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Found 3 results

  1. As the title says, an innate (spell type 4 in the header) with associated school other than NONE fails to execute in scripts when called through the ForceSpellRES action, simply changing the type to either wizard or cleric solved it immediately. Schoolless innates have no such issue, neither do innates with a school if those are included in SPELL.ids and scripted for use via symbolic name rather than filename (i.e. Spell/ForceSpell/ReallyForceSpell/ApplySpell... drop the RES). IESDP notes this action is unreliable, I've never had a problem before though, even with 8 character filenames rather than 7. Tested on original BG2 but don't see a fix of this mentioned for EE.
  2. Hi. I got a couple of questions about adding a spell and having it display a custom portrait icon while it's in effect First, (i think) I know that to add custom portrait icons, I need to add a line in statdesc.2da. The way I found to do it (via insert_2da_row) doesn't allow me to use custom strings (it just adds what I put in verbatim rather than the reference) so my first question is, what's the proper way of doing this? My second question is, once I have my custom icon with correct string in place, how do I make my spell consistently use it regardless of whether there's been other modifications to statdesc.2da or not? My assumption here is that if I add the line to statdesc and it comes in at row 207, I can have my spell use opcode 142 with value 207 and it'll work for me, but if it's then installed on a game that already has extra lines in statdesc.2da, then my spell would be pointing to a wrong icon. Is that correct and if so, how do I get around that?
  3. Sorry about the title, kinda hard to summarize. Okay here's the deal: I'm trying to make an ability that resets itself upon the caster scoring a kill while it's active. To that end, I added a global effect with opcode #232 (pictured) to recast the ability on actor death. This is when I ran into the first problem. It would fire off okay on the first kill, but then on the second kill it would fire off twice. Next kill, it would fire off 4 times. And it would keep doubling up until eventually lagging up and potentially crashing the game. I tried a bunch of stuff that didn't work until it occured to me to try the special field. I put a 1 in there and that did limit it to a single activation, however now it prints out an annoying "contingency spell activation" message every time. It's an improvement, but I'd still like to get rid of it. I tried numbers 1 through 10 and all odd numbers seem to do the same, while some of the even numbers result in a couple of resets working as intended before starting to stack up again. So, anyone know if any and what number in there would do the job without spamming the log? Or of another way to achieve this effect? Edit: Also worth noting this is 2.5 edit 2: solution here:
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