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  1. CODE /* ToB Plot Talk 1: Saradush */ IF ~Global("c-aransaradsush","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN BEGIN c_saradush_is_a_mess SAY ~[ARAN] That were an ugly sight, for sure. Th' whole city sacked. Enough to give anyone a right nasty set o' dreams.~ ++ ~[PC] I couldn't close my eyes at all. I kept seeing the city of Saradush... burning.~ + c_sard_ar1 ++ ~[PC] I slept well enough, though I do have sympathy for those hurt because of my kind.~ + c_sard_ar3 ++ ~[PC] What? Did I miss something? I slept like the dead.~ + c_sard_ar4 + ~Global("c-aranrom"GLOBAL",2)~ + ~[PC] I had you as a distraction. I slept well enough.~ + c_sard_ar7 ++ ~[PC] I have seen worse. Sardush is not the first time I have experienced full-scale slaughter of innocents.~ + c_sard_ar8 ++ ~[PC] I... I do not want to talk about it.~ + c_sard_ar9 END IF ~~ c_sard_ar1 SAY ~[ARAN] I feel th' same. I worried a mite bit that you would feel distant. I went through that, for a time. It... well, it didn't turn out to be th' best way to handle things.~ IF ~~ THEN GOTO c_sard_ar2 END IF ~~ c_sard_ar2 SAY ~[ARAN] <CHARNAME>, you have a depth to you what makes th' difference between those what rise to power at every cost an' those who pick an' choose th' costs. That marks you as different from most wi' th' kind o' power you wield.~ ++ ~[PC] I am not sure you are correct, but I share your concern. I will see to it that this kind of thing cannot happen again.~ + c_sard_ar6 ++ ~[PC] I don't choose. War is like any other large force, like wind, or lightning. We can seek to control part of it, but unless we are gods, we can only change a very small portion. We only have so much power to change things.~ + c_sard_ar4 ++ ~[PC] I know, and I am tired of the choices others are making. I will be noticed. I will be a power to be reckoned with.~ + c_sard_ar4 ++ ~[PC] I am sick of having so much power, but no way to change things for the better. I don't think I can handle this.~ + c_sard_ar12 ++ ~[PC] I don't want to talk about this.~ + c_sard_ar9 END IF ~~ c_sard_ar3 SAY ~[ARAN] Those o' your... blighted hells, <PRO_MANWOMAN>, what exactly be "your kind"? I be hopin' you haven't lost your senses. We done already seen that 'Bhaalspawn' be varied just like any other race - if you can call it such.~ IF ~~ THEN GOTO c_sard_ar2 END IF ~~ c_sard_ar4 SAY ~[ARAN] War an' power go hand in hand, true enough. Th' expense o' the fallen in Saradush - if you look at th' pain an' sufferin', it be wrong. If you look at th' waste o' useful lives, even potential slaves, it be wrong. If you look at th' loss o' goods an' services, it be wrong. Hells, even if you be a soul-eatin' demonic Drow-child, this be just plain useless to anyone's plans.~ = ~[ARAN] There be only two ways this makes sense; one, someone tryin' to create a legion o' undead, or two, someone who revels in chaos an' sufferin'.~ ++ ~[PC] Either way, the chaos will to be my advantage. I will use this as an excuse to eradicate every power which refuses to follow my wishes.~ + c_sard_ar5 ++ ~[PC] It does not matter. I will make sure things like this never happen again.~ + c_sard_ar4 ++ ~[PC] War and power may go hand in hand, but love can bind those hands and still them.~ + c_sard_ar10 ++ ~[PC] You are forgetting the true cost. This means all of the Prophecies are coming true. There will be no refuge or allies for us, anywhere. We will be hunted like animals.~ + c_sard_ar11 ++ ~[PC] Pain. Suffering. Waste. These are just symptoms. Someone has to wipe out war itself.~ + c_sard_ar6 ++ ~[PC] I look at things like this, and I just want to turn back time. I want to go back to Candlekeep, and hide somewhere in the stacks, locked away, protected from all this madness and death.~ + c_sard_ar16 END IF ~~ c_sard_ar7 SAY ~[ARAN] Distraction may be nice, but a thing like this will scar any man or woman what sees it.~ ++ ~[PC] I keep seeing the city of Saradush... burning. It is not a pleasant sight.~ + c_sard_ar1 ++ ~[PC] I slept well enough, though I do have sympathy for those hurt because of my kind.~ + c_sard_ar3 ++ ~[PC] I have seen worse. Sardush is not the first time I have experienced full-scale slaughter of innocents.