified by being placed in the game's override folder. New optional dependency on iconv for chinese, korean and japanese translations of the game (we need to convert their dialog.tlk). Oh, just one more thing. Many of the goodies in this release would not be possible without our newest mage "fizzle", so give him some praise.
  7. The GemRB team is proud to announce a new (minor) release. The biggest novelty is a cleanup of the ingame configuration system and the ability to save the configuration back to the disk. It is written to the GameDir or if that is unwritable, to the SavePath as gem-baldur.ini (or equivalent in other games). All subsequent reading and writing will be done with that file, so changing the original will have no effect on GemRB thereafter. In case you want just a quick peek at the debug console, it can now be redirected to the ingame message window — open the console and type debug(LOG_DEBUG) or debug(5) to keep it short. As far as we know, Trials of the Luremaster can now also be played until the end. We're looking for brave warriors to test this claim. The sources and some packages are available. You can get them from here. Full changelog digest: GemRB v0.7.2 (2012-11-20): New features: - configuration changes are now saved to gem-baldur.ini (or equivalent) - GemRB now asks for confirmation when exiting - output can now be shown in the ingame message window (run debug(5)) - ToBEx flags for effect damage: bypass mirror image, ignore difficulty - SDL2 software keyboard Improved features: - custom dialog.tlk encoding support - fonts, effect icons, initials, chapter text - option windows - actions, triggers, effects, invisibility handling - assorted bugfixes Release notes for any technomagi (always found alongside the tarball): Thanks to all the contributors and testers!
  8. The GemRB team is proud to announce a new (minor) release. It has been a good half year since the last release, but we were not slacking off... the whole time. While the android SDL2 situation is still unfavourable, the engine continues to mature. This time much of the effort was spent in adding missing iwd2 functionality like feats and subtle rule differences. Besides the usual cohort of bugfixes, this release also brings automatic logging to a GemRB.log file (under GamePath, CachePath, /tmp or none in that order) and a VLC plugin for the few unlucky players with game video in non-MVE/BIK format. Currently only the sources are available. You can get them from here. ETA for binary builds is unknown. If anyone can provide them, they are more than welcome! Full changelog digest: GemRB V0.7.1 (2012-07-15): New features: - almost all iwd2 feats - encumbrance penalties in movement - configurable xp/damage adjustments per difficulty level - support for logging to file directly - iwd2 armor penalty and critical hit multiplier - beginnings of iwd2 spellbook support - vlc plugin for extra video formats Improved features: - (iwd2) effects, actions, combat, action bar, infravision - sdl renderer and an initial sdl2 port - config loading, logging - cocoa wrapper and mac build, cursor handling, touch input - bugfixes
  9. The GemRB team is proud to announce a new release. After many years of wading through hordes of bugs and Myconids, we can finally say that the Baldur's Gate saga is playable from start to end in GemRB! We now support custom (vector) fonts, which can make dialogs much more easy to read on very small/big displays and has great i18n potential. There have also been other mobile device oriented improvements and the usual huge array of hard-to-categorize new minifeatures and bugfixes. You can get it from here. Full changelog digest: GemRB V0.7.0 (2011-12-30): New features: - one can play through the whole Baldur's Gate saga - custom TTF fonts support - arbitrarily sortable casting list - ios configuration interface, xcode project - more pst spawn ini flags, individual critical hit animations Improved features: - resting, comment timing, actions - drop caps, keybindings, sdl 1.3 input - bugfixes, cleanups
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