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  1. I wasn't sure about presenting this as a "bug", because it doesn't seem to be about anything being wrong about EE Fixpack. There's a couple of issues I find when installing aTweaks on top of it. One that I can reliably reproduce, the other not so much. When I try to install the PnP Fey creatures, I always get this error: ERROR: parsing [tb#_compile_eval_buffer/atweaks/baf/fey/rr#snymp.baf]: Failure("Int32.of_string") ERROR: error compiling [tb#_compile_eval_buffer/atweaks/baf/fey/rr#snymp.baf]: Failure("Int32.of_string") ERROR: compiling [atweaks/baf/fey/rr#snymp.baf]! Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. ERROR Installing [PnP Fey creatures], rolling back to previous state Will uninstall 75 files for [ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2] component 185. Uninstalled 75 files for [ATWEAKS/SETUP-ATWEAKS.TP2] component 185. ERROR: Failure("Int32.of_string") PLEASE report the error message in the file SETUP-ATWEAKS.DEBUG to Wisp, shsforums.net Using Language [English] Without EEFP, it installs perfectly. The one I can't reproduce is related to Revised Fiend Summoning. It seems to work fine when it's only aTweaks and EE Fixpack alone, but it comes up when I introduce EEFP into a larger installation. I can't prove there's any relation, so I don't expect you can do much with it (then again, considering the current state of aTweaks, maybe it's not the best thing to install it in a 2.6 game?), but I'll leave it here just in case it helps in some way. //Installing [Revised Fiend Summoning] [v4.53] //loading 1 tra file //loading 1 tra file //Copying 1 file ... //Copying and patching 1 file ... //ERROR: [demnabsu.cre] -> [override/demnabsu.cre] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("Unknown function: make_nabassu")) //Stopping installation because of error. //Stopping installation because of error. //ERROR Installing [Revised Fiend Summoning], rolling back to previous state //Will uninstall 1 files for [atweaks\setup-atweaks.tp2] component 154. //Uninstalled 1 files for [atweaks\setup-atweaks.tp2] component 154. //ERROR: Failure("Unknown function: make_nabassu") //PLEASE report the error message in the file Setup-atweaks.debug to Wisp, shsforums.net //Automatically Skipping [Revised Fiend Summoning] because of error. //Using Language [English] //weidu_external/lang/english/ubsetup.tra file not found. Skipping... //NOT INSTALLED DUE TO ERRORS Revised Fiend Summoning
  2. From a Github pull request, citing an earlier GH discussion: Stinking Cloud provides a +2 save bonus to its effects. In oBG2 this was undocumented, but the EEs changed the description assuming it was intentional. We have made some similar changes--the IWDEE changes to Thrym Extract and the War Hammer +4: Defender and their associated strings--so I'll put it out here for discussion.
  3. The BioWare romances are scripted so that the actual trigering of the lovetalks can be interrupted by player commands. I'd suggest wrapping the triggering into SetInterrupt() to make it more stable. I can look up more details if you think this is a fix worth integrating, for the Viconia romance I wrote more here: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/1191786/#Comment_1191786
  4. After you restore Larrel's Astrolabe at the Severed Hand, Larrel sends you along to Dorn's Deep. You start in the myconid cavern and can adventure around for a bit, and eventually you'll reach the frozen aquarium. At this point you're supposed to deal with the frost salamanders in the aquarium, fix the bridge to the southwest, and venture into the caves where Joril and his fellow frost giants live. The problem is that, from the aquarium exterior, you can move directly to this area (ar7000): You can go directly into Lower Dorn's Deep, skipping the frost giant cave (and the aquarium) outright. Now, this doesn't break anything--you can complete LDD, the frost giant cave, and the aquarium in any order and still proceed to the endgame. The problem is that as soon as you enter LDD you get the new chapter screen, where the very first line of the chapter narration is "Leaving the horrors of the frost giant caves behind them..." even though the party could have skipped them. So, suggestions? We can do nothing (always an option) or put up some barrier to prevent the party from using the LDD entrance until they have Joril's badge, or something else you want to suggest. Personally I advocate for a barrier: disable the transition and overlay an info trigger with text along the lines of "A mysterious force bars the way and you ca go no further at this time." (feel free to suggest better text, if you prefer this option).
  5. I'm not sure if this has been covered yet, but Hardiness is effected by Breach. Looking at Hardiness and the Breach spell, Hardiness should not be removed from a Breach; however, the secondary type on Hardiness is COMBATPROTECTIONS - 7 which does cause it to be removed by Breach. My recommendation is to change this to NONE - 0 instead.
