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Found 19 results

  1. How do people organize their custom soundsets? Do you come up with categories and re-organize things that way. Do you just dump everything in the folder and leave it as it lays? Do you append your custom portraits and soundsets to the naming schemes used by the base game? I'm especially interested in hearing what people who have extensive collections of soundsets and portraits have done. If you have a custom sorting system, then please feel free to share.
  2. Hi all, I've been copying a set of portraits to my override folder for years to replace companion (and some major NPC) portraits and make them consistent across all games and mods. My set is: High res & properly sized (for EE). Lore accurate (mostly from Enkida's Portrait Pack). Left facing - so everyone looks at the game window! Complete for all canon companions in BGEE, SoD (untested) and BG2EE. Complete for mod NPCs that also appear as non-companions in the vanilla games. Includes alternate portraits for specific quests (Edwina, pink Xan, Boo-less Minsc etc.) Has a few major NPCs (Bhaalspawn etc.) from Enkida/PPE/others. Happy to share if anyone wants it. I started a list of artist credits, but it needs work, so I won't share publicly. Now that I'm venturing into EET, it occurs to me that I don't know how EET handles portrait (and avatar) consistency. I see components in EET Tweaks for those companions that have multiple portraits but am unsure how they work. For Imoen in particular, I prefer to have her portrait change with each game (and would love to do the same for other NPCs, showing them age, gain scars etc. if anyone has editing skills) but I worry that the consistency mods essentially just select one portrait and have no idea how EET deals with BGEE/SoD to BG2EE changes. Questions: Can I still just dump all my files in override and have EET use them? Do those consistency tweaks force all versions of an NPC to use one portrait? Which one? Do I need to rename anything to have EET recognise it? Does EET deal with BG1 NPC cameos in BG2 somehow? Finally, I'd love to contribute to a lore consistent portrait and avatar mod for EET and EE. At the moment I only have ideas and assets, no real modding experience/knowledge. Maybe this should be part of EET or EET Tweaks?). Thanks for reading.
  3. Version v3


    This mod provides alternate portraits for the Baldur's Gate NPCs. It supports the two conversion projects, Tutu and Baldur's Gate Trilogy, as well. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  4. Version v7


    This mod offers alternative portraits for each of the Baldur's Gate NPCs, Baldur's Gate II NPCs, and a selection of mod NPCs. These portraits can also be used by the PC. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  5. Version v4


    This WeiDU mod provides alternate portraits for the female BioWare NPCs in BG2: Aerie, Imoen, Jaheira, Mazzy, Nalia and Viconia. You also get an alternate Valen portrait for Wes Weimer's Valen mod. All of these portraits are optional. These portraits are copyright © Atomic Incorporated, 2004. You can also find more at www.sporeboy.com. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  6. Version v3


    This WeiDU mod provides a wide variety of ethnic portraits for the Baldur's Gate II protagonist and also alternative portraits for 13 of the joinable NPCs. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  7. Version v3


    This collection of portraits for the player (not NPCs) is a collection of Plasmocat's favorites, many of which were commissioned for various mods and others which are just portraits she wanted to make from the photos of models she thought were interesting. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  8. Version v3


    This WeiDU mod alters the portraits of BG NPCs to be more like the portraits in BG2. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  9. Version v2


    These portraits were done by NiGHTMARE. They provide a series of alternative portraits for many of the BioWare NPCs. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  10. Version v4


    A series of portraits for the Baldur's Gate II NPCs by JPS packaged with WeiDU. The portrait pack includes two alternate Jaheira portraits and one for Aerie, Imoen, Nalia and Viconia. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  11. Version v2


    Hannah's portrait pack adds six new BG2-style sets of portraits to the game (five female, one male). These are original artwork, not based on any existing or in-game art. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  12. Version v6


    This WeiDU mod will replace all Imoen's portrait and avatar with a new version that has long blonde hair. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  13. Version v4


    This mod offers alternative portraits for each of the Baldur's Gate II NPCs. These portraits can also be used by the PC. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  14. Version v5


