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  1. The aim is to have 3 or more comets fall together in a swarm. I dont think this is possible with 2 extra Play 3d effect (vvc) because they wont start in the sky and fall. I think this behaviour is done hardcoded in comet.pro (extended flag 13) which controls the falling spcomtrv.bam At least three possible ways: 1. merging bam frames together to less than 256x256. The changing centre of even one comet cycle makes this difficult. 2. Ive been advised to consider Secondary Projectiles. Which existing spells use them? 3. A dummy AOE spell to "Cast Spell (Mage/Cleric/etc.)" wi
  2. I want to modify Cone of Cold (spwi503) to affect enemies only. I editted the projectile's AOE flag for Affect enemies only, I also later tried changing Spell Form from Normal to Projectile and removing the effect files, cast spwi503 and Casting Features. It still affects the party no matter what I do. Are there hardcoded features? Do any other cone projectiles affect enemies only? Thanks
  3. Hi Gibberlings3 community Im trying to make a Cone of Cold (COC) affecting enemies only. I exported the projectile from the game, set the Does Not Affect= Self flag in Infinity Projectile Utility, added the projectile to the game, editted existing COC to use the new projectile. But when finished casting, no projectile is released and nothing else happens. The conic AOE overlay also does not appear - instead a blue pinpoint appears where the spell cursor points. I wondered if IPU had added a corruption. I compared the original with my edit in Near Infinity and found two diff
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