  6. This is a subtle one (which I picked up from polytope here). In oBG2, planetars have regeneration (4hp per second base, possibly increased because they're hasted, though I'm never sure how that works), but it's nonfunctional because of a well-known problem with regeneration timing. Beamdog fixed it in the EE *but* I think that was a mistake - the playtesting of ToB will have been with non-regenerating planetars, and planetars are already pretty powerful without regeneration. (I had a pretty similar issue with Ascension and decided not to restore regenerating enemies on the grounds that playtesting had assumed no regeneration.) However, by the developer-intent metric we're using, I don't see how it can be a bug: someone from Bioware obviously intended planetars to regenerate, and even if we suppose that it wasn't the overall intent of Bioware to add regeneration, it was clearly Beamdog's intent. So I think this counts as a bad design decision but not a bug.
  7. The large and medium wyvern animations do not have shadows, while the small and tiny wyvern animations do, which seems like an oversight. I have attempted to generate some. While they're not perfect, I'm of the opinion they are significantly better than none at all. Two variants each are attached for the large and medium wyvern. Take your pick of which you prefer. If any true artist wants to tweak then, I can provide the component parts or help facilitate converting images into BAMs. MWYV_Shadow_Sizes.zip Edit: However, due to this engine quirk, the large wyvern animation will not display a shadow in game even when one is added. I have yet to test if adding "extend_direction_test=8" to the INI file is enough, or whether an engine edit is necessary. Edit2: It appears an engine edit is needed. Vampire animations in the Baldur's Gate games have shadows. While the developers clearly made them this way, it isn't D&D cannon. I have made versions of the male vampire, female vampire, and Bodhi animations without shadows, cleaning up many bad shadow pixels in the process. This may be more of a tweak than a fix, but here they are: VampireNoShadow.rar
  8. I'm not sure if this is something to fix, but I bring this up for discussion. SoD split shambling mounds off from (earth) elementals into their own race but it only uses this new race value for that campaign only. Which affects Ranger favoured enemies. Loosely related: the Black Pits' version use the earth elemental artwork.
  9. Hi, While working on synchronism of French texts between BG:EE & BG2:EE, Lefreut and I noticed a lot of inconsistencies about the English texts between BG:EE and BG2:EE (and IWD:EE). I'm talking about the "shared" texts, the one supposed to be exactly the same, for example: spells, items, user interface, etc. Sometimes it's just a few comma and stuff, but sometimes it is more "crucial". And there is hundreds (if not thousands?) of occurrences. Here are just a few examples: These spells, items, etc. are supposed to act the same with the shared engine, right? I know it is not game breaking, but beside the obvious inconvenience, it makes any attempt to automate synchronization of translations way harder. So, do you think anything could be done to harmonize it, other than manually proofread it all? If not, which game is the more correct, the most proofread? The one to blindly follow? To me, from my experience, BG2:EE English texts seems to be the most proofreaded one, but I might be wrong.
  10. Certain spells and special abilities icons don't match grapically with other icons. Below I had attached screenshots with old (first screenshot) and revamped spells/abilities icons (second screenshot) alongside with a random icons to better see the difference. ______________________________ _______________________________ ________________________________ _________________________________ (Ether Gate is offensive spell, thus it should has a red colour.) _______________________________________ _______________________________________ ________________________________________ _______________________________________ new(left) old(right) _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ (the new icon of Symbol: Death was extracted from bg2ee v1.3) v2.zip
  11. Greetings, One of the big things I do with my ai scripts is create many different spell states to improve overall spell tracking. If there is an interest, I'm happy to include these in the EE Fixpack for vanilla spells so other modders can take advantage of better spell tracking. This can help with making better enemy ai or if someone wants to make their own custom ai scripts.
