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  1. Hi! and greetings young ones. I'm having some issues when installing mods in my BG2EE v1.3.2064. Two mods I want to run together: SCS v30 and Tweaks anthology 9. I've tried the following: Clean instalation BG2EE v1.3.2064 with SCS v30: works fine. Clean instalation BG2EE v1.3.2064 with Tweaks anthology 9: works fine. Clean instalation BG2EE v1.3.2064 with Tweaks anthology 9 and then SCS v30: error. The file setup-stratagems_autoinstall say: CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 130 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 140 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 1010 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 1020 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 1040 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 1080 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 1160 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 1180 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 2210 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 2999 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 3000 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 3010 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 3060 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 3080 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 3121 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 4020 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 4050 Installed [CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2] PARSE ERROR at line 2 column 1-7 Near Text: SUPPORT GLR parse error Any idea what might be the problem? Thanks in advance guys. Stay safe and respect social distance.
  2. Before I get on with my rant, I want to express my sincerest appreciation for this mod and its makers and caretakers. It is simply sublime. Even though I'm currently very annoyed with the smarter beholders component, it doesn't take away from how much I love this mod. Anyway: I am currently in the southern tunnels of the Underdark, also known as Beholder City, and no matter what I do, these creatures mop the floor with me. Nothing protects me from their rays; all my spell protections, including Immunity:Abjuration get dispelled by the first anti-magic ray that hits my face. Even Skeleton Warriors, creatures that are supposed to have very high MR, get knocked around, take magic damage and die in seconds. With haste and a lot of buffs, I can take one or two of them, but once they start coming in packs, I'm done for. Even when I manage to land Chaos and Insect Plague on them, they simply keep casting at me meanwhile dispelling one another with their anti-magic attacks. After exhausting every possible strategy known to my BG-addled brain, I finally decide to screw fair play and use a Protection from Magic scroll on my F/I Charname. At first, it seems to work: their harm rays and debuffs can't affect me while I'm in my bubble and they're forced to melee. However only seconds later a couple of more beholders join the fight, start casting at me, and UURGH, I'm dead. Killed by death ray, even though it says "Spell Ineffective" in the feedback window. I try again, and this time I don't even last five seconds. The first Flesh to Stone ray cast at my Charname goes through and I'm dead again, even though I'm supposed to be completely invulnerable to magic! Words cannot express my frustration. As far as I know, this is not supposed to happen. I specifically installed the component so that beholder rays don't have any chance of burning through spell protections, yet they still do. Now, conventional spell protections I can somehow understand, but being able to get through Protection from Magic just goes too far. Can anyone confirm if this is intended behavior? If so, how on earth am I supposed to fight these creatures?
  3. ...A spell revisions+iwdification+revised scs+atweaks combo for bgee/bg2ee? Are those compatible by any chance? For clarification purposes i am talking about the latest mod versions.
  4. I've searched the forum and this seems as good a place as any to posts this. Some other threads are two years old. I'm having gaming issues: - Using SCS (v)30 in BGEE. - I've added in the BWF and unpacked it into my game folder at 00766. - I'm installing it in the order as recommended by BIG World Project (v)17 - Everything else has installed properly, tweaks, fixes, NPCs, etc. - When I try to install SCS (v)30, I get all the way through, and at the very end, I get an error message and it rolls back. - I've done nothing but unpack BWF but trying to do anything with the .bat files results also in an error message So, what am I screwing up? Please note: I'm a consumer, a user. Not a modder and don't write code. ​
  5. Another FYI: Latest gemrb from git, files affected: FXOpcodes.cpp: // 0x13e ChangeWeather // sets the weather to param1, set it to: // 0 normal weather // 1 rain // 2 snow // 3 fog effects.ids: 0x13e ChangeWeather wildmag.2da: 5 SPWM105 0x13e * Latest TobEx, files affected: TobEx_ini.txt: Description #318 (0x13E) Stat: Set stat [318] Parameter #1: Statistic Modifier Parameter #2 low: Stat Opcode Parameter #2 high: Type After Sword Coast Strategems install this entry is found in console log: [Unknown]: fx_change_weather(318): P1: 1 Rain is present upon most level transitions, acompanied by either a mind-numbingly loud thunder-crack or the sound of a door slamming shut. Full Baldur's Gate Trilogy install with BG1/2 pre-patched to recommended version (Atari DnD Anthology). Manual install of mods in this order; BiG word fixpack v17, Baldur's Gate Trilogy 118, ScS v30, lolfixer github, generalized biffing, widescreen 3.07. Clearly there is a difference in the way effect opcode 318 (0x13E) is being implemented by GemRB and TobEx. ScS appears to use this in its core components.