~ + c_sard_ar8 ++ ~[PC] I... I do not want to talk about it.~ + c_sard_ar9 END IF ~~ c_sard_ar8 SAY ~[ARAN] Me niether. But I never got so callous as not to feel anythin'. Th' waste, th' ugliness...~ ++ ~[PC] It is beautiful, isn't it? The raw power, loosed untamed and unfettered, drenching everything in blood and meaningless death...~ + c_sard_ar5 ++ ~[PC] It is sickening.~ + c_sard_ar1 ++ ~[PC] I want revenge. I want the... things. The things that did this. I want them to suffer.~ + c_sard_ar1 ++ ~[PC] None of this is our concern. We did the best we could to save the city.~ + c_sard_ar2 END IF ~~ c_sard_ar9 SAY ~[ARAN] No bein' in their right mind does. But you will sleep better if you do.~ ++ ~[PC] What is there to say? The weak get killed by the strong. War has a power of its own. There is nothing I can do about it.~ + c_sard_ar4 ++ ~[PC] It is my fault. I should have split the party, leaving behind someone to help.~ + c_sard_ar14 ++ ~[PC] I said I don't want to talk about it. Be quiet, or I will make sure you can't speak for a whole day.~ + c_sard_ar11 ++ ~[PC] You have been in war. What do you do with the feelings of guilt?~ + c_sard_ar13 ++ ~[PC] I sleep just fine, thank you. I understand that some things are beyond my power to control.~ + c_sard_ar4 ++ ~[PC] If I ever get a chance, I am going to put a stop to all this bloodshed.~ + c_sard_ar10 END IF ~~ c_sard_ar5 SAY ~[ARAN] <CHARNAME>, I think this be not th' first time I have mentioned that you scare th' livin' crap out o' me.~ IF ~~ THEN EXIT END IF ~~ c_sard_ar6 SAY ~[ARAN] Impossible. Unless you eradicate every creature on this plane o' existence, an' mayhap beyond, you won't stop somethin' as ugly, wasteful, an' horrible from happenin' again, even if you were Ao incarnate. But I sure as Helm's Ever-Seein' Eyes will back you tryin' to make sure it don't happen very often.~ IF ~~ THEN EXIT END IF ~~ c_sard_ar10 SAY ~[ARAN] That be a nice sentiment. I don't think it be practical, but then again, if you say it... mayhap it will come true.~ IF ~~ THEN EXIT END IF ~~ c_sard_ar11 SAY ~[ARAN] Now, that be an awful thought.~ IF ~~ THEN EXIT END IF ~~ c_sard_ar12 SAY ~[ARAN] No sane one o' us could. But you have a right bit o' depth to you, <CHARNAME>. You can handle this, an' more. Just remember, right or wrong, good or bad, I'd rather have you makin' th' choices rather than th' bastards what would slaughter everyone for no reason at all. I have faith. You will prevail.~ IF ~~ THEN EXIT END IF ~~ c_sard_ar13 SAY ~[ARAN] Before I met you, I tried to forget. I drank, I caroused, I swore, I did anythin' what made me feel like I had some control over a small portion o' my life.~ = ~[ARAN] Now that I have met you, I put those feelin's into a task, an' an idea. Basically, you be th' reason I can deal wi' everythin'. For right or wrong, when I be at your side, I have a place an' a purpose. That be enough for me.~ IF ~~ THEN EXIT END IF ~~ c_sard_ar14 SAY ~[ARAN] Th' end result would have been worse. One o' us tryin' to take on an entire army might have delayed things an hour or so. But even th' avatar of a god can be taken down when th' odds are thousands to one.~ ++ ~[PC] Does saying that make you feel better?~ + c_sard_ar15 ++ ~[PC] I guess you are right. I just keep feeling that this is so wrong, so utterly wrong. I can't get it out of my mind.~ + c_sard_ar12 END IF ~~ c_sard_ar15 SAY ~[ARAN] No. But it be a good thing to remind any o' us mere mortals that we are not th' center o' everythin'. An' we can look at this an' let it fuel our revenge, on account o' th' perpetrators o' this atrocity needs be hunted down an' slain like th' beasts they be.~ IF ~~ THEN EXIT END IF ~~ c_sard_ar16 SAY ~[ARAN] That be a nice sentiment. I don't think it be practical, but then again, sometimes I make myself a little space in my head an' go there, all by myself, just to remember what I be fightin' for. Just... just don't be stayin' there too long, eh?~ = ~[ARAN] Th' problem wi' hidin' away in your head is that your head be attached to th' mortal world. An' hidin' for a little mayhap gives some respite, but it does naught for actually changin' things or protectin' us from bein' th' next target o' this bloodshed.~ IF ~~ THEN EXIT END
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