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Found 2 results

  1. Has anyone figured out what the flavor of SQL being used is? I want to think that it's a custom in-memory database (not SQLite or the ilk) due to non-standard syntax. One such example, from baldur.ini: INSERT INTO options ROWS (...) where the (...) seems to indicate multiple rows, despite the syntax indicating a single very large row in standard SQL implementations. Another example is that in BGEE.sql (from BG:EE), comments are made using the "//" syntax of C-derived languages, not the "--" of standard SQLs. Another example is what appears to be a call into an application function, such as setting globals or playing sound: FUNCTION goto { SELECT .CUIManager_InvalidateRect(''); global( 'currentmenu', menus.name[$1].id ); doscript( %menu, 'onOpen' ); }; FUNCTION sound { SELECT .PlaySound($1); }; So, while it initially appears to be SQL, this almost feels like pseudo-sql that's actually a new scripting language.
  2. Yo dudes, How do I modify BGEE.SQL with WeiDu? I need a step by step example - I have noticed that my last version of the Super Ultimate Portrait Pack causes a significant amount of issues with updated versions of BGEE.SQL I would prefer to be able to edit my downloads and fix this within the next 72 hours as I was recalled by the Army and have to go back to the middle east all of next year. The optimal way to do this is to edit BGEE.SQL with a WeiDu mod . . . issue is that I am not sure how to do this a cursory look at forums and WeiDu documentation doesn't really show me how to do this (I've made custom NPC's and other things before so I have a small amount of WeiDu knowledge and can write programs in Java and VBA) My guess is that I need to use the "WRITE_ASCII" command on the BGEE.SQL file (I see that ADD_JOURNAL does edit BGEE.SQL to some degree) but all I have seen about BGEE.SQL documentation is from Cam in this thread at G3: http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=25609 Essentially I just need to insert about 546 lines into the BGEE.SQL for both BGEE and BG2EE from one install file - then copy over the portraits in the override folder - pretty sure I can do that on my own though. Thanks - mod that is being updated is here - your crashing culprit: http://www.moddb.com/members/rodman49/addons/super-ultimate-portrait-pack
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