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  1. LIST LOCATIONS The information should be functionally identical for each of these lists. -Beamdog General Modding Forum: Contains raw board code for ease of quoting and editing. -Gibberlings3: Lacks raw board code. FORENOTES -Mods that add spells to items or to NPCs but which player characters can't learn are purposefully excluded from this list. The same goes for mods that merely change spell functionality instead of making new spells. -Mods that add spells only to kits included in the same mod aren't emphasized, but may be included. -Entries below starting with - add spells directly to the standard arcane or/and divine lists. Entries below starting with ** use alternative spell systems. -Arcane spells that Wizards can learn are assumed also to have scrolls so you can add these spells to your repertoire. -As of this writing, there is a hardcoded limit of only 50 spells per spell level at a time. (That's 50 arcane per spell level and another 50 divine per spell level.) Any spells beyond this limit won't show on the spell select screen and character creation screen, and mods that would install spells beyond this limit refuse to install. -All information regarding new spells I've obtained from reading mod documentation or/and from mod authors/maintainers directly. I've not played enough with most these mods to fairly state from first-hand experience what they add. WHAT ADDS PLAYER CHARACTER-USABLE SPELLS TO THE BG ENGINE? -Normal and Enhanced Editions of Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II, including the Tales of the Sword Coast and Throne of Bhaal expansions. -B_Spells (Spells and Magic) Adds a small number of arcane spells and divine spells to the game, some of which are already in Faiths & Powers. -Chaos Sorcerer Automatically adds these Chaos Sorcerer kit-only arcane spells to the Chaos Sorcerer's list of spells known: Conjure Chaos Elemental, Conjure Greater Chaos Elemental, Chaotic Weave, Nahal's Wildstrike, and Surge Control. -Dark Side of the Sword Coast (DSotSC) Adds many new spells, some arcane and some divine. The mod's new arcane spells are reviewed at that link as of June of 2018. Note that most of these spells in this mod are already in BG2, meaning if you're playing in EET (Enhanced Edition Trilogy), installing these spells is probably a waste of space! -deratiseur's Spell Mod (FRENCH ONLY!) Adds 30 arcane spells learnable via scrolls and 25 spells learnable via the spell learning UI, such as for spontaneous casters. For BG2, BG2EE, and IWDEE. (It may also work on EET, but I've not confirmed it yet.) -deratiseur's Unused Kits Mod The kits Shadowmage (AKA Ombremage) and Warlord have unique spell lists according to the author. May be in French only. **Diablo II Kits Mod Adds all 7 classes from Diablo II as kits for various classes! Each kit has new abilities at least inspired by Diablo II! -Dimension Gate: Or How TV Bunny Searched Remote Control. Adds about 20 arcane teleportation spells to warp to player-specified preset points. (It's like Morrowind's Mark and Recall spells.) Also adds some quests and lightsabers. -Divine Remix Adds 13 divine spells: Cause Medium Wounds, Cause Blindness or Deafness, Cure Blindness or Deafness, Detect Good, Divine Shell, Faerie Fire, Impregnable Mind, Protection from Good, Protection from Good 10', Resist Acid and Corrosion, Strength of Stone, Conjure Air Elemental, and Energy Drain. -IWDification Adds Icewind Dale arcane spells and divine spells to normal Baldur's Gate II, Throne of Bhaal, and the Enhanced Editions of BG1 and BG2. Also adds other Icewind Dale-specific content listed in the documentation outside the scope of this post. -Made in Heaven Spell Pack (MiH Spell Pack) Adds a few new arcane spells and divine spells. -Faiths and Powers (F&P, FnP) Adds a small number of divine spells from the mod B_Spells. New spells in Faiths & Powers are described here. -Northern Tales of the Sword Coast (NTotSC) (Spells from this mod don't count against the 50 spells per level limit but can't be learned by spontaneous casters like Sorcerers! They can still be added to spellbooks and prepared and cast that way normally!) Adds Fiery Cloud and Skeleton Guard as arcane spells with scrolls in Sorcerous Sundries (Baldur's Gate city). -OlvynSpells (Spells from this mod don't count against the 50 spells per level limit!) Adds many arcane and divine spells for all casting classes, each of which is listed in the post. Many spells like fly or reverse gravity require EEex to function! Noteworthy is that, as of this