    This mod offers alternative portraits for each of the Baldur's Gate NPCs. These portraits can also be used by the PC. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  15. If you're like me, you've often seen fantasy art and thought to yourself, "That would make a really neat Baldur's Gate portrait." However, the time it takes to get the image, scale it properly into three different files, etc., prevents you from doing much of that unless you plan to use the portrait yourself. Now, that is no longer a problem! Now the world can be flooded with every possible Baldur's Gate (Enhanced Edition or original) portrait under the sun, because of this simple (Windows only, sorry) app that quickly grabs a section of the screen, scales it into the right dimension(s) and saves it with the proper name(s) for you. So please go forth and make a bunch of really awesome portrait packs. Thank you. HOW TO USE: 0. Run the program. 1. Choose the directory you would like your portrait images to be saved into. 2. Enter the name you would like the files to have. Because of restrictions in Baldur's Gate, the file name cannot be longer than 7 characters. 3. Click on the Capture tab. Click Capture Large, Capture Medium, Capture Small, or Capture All. The screen will go greyish. 4. Select the region you want to make into a portrait by left-clicking and dragging. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Dragging does not work as normally expected! The size of the selected region defaults to the dimensions expected used by the portrait. This means you should start your drag from the bottom-right corner of the portrait rather than the top-left. See the next step to find out how to adjust the top left corner.) 5. When you release the mouse button portrait will be taken. BUT if, while still holding the left mouse button, you press the right mouse button, the behavior will switch so that the bounding box moves with your mouse rather than being resized by it. Right click again to continue resizing. Notes: The Capture All button simply takes one screen capture area and converts it to all different image sizes. When you go to capture a new image, the old area will be pre-selected. Press SPACE or ENTER if you want to capture that area of the screen again without changing it at all. I should mention that the only functional difference between BGEE mode and non-BGEE mode is their default values and the presence of a medium size. So feel free to use it to get non-BGEE portraits too, if you want a third portrait. WHERE TO GET IT: From the GitHub page: https://github.com/abrahamwl/portrait-grabber/releases Source code is also available there. ducreuxS.bmp
  16. I know this is probably somewhere within another guide, but i can't find the information by searching or by using google to search other sites as well. I am new to modding, but i have been messing with modding some very minor things and trying to learn how to use WeiDU mods. Anyway, I have been trying to figure out where and how to add portraits to non-joinable NPCs, similar to Bodhi, Ellesime, and the Bhall Spawn in the stardard game. Does anyboby know where these files are located and how to attach them to the creature files without using Shadowkeeper?
  17. Nix has created Aran's first portrait set, for which I am very grateful! Option #1: aransportraits.rar
  18. SUBCOMPONENTs allow to group together a set of mutually exclusive mod components into a single menu-style selection. The primary purpose of SUBCOMPONENTs is to streamline mod installation and to make life easier for end users. For example, SUBCOMPONENTS are ideal if you wish to provide multiple portrait selections for an NPC mod, have several kits available to one NPC, or for changes that conflict with one another (i.e. raising an XP cap to 10 million or raising it to 20 million). We’ll use the first oneâ€"multiple portrait optionsâ€"as an example. Without SUBCOMPONENTs, the install dialogue would look something like this: Install Component [Delainy Portrait 1 by Bob] [Y]es, [N]o, or [Q]uit Install Component [Delainy Portrait 2 by Fred] [Y]es, [N]o, or [Q]uit Install Component [Delainy Portrait 3 by Wilhelmus] [Y]es, [N]o, or [Q]uit The end user would need to click through the options each time. Worse, conflicting components could be installed. These problems can be limited somewhat by judicious use of predicates, but taking advantage of the SUBCOMPONENT feature yields far superior results: Install Component [Delainy Portrait] [N]o, [Q]uit, or choose one: 1] Portrait 1 by Bob 2] Portrait 2 by Fred 3] Portrait 3 by Wilhelmus Only one of these options can be installed at any time; re-installing and selecting a different SUBCOMPONENT will automatically uninstall the previously installed one. Setting this up is dead simple: BEGIN ~Portrait 1 by Bob~ /* The string above is displayed in the subcomponent listing, i.e. the list with 1] 2] 3] etc. You can, of course, use TRA references instead for this and the SUBCOMPONENT string below. */ SUBCOMPONENT ~Delainy Portrait~ /* The string above is displayed as the component listing and must be the same for each SUBCOMPONENT. The tp2 code that follows is only executed if this SUBCOMPONENT is selected. */ COPY ~Delainy/portraits/opt1G.bmp~ ~override/CDDELAIG.bmp~ COPY ~Delainy/portraits/opt1M.bmp~ ~override/CDDELAIM.bmp~ COPY ~Delainy/portraits/opt1S.bmp~ ~override/CDDELAIS.bmp~ BEGIN ~Portrait 2 by Fred~ SUBCOMPONENT ~Delainy Portrait~ COPY ~Delainy/portraits/opt2G.bmp~ ~override/CDDELAIG.bmp~ COPY ~Delainy/portraits/opt2M.bmp~ ~override/CDDELAIM.bmp~ COPY ~Delainy/portraits/opt2S.bmp~ ~override/CDDELAIS.bmp~ BEGIN ~Portrait 3 by Wilhelmus~ SUBCOMPONENT ~Delainy Portrait~ COPY ~Delainy/portraits/opt3G.bmp~ ~override/CDDELAIG.bmp~ COPY ~Delainy/portraits/opt3M.bmp~ ~override/CDDELAIM.bmp~ COPY ~Delainy/portraits/opt3S.bmp~ ~override/CDDELAIS.bmp~ Any REQUIRE_FILEs or other module requirements for the whole group should be put with the first subcomponent. If such a requirement fails, none of the subcomponents can be installed. In addition, each individual subcomponent can be guarded by its own predicate. If that predicate fails, that particular subcomponent cannot be installed. One note about SUBCOMPONENTs and mod ordering: WeiDU will display SUBCOMPONENTs in a single grouping no matter if they fall consecutively in the tp2 or not. However, the component number (the one that gets placed in weidu.log and the one you check for in REQUIRE_COMPONENT et al) is still based on their tp2 order. Discussion and comments can be handled in this thread.
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