  6. So, after the epic battle I have bought a BG:EE +DLC "SoD". I have never played in BG series without SCS - this is ma favorite mod. But I have tried to install SCS on SoD, and I have obtain a broken descriptions, broken parameters etc... Then I have tried to use "modemerge" stuff, - Scott Brook's modmerge, after installing only a core component, anything is looks fine (I will made a full installation when I will be not so sleepy as right now...). But I have a questions: --- I SCS mod making the same cool stuff in the SoD too? I mean, as I remembered this mod was for BG:EE, and BG2:EE only. --- Will SCS give me same pleasure (endorphine narcotic stuff when your party defeating a crazy overpowered guy, such Aec'Letec on the ~10% hp, in the end of a battle.. ^^ ) on LoB difficulty, as it gave to me in the previous versions of the game? My char 17 level, divener, exported from BG2EE, Illithid city - you know, like in the "Butterfly Effect" film, because of interaction with a powerful Illithid-guy . Thanx for the answers. P.S. Also, if somebody liked black-on-white fonts - I have made a gui mod for SoD too.
  7. I reinstalled BG today and wanted to install my favorite G3 mods (NPC project, SCS, Tweaks), but I hit a snag with SCS. It fails at the mod initialization and I don't understand why. I did a fresh install and tried to install SCS first so as to ensure no mod conflicts were causing the issue and still it fails. Here's the installation debug in the spoiler. Please help. Q.Q
  8. So my party have found the first Balor (not a summoned one like I saw before, but a true and dangerous one) while I managing to resolve the dungarees-village problem. My party is something near 15th-16th levels. And I have only one weapon that can do damage to a'cursed demon - "Daystar" - Long Sword which is +4 against evil creatures. This blade holds my Sun Soul Monk, with no proficiencies with it. The spells that left from clearing the area from an evil crazy elves and some kind of bandit lizard-like creature includes powerful anti-magic such as "Pierce Shield" x2, "Pierce Magic" x1, the lot of "Breach", "Spell Thrust" and so on... So what is the problem say you will? I am saying that the problem there are big. The problem because a'cursed Balor have a LOT of annoying abilities which including: Anti-magic (lot of "Remove Magic"), Self-protection magic ("Stoneskin"), Teleport (always focusing with it my low hp characters - tp, then hit = reloading...), Flame Circle that surrounds demon (10 dmg to Balor = ~20 dmg to damage dealer... in close combat), The Hell not bad Magic Resistance All of my party range weapons is useless, almost all of my magic is useless (I tried "Pierce Shield" + "Contagion" which was successful but how to do damage after it, I do not know...). In close combat this moron can easily hit my ~ -15 AC Shapeshifter, to addition this a demon have a LARGE attack range, that making almost impossible the "hit-and-run" without getting the counter-strike tactics by Monk. So is there anybody knows a weaknesses of this creature? I do not want to change my spell arsenal and rest two times special for defeating of this moronic overpowered bat-wingy NPC... . thanx for the answers. P.S. SCS (hardest setting), Tactics for EE, Insane difficulty. P.S.S Is There anybody know how is the size (MB) of patch from 1.3.64 to 2.1 BG2:EE. I want this "Legacy of Bhaal" difficulty!
