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Found 1 result

  1. so, fortunately, setting up gemrb with bg1 was pretty easy for me on the nexus 7. i used the google play version here: https://play.google....urceforge.gemrb so far, this seems to be the only version ( that works for me. i tried more updated versions, but they all just seemed to crash back to the home screen. also, the instructions here: http://forums.gibber...ndpost&p=195056 were immensely helpful for getting widescreen working, in resolutions larger than 640x480. i followed steps 1-5 in the above link, and admitted the ones after that (5,6) and i haven't gotten to the hardware mapping yet. if you're trying to get this working on your nexus 7, make sure everything works with a resolution of 640x480 set in your gemrb.cfg first. then follow the instructions in the above link. fyi: the nexus 7 has a screen resolution of 1280 x 800. it's important to note that gemrb will close back to the home screen unless you specify in your gemrb.cfg a resolution that is LESS than 800 pixels tall. the reason for this (as far as i can figure) is that the navigation bar on the nexus 7 is 64px tall, so you have to account for this (subtracting it from the total resolution), otherwise gemrb thinks the resolution is set too high and won't start. sooooo... instead of setting your resolution in the gemrb.cfg to 1280x800, you have to set it to 1280x736 in order for it to work. it seems that setting a resolution any less will break the layout and any more will make the game not start. that being said, it seems that everything is working perfectly at the moment, with the exception of one small issue: it seems that the dialog is taking up less than half the dialog area, instead of taking up the whole area. this is workable for now, but id surely appreciate it if anyone had any ideas as to how i could fix this. thanks!
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