  12. Opcode 39 is seriously overloaded. It gets used for lots of conceptually different purposes: sleep, unconsciousness, being knocked down, and more. This means that flat immunity to opcode 39 is often overkill. This is an attempt to disentangle things (so far, only for BG2EE). (Wall of text warning!) Spells/Items that apply 39 Here's a breakdown, based on research in BG2EE: 1) Effects that are clearly labelled as 'sleep'. Examples: the Sleep spell, the (Greater) Command spell, the Wand of Sleep, the Sleep cloud created by the Wand of Air. 2) Effects that are clearly labeled as causing unconsciousness. Examples: pseudodragon claw attacks, Color Spray, Sphere of Chaos. 3) Effects that inflict a short (sub-1-round) 39 to simulate being knocked down or knocked back (actually the most common use of 39). Examples: Wing Buffet, the Staff of the Ram, the Dragon Breath spell. 4) Effects that are used in scripts (cutscenes or other) to disable the party or creatures. Examples: SURE_SLEEP, the effects that knock out trolls. 5) Miscellaneous effects that render the target unable to act. The main ones: - Stinking Cloud effects (victims are 'sent reeling and fall down') - Emotion: Hopelessness (victims 'lie down where they stand') 6) Miscellaneous effects that stop the target from moving. The main ones: - Ixil's Spike (target is 'pinned to the ground') - Earthquake (targets 'fall to the ground') 7) Effects that I think shouldn't be using 39 at all, specifically: - SPIN775 (the version of Psionic Blast used by Gith), which I think has no good reason not to use the Stun opcode like other Psionic Blasts - Bigby spells, which (as I discussed elsewhere) I think ought to be using 186. Creatures that get immunity to 39 This is pretty widespread. We can break it into three categories: 1) Creatures that are also immune to 235 (wing buffet). 2) Creatures affected by Wing Buffet, but otherwise with widespread immunities and minimum hp. (The point here is that normally these creatures are protected because they have scripted actions to perform when below a certain hit point level, so they need never to have their scripts disabled. A few seconds is tolerable, but not multiple rounds). 3) Other creatures (e.g., undead, slimes, constructs). Spells or player-usable items that grant immunity to 39 There are surprisingly few of these. Here's a breakdown: 1) Rage powers. These are described in in-game text as making the user 'immune to charm, confusion, fear, feeblemind, hold, imprisonment, level drain, maze, stun, and sleep' (or permutations thereof). 2) The Chaotic Commands spell. In-game text describes this spell as making recipients 'immune to magical commands. Suggestion, Charm, Domination, Command, Sleep, Maze, and Confusion are all spells that fit into this category.' 3) The Greenstone Amulet. In-game text says that the amulet, when activated, 'protects the wearer from all forms of mind attacks'. 4) Exaltation (the Tyr kit special power; also an IWD spell), which 'removes the effects of fear, sleep, feeblemind, unconsciousness, and intoxication, as well as berserk and confused states of mind. In addition, the recipient is protected against spells and other attacks that cause these effects for 1 turn.' In IWD there is also Impervious Sanctity of Mind, which 'steels the caster's mind against any outside influence. Charm, confusion, fear, feeblemindedness, hold, sleep, maze, berserk, and intoxication will not affect the caster as long as this spell is in effect.' Main proposal My suggestions: 1) Basically nothing should be immune to short-duration knockdown unless specifically immunized against it, i.e. 39 immunity shouldn't in any way imply knockdown immunity. That's partly on conceptual grounds (few if any of the reasons for immunity to sleep, e.g. being undead or affected by Chaotic Commands, apply to knockdown), partly on technical grounds (the knockdown sleep is often to disable a creature during wing buffet, and creatures look silly flying backwards while casting or otherwise acting). Boss creatures can cope with a couple of seconds' delay in their script firing if they happen to be knocked back at the point at which they get reduced to 0 hp. 2) Boss creatures should otherwise be immune to all 39 effects, for the usual reasons. 3) Other creatures with 39 immunity should not be immune to immobilizing effects like Earthquake and Ixil's Spike, but should be immune to both unconsciousness and sleep effects. (There is very little avaiable in-game evidence to separate these for creature immunities and doing so involves a lot more design work than I'm comfortable with in a fixpack.) 4) Player spells and abilities should only protect against 39 effects that are actually called out. So Chaotic commands and rage should protect against sleep, but not other types of unconsciousness; exaltation should protect against unconsciousness, but not against being knocked down by Earthquake. 5) The immobilizing effects of Earthquake and Ixil's spike should be blocked by Free Action, since the Free Action description pretty clearly seems to apply to them. Implementing this would require 3 spellstates: SLEEP_IMMUNITY, UNCONSCIOUS_IMMUNITY, IMMOBILIZE_IMMUNITY. Special cases I think we should treat Hopelessness as a Sleep effect. That's basically pragmatic: if you look at the effects that protect against sleep, they fairly clearly should protect against Hopelessness (it's in the general category of things that Rage ought to protect against; it's a magical command). Similarly, I think Stinking Cloud should be an unconsciousness effect. It's not a mind-affecting result, so it shouldn't be blocked by Chaotic Commands; it's not sleep, so it isn't covered by the in-game description for Rage. (There is a case for putting it in its own category - the spell description doesn't mention unconsciousness - but that gets profligate with spellstates.) Effects for mods - mod-added items/spells that give sleep immunity will grant it too broadly - but then, that's true already - mod-added items/spells that cause sleep will affect some creatures that shouldn't be affected. That's not ideal but I think is a price worth paying for fixing a lot of bugs. I have partially-coded proof-of-concept versions of this which I'll upload in due course (without prejudice as to whether we go this way or another).