writing and OlvynSpells 2.2.0, these spells have been converted to use Olvyn's Spell Tool, thereby no longer counting against the 50 spells per spell type (arcane/divine) per spell level! -Out! Brief Candlekeep Adds one level 1 arcane spell, Vanishing Act. -Red Dragon Summoning Spell Adds a single level 9 arcane spell. -Region of Terror (RoT) Adds new spells that, according to the readme, are "mostly kit-specific." (Thus, you can only access these new spells if you're playing a character using this mod's new kits.) These kits also don't work with Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition. However, this page lists all mod-added spells & kits. -Spell Revisions (SR) and Spell Revisions Revised (SRR) Revises all vanilla and some Icewind Dale spells into a cohesive package for Baldur's Gate games. -Saradas Magic & Saradas Magic II (Spells from these mods don't count against the 50 spells per level limit!) Saradas Magic 1 (and seemingly also 2) adds high-level arcane spells, including something for each school. Dragon Disciple Sorcerers also get an exclusive spell. **Shadow Magic (Spells from this mod don't count against the 50 spells per level limit!) Adds many, many new spells (level 1-9 and seemingly arcane) specific to the new Shadow Adept Mage kit and Shadow Disciple Sorcerer kit. -Shards of ice Adds Summon Cow as a learnable, scribable arcane spell in addition to being a Wild Magic effect. (In Vanilla, Summon Cow is normally available only as a Wild Surge effect on the d100 roll of an 88. It's quite possible to play through the entire BG saga and never cast this spell under normal means) -Siege of Dragonspear to Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition Item Upgrade (SoD to BG2EE Item Upgrade) Adds 5 arcane spells. -Spontaneous Casting for Clerics and Druids Adds Magic Fang as a divine spell. -Stone of Askavar Adds these 6 arcane spells. -Sword Coast Stratagems (SCS) Has the option at install time to include Icewind Dale arcane spells and divine spells for player characters. If Spell Revisions is installed, AI casters also use SR spells. According to the mod's author, the AI only uses some IWD spells (arcane and divine), not every IWD spell. Also, SCS accommodates the new spells from SCS, from IWDification, and from Spell Revisions. SCS also adds an option to add a level 9 arcane spell, create boneguard which summons d2 boneguards. -Teleport Without Error Spell for BG2 & BG2EE Adds the level 7 arcane spell Teleport Without Error. (The linked version - version 15 - is EE & EET compatible.) Using this spell may result in bugs due to warping places the game expects you to walk. You've been warned! The Darkest Day (TDD for Pre-EE Games, TDDz for EE Games) This mod (TDDz for EE and TDD for pre-EE) adds many new spells listed here of all spell levels and for Sor/Wiz, Cleric, and Druid spell lists! -Test Your Mettle! Adds Spacewarp as a level 5 arcane spell. -Tome and Blood Among other things, Tome and Blood (TnB, Tome & Blood, etc.) includes options for radically changed illusionary clones (mislead, simulacrum...), rebalanced spell schools, and cantrips (infinite-use innate abilities that count as level 0 spells or/and treating level 1 spells as infinitely usable). -Trials of the Luremaster (BG2 TotLM) Adds Icewind Dale arcane spells and divine spells if these spells haven't already been added by another mod, like IWDification. **Warlock (Spells from this mod don't count against the 50 spells per level limit!) Adds Warlock as a Bard kit with many kit-specific invocations, usable at-will. -Weasels! Adds a small number of arcane and divine spells, all weasel-themed. -Wild Mage Additions Adds 27 new arcane spells for Wild Mages only. VERSION HISTORY 2.6: March 14, 2023 -Added Diablo II kits. 2.5: December 23, 2022 -Added Region of Terror Fandom wiki page for mod-added spells & kits. 2.4: October 8, 2022 -Added mention in Sword Coast Stratagems (SCS) of it adding an install option for create boneguard. 2.3: October 29, 2021 -Updated Saradas Magic II (Saradas Magic for BG2) link. 2.2: October 19, 2021 -Added Tome and Blood. -Fixed a bit of the formatting. 2.1: October 1, 2021 -Added deratiseur's Unused Kit Pack and Divine Remix. 2.0: September 23, 2021 -Updated certain mods' GitHub links to point to their latest release. 1.9: May 30, 2021 -Added Dimension Gate. 1.8: February 23, 2021 -Added the Red Dragon Summoning spell. 1.7: February 21, 2021 -Added deratiseur's Spell Mod (French only). 