  9. OMFG! What they have done with my party 'core member" ... Would be better enhance the game feature , like gameplay, but not mess with characters like they does with Khalid, Denaheira, and now... . If I will reload save-game file, and the I will fought so-stupid-called "JI" without the help of 'inhabitants' . THE WILL BE ALIVE AFTER THE BATTLE? Insane difficulty, tactics, SCS (hardest options), and still so-stupid-called "JI" is a wicked one. Really compare to foes that my party have the battles with, "JI" is a little bit more powerful than a casual bandit group... Especially after the *Sillya and Kagnaxx that is a frigging almost unstoppable killing machines.... Even the casual Bodhi-gang with an Ancient Vampire is a much more tougher than "JI" with the all hist spell... I though he must be an awesome opponent - on the cut-scenes he looks tough (of course an evil and stupid, but tough as well) This "JI" making the same trick that was in Durlag's Tower (Deamon Knight and his super-mirror). And I realized how my party is still weak . Diviner - My protagonist have no protective spells remembered (except "Shield" and "Mass Invisibility"), and my diviner have no protective scrolls, so there NOT my Diviner was just a meat... 1 Hit by Minsc, equipped with "Mace +3" x2 = "Badly Injured" hahahha, 35 HP - 8 Constitution, 10 AC - 8 Dexterity. this is a not for combat . Bu anyway he have an AWESOME arsenal of the very destructive AoE and deadly magic like a "Disintigration" , and what he doing?? He used almost absolutely useless "Remove Magic", and soon after falling.. - pathetic! The super SCS AI working well only if the magician have some prebuff, or at list protective spells remembered but on insane difficulty - DAMAGE > ANTI-MAGIC in most cases, the single "Skull Trap" or a "Ice/Fire Storm" can easily wipe out the half of my party... Ranger - was not so bad. Even switched to close combat weapon. Monk - was good , and really that was a fun to look how two Monks kicking each others, but 'evil' one not using his ability to "Flaming Fist" that is a not good,, Illusionist/Thief - was pathetic. Perhaps because he did not have an offensive spells, at least he can hit with "Magic Missile", but he did not.. Shapeshifter - was a REAL threat. Not bad, not bad... I even thought I need to focus him with "Disintegrate" but he died from my allies. In general SCS with Shapeshifters on Insane is not so bad. Mage/Thief - little bit better than Illusionist, but also pathetic.
  10. Long time lurker, first time commenter. For ages I've put off modding Baldur's Gate because, well, I had some way bad experiences with it crashing like hell in the past. I recently discovered the BiG World Setup to install BGT and was excited to finally try it out without having a complete mental breakdown. Things seem to be running smoothly, no crashes so far but when I get to The Friendly Amn Inn and decide to finally try out some of the NPC stuff from this mod (namely telling them to go to inns and being able to easily split pairs), I find that no dialogue options seem to deal with that. Instead, the NPCs seem to hang around and offer very neutral responses. Its an improvement from them simply storming off in a huff (as Monty and Xzar are so fond of doing), but I really would like to be able to juggle my party and I'm not sure how to get the option to split characters or send them off to the inn. Obviously, come recruiting Minsc and Edwin, this is apt to be a problem so I thought I'd see about squashing this sooner rather than later. I don't have a lot of experience with mods or the setup - all I know is it said the two components (Allow NPC pairs to separate and NPCs go to inns) didn't conflict with anything and that no other mod component had preference to them. If I've missed something I don't know and I don't know how to consult the list of currently installed mods so that I can provide it in case of conflict. I'm not sure which forum is appropriate to take this to, either - here or to... wherever the BiG World Setup stuff is discussed but I thought I'd come here first as this seemed to be the most straight forward place and most of what I can find on BiG World is in German. I'm still kind of new to all this and I'd appreciate any help I can get. I've been eager to play the trilogy for years now and I've always held off until I could get the most out of it. If I can provide any details that would help, I'm glad to but I might need some guidance on how to provide the details in question. Thanks in advance!
  11. For those still using old Ascension-WeiDU-v1.4.24 (as myself) I packaged some script fixes. There are some Dead("yself)"), Dead("astSeenBy())") and similar errors in Ascension scripts. Errors like that appeared in BG2 and they were fixed by BG2Fixpack, but BG2Fixpack didn't fix Ascension-added scripts. Almost all is made by erebusant. I just adjusted tp2 for all Asc components and added few files he missed. It should be installed after Ascension. NOTE: this is only for Ascension-WeiDU-v1.4.24 Here is code: And here is file with weidu: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qjtn4d3lhs4plef/astScriptPatcher%201.1.rar?dl=0 EDIT: Update to v1.1 with Jarno's suggestion.
