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Found 3 results

  1. The V14 pack installs without any errors, however when I run setup-bg2_tweaks.exe nothing happens after I select English as the language in the prompt. Is there supposed to be more? Any thoughts? This is my first time using any Gibberlings mods/tweaks. thanks!
  2. Hello to all, i would like to state before anything else that im not a english native speaker, i am brazilian so if you guys fail to understand anything i write here please say it so i can try explain better. I'm a great fan and dedicated player of BG and IWD, because of previous problems with my computer i bought a new one and got a new operating system, the Win7 to replace the respectable WinXP, unfortunately i had to left my Baldurs gate behind but before that i made copies of all the folders ralated to it including the BG1Tutu and my BG2+Tob heavily modded.Theyre all in my external Harddrives and are okay. But now comes the problem,how can i make them work? like going in the exe from the games, inserting the medias in the iso emulation software and playing them? i will have to reinstall bg1+bg2+tob and tutu again so i can replace em for my heavily modded BGS? or i just need to insert the medias? or the worst case scenario, will i have to download all the mods again and restart everything from scratch? Please, help me on this ;_;. and oh, i cant download anything in the website,its only me or its happening with everybody?
  3. Hi everyone Got extremely excited when I found out you could play BG on the iPad. I've previously Jailbroken my iPad (iOS 5.0.1) using Absinthe. I've managed to get Cydia installed so I can run various emulators (specifically Gameboy emulators) When trying to sync iTunes to install GemRB I keep getting 'GemRB failed to Install'. I've downloaded and installed the iPhone COnfig Utility and the log shows the following: Mar 21 10:33:25 ICT-Supports-iPad installd[364] <Error>: 001f9000 verify_signer_identity: Could not copy validate signature: -402620388 Mar 21 10:33:25 ICT-Supports-iPad installd[364] <Error>: 001f9000 preflight_application_install: Could not verify executable at /var/tmp/install_staging.cL93Nu/foo_extracted/Payload/GemRB.app Mar 21 10:33:25 ICT-Supports-iPad installd[364] <Error>: 001f9000 install_application: Could not preflight application install Mar 21 10:33:25 ICT-Supports-iPad com.apple.itunesstored[383] <Notice>: MobileInstallationInstall: failed with -1 Mar 21 10:33:27 ICT-Supports-iPad installd[364] <Error>: 001f9000 handle_install: API failed Mar 21 10:33:27 ICT-Supports-iPad installd[364] <Error>: 001f9000 send_message: failed to send mach message of 71 bytes: 10000003 Mar 21 10:33:27 ICT-Supports-iPad installd[364] <Error>: 001f9000 send_error: Could not send error response to client Hopefully that is the correct part of the log. Any help you can give would be appreciated! Cheers Jim
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