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  1. Hi, I'm ready to have discussion about biggest issue when it comes to deal with mod installation without pausing for user input: READLN. I can offer modders existing solution which can overcome such problem and new solution which will fits modders needs. But no matter how good a solution might be, it requires effort over modders side or accepting contributions for their mods (but only once!) Lucky, some modders already declared the will to remove ACTION_READLN like AstroBryGuy for bg1npc (many thanks!). My wish would be that other modders will follow but they must know abou
  2. Hi, One of the most missed features for all past years was the ability to click one button in order to update my all local mods. Lucky, with the GitHub API, Project infinity can offer a possibility to update mods, which is very easy to add via one single line inside mod metadata file. Because it's GitHub-based, it offers stability and consistency. It is impossible to download mod with malformed files, you either download it correctly or don't download it all (git feature). And for the first time, there is a possibility for so called "delta updates"! As a sidenote: GitHub.com now offe
  3. What does this tool do? A tool that automatically generates Infinity Engine mod packages when you publish a release. What are Infinity Engine mod packages? They are standardized, universal and cross-platform Infinity Engine Mod Packages .zip package It contains the latest WeiDU executable for Windows and macOS (for Linux is impossible) and .command file for macOS. .iemod package The IEMOD format is intended to be a platform-independent distribution format for modifications for games using the Infinity Engine. The packages are used mainly by mod managers. Among oth
  4. I've finally take some time to talk about this topic. When I take look at the amount of the BWS 'custom extraction rules' and 'custom code' which was written only because modder made simple packaging mistake and then went MIA, i decided that there won't be any kind of 'extraction' feature for PI unless there will be a well-defined standard for all IE mods. Having a well-defined, universal and cross-platform Infinity Engine Mod Package and the cross-platform tool for creation of such package would be wonderful. Definitely there are advantages for players and for mod managers. This general idea
  5. Hi, let me start from make clear statement that NOTHING IS REQUIRED. Did I say that nothing is required? Yes, that's true, nothing is required. You don't have to do anything. My proposition/design also aims for be "less selfish as possible" aka "don't require anything and if, require minimal amount". I hope that's clear now. The main idea behind this is to give back the control of mod metadata in the hands of modders. Which person know the current and most up to date mod name, description or the working link to the place where players could receive support? That's right, the modder i
  6. Let's discuss install order online list which is maintained by the modders or current mod maintainers. There are currently 3 people who are trying to create publicly available optimal install order for many mods: Leonardo Watson - it's only for classic BGT but it can be partially used for BG2EE Roxanne - separate lists for BG1EE, BG2EE, EET, IWD1EE, PSTEE Subtledoctor - combined list for BG1EE, BG2EE, EET, IWD1EE The overall goal of such 'online list' is to be included by any mod manager into some automated install routine, as a default one. The main benefit is that modder/m
  7. Introduction: Mod conflicts are an important part of the modding ecosystem. The idea of achieving as much compatibility as possible is still valid and should be a top priority. But even in a perfect world, where all mods are technically compatible with each other there is still room for two mods that change certain aspects of the game differently. I like to think about 'mod conflict' not as 'mods which break installed together' but rather as 'alternative variants of the same game content' since it's more about providing an alternative idea to certain game aspects. My idea aims
  8. Let's try an alternative look at how modders/maintainers can take care of the install order: Dynamic Install Order It's a rule-based order of the mods which use BEFORE/AFTER 'rules' in order to determine the relationship between source mod and destination mods. Generally, it is a recreation of the install order recommendations from mods 'ReadMe' files, but in 'machine-readable' format, which mod manager can use, apply and react when rules are not fulfilled. Goals: you care only about install order/dependencies of you own mods or mods which you maintain sufficient for low
  9. Hi all, I've been a lurker here for some time, and played a fair bit of BG2 since release, with a smattering of IWD and BG1. Today I finally have something to contribute. In working toward some multi-mod installs, and perhaps eventually an EET run, I started a list of mods with some info to help me work through compatibility issues. I shared this elsewhere, and @Cahir has been good enough to contribute, bringing it to a state where I suspect it may have some value to others. The goal is to create a compatibility guide and "cheat sheet" for multi-mod installs. The focus is on EE
  10. Okay, so I'm going to do a new install and I'll try to do an install order list. If possible I'd like to get some feed back before I start the installation (if anybody is able to spot glaring mistakes). Note please: I haven't figured yet out how to export an install order list properly, other than copy&pasting it. (If AL|EN doesn't want this kind of discussion in this thread, please jsut remove it or move it somewhere else) My current WIP list:
  11. Hi, First, I would like to say that it is not a discussion about defining correct install order for mods, it's for creating a system which can define such install order and be applied to already selected mod list. Recently, I'm dealing with Install Order/Install Sorting for my tool and notice few things: Naturally, the first source of the install order is Weidu.log. But it never worked, it must be a reason why nobody created a nice community 'install order' list which use weidu.log data. I think that is very ineffective when it comes to Install Order/Install Sorting because it c
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