  12. GOG Baldurs Gate 2 Complete (no discs) - BGT - SCS v28 SCS setup is missing or unable to locate the following files in the Improved Durlag's Tower component: XR2400.ARE XR2600.ARE AX1H01 CDBREAK1 CDBREAK9 SW1H04 BLUN04 deathk.CRE gooddeat.CRE This is an existing install that I've been playing for a while without any issues to date. I was updating my SCS install to modify another component (Improved Doppelgangers, because the doppleganger's haste/mirror image scripts weren't triggering). I hadn't changed anything in the IDT component but when the installer updated my setup it returned the errors below. I don't recall seeing these errors in previous logs. What could be causing them? Is this going to cause issues when I run DT? Should I just uninstall this component or can I just play through as-is and be ok)? I appreciate any help. I haven't done Durlag's Tower in this run yet but I'm about ready to. Here's my most recent log of install errors, after I attempted to fix the issue by reinstalling the IDT component: Current WeiDU setup
  13. Greetings, all! I want to play BG2EE with SCS* and want to ensure that everyone has the proper files for multiplayer. Telling people to follow my steps exactly is a possibility, but I'd prefer just to send a zipped Override directory or somesuch. (This is most especially true with randomization aspects, like Improved Watcher's Keep, to ensure we all have the same versions.) What's the best way to distribute the revised files? *and Wheels of Prophecy, and the BG2EE compatible Ascension
  14. I've just finished Durlag's tower, and heading to Cloakwood mines. I tought to post some feedback/toughts/questions here. The party I played consisted of 3 paladins (Cav, UH, Inq) thif/mage multi, sorcerer and Lathander priest. I'll post info and toughts about specific encounters in order I fought them. First relatively improved battle was a random meeting with some Ogre Berserkers. I can't recall if they used their rage in SCS21. Now they do, and it's a huge pain to handle - melee combat vs them is very difficult if at all possible, damage done exceeds 20HP per hit. Which brings me to another point - Blindness spell. This is arguably the single best spell in BG1. It's the "ultimate" save or die for low-level spells, and I was indeed surprised by just how many creatures are vulnerable to it (Battle Horrors, even some boss-type dwarves in Durlag's tower - Fear, Pride etc.) This spell could (should?) go through a revision, at least the duration should be much shorter (something like tweak to GR, Insect Plague and the like) - it's that effective and AI has no response to it in BG1. Greywolf - has this been changed? I don't recall him dual-wielding. Bassilus - here I have a slight issue. I finished this without reloading, but he used a 6th level Physical Mirror spell. I tought his level was around 9 or 10. Slightly too much too soon in BG1 I think. Iirc, in SCS21 he used only up to 5th level spells afaik, and was still dangerous. Droth, the Ogre-mage - he failed a save vs Hold Person. I tought Ogres can't be held by this spell. Seems this one can. Ankhegs are vulnerable to Sleep. Shouldn't this be changed? They're worth almost 1k each and fall to a level 1 AoE spell. Blindness is at least single-target. Nimbul - he's a bard, right? He casts 2 level 4 spells. Is such such high level intended (11th, perhaps I'm wrong) for him? Bandit camp - for some reason, I found this quite easier than before. Some of the enemies there didn't "activate" immediately, and their mage had a bad pre-buff (only Mirror Images I think). Wolf of Ulcaster - what happened to this encounter? I loved such hand-made gems of SCS . It's gone I guess. Icharyd - same as above. I pulled out my pre-electricity gear, only to find out that the battle from v21 is gone. Any chance for bringing back these encounters? I kind of hoped that SCS24 would introduce more of these types of encounters. I think people love them. Ghost in Durlag's tower - ......PFMW+Contingency. I somehow don't like PFMW in BG1. May be just me. It makes him kind of a "poor man's lich". The only reason I managed to kill him without reloading is that I disrupted his Cloudkill casting. Pride, Avarice etc. - Pride is extremely difficult to handle. He ignores summons if he sees any party member in his melee range, and hits for over 25 damage - he kills in 3 hits (I play on Core). He constantly uses some clerical spell (Holy Power or something) as if he had unlimited use of it. The only way I could kill him was to Blind him, and then use magic missiles and scorcher from Wand of Fire - this still took ages, since he constantly runs. This guy is imo harder than Sarevok. I don't recall him being that difficult to manage in v21. The others aren't a pushover by themselves, but Pride's power is immense. Off to visit Cloakwood Mines.
  15. I've never played IWD but this looks like a cool project and I'd like to try it out sometime. I've read the Q&A and some other pinned threads but I'm still unsure: How will this work with mods like Spell Revisions and SCS-II? Will the IWD game be able to benefit from the same AI improvements etc, much like if it was an expansion to the BG series? Are there any plans to do a full integration of IWD into something like BGT? I'm thinking the ability to travel to the IWD areas at certain points in the BGT, do some quests there, travel back etc. Basically convert the IWD into a BG expansion with full BG mod compatibility? Again, I ask with the advantage of ignorance, since I have not having played IWD so I have no idea if this would even be feasible.
  16. Hi Everyone. I have BGT installed with no big mods and I have already started a game. I have just left Nashkel mines. Will it be safe to install SCS mod now and cointunue from a saved game or should I start over with a new character from Candlekeep? EDIT: I also have to mention that I also have bp-bgt-worldmap installed.
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