1.6: February 15, 2021 -Thanks to subtledoctor of Gibberlings3 for telling me that Northern Tales spells can't be learned by spontaneous casters but also don't count against the limit of spells per spell level. -Thanks to Greenhorn of Gibberlings3 for telling me that Stone of Askavar has a small number of arcane spells! 1.5: February 14, 2021 -Explicitly mentioned which mods' spells don't count against the limit of 50 spells per type (arcane/divine) per spell level. 1.4: February 12, 2021 -Added TDDz (The Darkest Day) because I felt like it. Thankee to Azazello & Jarno for the mention in the Gibberlings3 thread months ago! -Updated link to teleport without error. This newer version (version 15) includes BG2EE compatibility. Alleluia! 1.3: September 7, 2020 -Added Chaos Sorcerer because I felt like it. -Clarified SCS AI casters to also cast Spell Revisions spells if SR is installed. 1.2: September 7, 2020 -Added Out! Brief Candlekeep. -Clarified that SCS AI used some arcane and divine spells from Icewind Dale if installed. -Added forenote about how I obtained the information about what spells are in each mod. 1.1: September 6, 2020 -Clarified the default spell limit per spell level to be 50 instead of 49. (The range of available spells by default is IDs 0 to 49.) -Clarified what SCS AI did and that Spell Revisions only added some IWD spells. -Added common acronymns for certain mods. -Added IWDification, Wild Mage Additions, and B_Spells. 1.0: September 5, 2020 -Initial Release. Alleluia!
  2. 1. Summary 2. Compatibility 3. Detect Magic 4. Intimidation 1. Summary. Like the anfisbene or Dogcat, this mod is two things in one body. Detect Magic brings a spell of the same name to wizards and priests, one that will find magical items on creatures, whether they always had them or obtained them by lucky rolls of random treasure. It will give a separate indication if the items are powerful (expensive), and when cast by a priest alert to cursed items. Intimidation is a character ability for most warriors and all half-orcs. Meant mostly to be used on neutrals, outside of combat, it can shoo them away to where convenient and interrupt all those greeters walking forward eager to announce something to the party, such as that they are about to kill the characters off. 2. Compatibility. Detect Magic should work on all games and versions, but Intimidation uses advanced effects. Its files will not be installed on a "classic" game. 3. Detect Magic. This is a 1st level Divination spell. All wizards of various combinations (and sorcerers) receive it for free automatically at the beginning of their career - or as soon as you install the mod. Bards, characters who switch to wizards later and others can avail themselves of Detect Magic scrolls, sold at all of the main magic stores in the games. Priests also have it, and in line with the AD&D tradition their version is somewhat different and superior. Unlike the wizards', theirs will detect cursed items. There is no saving throw against the spell, but magic resistance stops it. When a creature has something to detect, it will glow. Cast by a priest, this is the order of findings: 1) cursed items, worn and not, including cursed scrolls and the Murky Potion - the target will pulse orange quickly; 2) magic items worth at least 5000 gp or scrolls worth at least 1800 gp (5th level spells and above, see below on scroll prices) - flash a bright violet; 3) lesser magic items or ongoing enchantments, obvious and not - flash red. More important readings obscure those below. For example, somebody with a cursed scroll in the inventory will pulse orange even though the creature may have a vorpal sword in the backpack. The spell does not tell directly which items are cursed, but you can be smart with your own inventory and figure it out. Now, item prices in the games are wildly scattered and irrational. A sword +3 is worth less than a wand of lightning. I can't know what price-adjusting modules you may have installed on your computer, my chosen threshold of 5000 gp is at the level of the weakest wands. As for scrolls, vanilla-game prices are ridiculous - ridiculously uneven and ridiculously low. A scroll of Cone of Cold is worth 500 gp, while Confusion costs 1200 gp. No high-level scroll approaches the price of Wish, which could perhaps make sense in a tabletop game, but not here, where Wish is so lame. And so on. This mod puts scroll prices on a system: Level Price 1 100 2 300 3 700 4 1200 5 1800 (appears as a powerful item to Detect Magic) 6 2500 7 3200 8 4000 9 5000 Note that, given store mark-ups, this will make scrolls far more prohibitive to buy. No longer will you be able to empty High Hedge's selection with a couple