  13. These spells lack the 'hostile' flag: Melf's Acid Arrow Skull Trap Is there a reason?
  14. BG1EE & BG2EE 2.6 The second level cleric spell chant has light purple colour instead of white: I have extracted the *.bam file of chant spell from bgee 1.3 and attached the file to download. It has proper white colour: SPPR203C.BAM
  15. A whole mess of stuff fixed in the IWD spell converter used by IWDification and SCS.
  16. Start a new game (bg2ee) and create the amulet of cheetah speed (C:CreateItem("amul26",1) Current behaviour: The game display small icon when it is picked up , and large when the item is put away. Expected behaviour: The game should display large item icon. Sam. explained me that weird engine beaviour: "(...)the small icons (when they exist) are completely ignored by the engine. The frame offsets are also completely ignored by the engine, and are instead calculated on the fly based on the width/height of the frame. The large icons that are surrounded in rows and columns of transparent pixels get shrunk down by the engine based solely on their width/height to fit into the smaller inventory slots"
  17. The PVRz format for area animations and doors has resulted in graphical glitches (usually described as seams or black lines between the tiles). Some have been reported and fixed, but I doubt all of them have. Here is an example of one such report. Is there a list of any such issues that remain in the current builds? I can describe how I have gone about fixing it for mods, but the process is currently a bit tedious. More to the point, is this something EEFP is interested in addressing?
  18. IWDEE has a few reproducible bugs with biographies. These happen on the party creation screen or during import. I don't know the proper ways to fix these (I do have a fix for one of the bugs below). I'm just posting what I've observed for reference. There might be other issues or maybe fixes already exist for these that I don't know about. This is for both v2.5 and v2.6. Background info: As you probably know, when you export a character, you get a .chr and a .bio file in the characters folder. The BIO file is just a text file with a different extension and has the biography text. The CHR is a CRE file with an additional header. Note that the CHR file also has an offset for a biography, but by default it's set to an invalid string number -> 15728908 (it reads "Thief", despite not being in dialog.tlk). So when you import a character with a BIO file, the biography will be the text in the BIO file. When you import a character without a BIO file, the biography will be the text written into the biography offset in the CHR. This is how it's supposed to work, presumably. BUG This is assuming all characters have a BIO file. If you import a single character in the party, it will have the text from the BIO file. If you then import a 2nd character, the 2nd character will have the text from their BIO file. The first character's biography is changed to the BG2 biography. If you import a 3rd character, the 3rd character has the text from their BIO file. The previous characters all have the BG2 biography. It continues like this. If you import 6 characters, only the 6th character will have the correct biography. Method to fix: - I have a fix for this in the Premade Party Adder mod, but it's a bit messy so I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for the EE fixpack, or especially for an official fix. - What I do is I copy the text from the BIO file, write it directly into the CHR file at the biography offset, then delete the BIO file from the characters folder. The bug mentioned above doesn't happen if the character doesn't have a BIO file in the folder. So when you import 6 characters, all 6 will have the correct biographies (i.e. the text in the bio offsets). There are a couple other reproducible bugs, even if using my fix. I don't know fixes for these ones: 1. If you view the biography of Player1 (first character in order), then import more characters, then start the game, Player1 will have the BG2 biography. 2. If you view the biographies of any character other than Player1, then start the game, Player1 will have the same biography as the last character viewed. These are both avoidable simply by not opening the biography screens while on the party creation screen. The character Record screens are fine. Once you're in the game, you can view any screens without issues. Black Pits 1/2 This isn't really a bug, but I'm just noting that importing or creating a new character for Black Pits will always give characters the BG story-related biographies. This seems to be intentional, as the BIO file and the biography offset in the CHR don't seem to do anything in the BGEE games. Of course, you can edit the bio right away in the game if you want, but seems like it would be better if the characters were given a more generic biography by default. Beamdog actually wrote one already, the biography for the premade characters in Black Pits 2. I don't see a game design reason for created/imported characters in Black Pits to be using the story biography, especially when a generic one already exists. I'll also mention that premade parties can have custom biographies if written into the CRE file (the premade parties use CRE format, not CHR). It's only importing or creating new characters that will always give the story biographies. With the Premade Party Adder mod, for example, custom premade parties will get custom biographies, while importing CHRs of the same characters will give the BG story biographies, even if a custom bio is written directly into the CHR file.
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