of thousand but will have to devote considerably more of your earnings to stocking the mages. Given the gold glut in the games, this is probably a good thing, although later on, with most spells learned, you may begin to sell scrolls to stuff the purse. While money is short, though, who gets the gold is a good trigger for role-playing. Detect Magic works in a shallow, broad cone. On this screenshot Edwin's amulet responds. I had a different screenshot, one that showed an ogre assassin, Larze, walking up to the party and glowing under the spell. He might have rolled up something magical in random treasure, but more likely this was due to his basic undroppable ogre's morningstar, which, like all undroppable weapons, is flagged "magical" in the vanilla game, even without any special properties. I recommend using my "Monsters Beat Enchantment" mod, which unmagics all those, because otherwise you are going to get a lot of false positives. Even animals may glow, because their claws might have that unfortunate property. Finding an item or a curse on a creature earns some experience for the party, one time for every target, only not from your own party members. Yes, and Boo is also non-magical now. (Sorry, Boo.) 3. Intimidation. This special ability is given to all warriors (fighters, paladins and rangers) of the human, elf, half-elf and dwarf races (no gnomes or halflings). Half-orcs also receive it, regardless of class. Among NPC and monsters ogres, giants and other big brutish types possess it, so if you need to scare somebody in a pinch, you can try to procure an ogre. As with all abilities that I make, if a character for some reason does not have it, e.g. a former party member was outside when this mod was first run, invite the character into the party and have someone else use the ability. The newbie will learn. Intimidation works in a rather short range and forces a saving throw vs. spell on the target, initially with a +2 bonus, when used on a neutral. Every 4 levels the roll improves until -2 at the 17th level, and the number of creatures than can be intimidated at once also increases, until 3 at that final stage. In a fight hostile characters are already attacking the party, there is already plenty of intimidation in the air, so the ability is much less effective against red-circle creatures: the bonus starts at +8 here. Either way having Strength of 18+ improves the roll by a point, and Charisma of 16+ by another. Here I want to note that the games don't always show successful saving throws, there may be no bottom-window message for a save. You will see "Browbeat" there if you succeeded, if not, you did not. So what, finally, does Intimidation do? If it works, it will stop the target in its tracks and send it scampering away a short distance. You can use this to shoo away potential witnesses, hearers of shouts, guards and so on. What is more, the creature will lose the desire to speak with the party. Grok the half-orc-shaman-with-Intimidation and eretre the halfling-fighter-without brush off an unpleasant encounter. All in all, it will be with the creature as if the conversation has already taken place. The dialogue of the target will be advanced to the next state, if there is one. If you talk to the neutral now, after he stops his mad run, and he has something else to say, it will be as if you are addressing him a second time. (The first thing I did was intimidate Winthrop at the Candlekeep Inn to get past that unbearable "10000 gp entry fee" conversation.) Note that you may spoil things for yourself if you do enter a conversation at this juncture, it may create confusion with quest givers. The change is only temporary, though: if you have left the creature alone, it will return to the initial dialogue state in an hour. (If you did talk to it, you don't get to reset the relationship.) The desire to bring the word to you will also return. You can keep 'em down with more rudeness in the meantime, though. I must say, yelling at people with impunity can become an addiction. Abdel the fighter hollers at random townsfolk in Saradush. As a final note, while you can intimidate animals, in combat and out, they are not so smart and may as easily as not fly into a rage and attack you or whoever is nearest. Perhaps you might find a use for this, too. Download
  3. Introduction Structure and Compatibility Main Motivations and Goals Mage Class Component Sorcerer Class Component Bard Class Component Cantrips General Tweaks Components About Tome and Blood Implementation Conclusions
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