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  1. Version v10


    This mod adds many options to those who use rogues and bards in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, BG2: Shadows of Amn (with or without the expansion pack Throne of Bhaal), Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, and with the mod conversions Baldur's Gate Trilogy and Baldur's Gate Tutu. The mod makes several changes to thieves and bards as well as offering new items, merchants, and kits. The standalone Sharpshooter Thief Kit mod has been deprecated as it is now included in the Song and Silence mod. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  2. Let me introduce myself first. Hi. You can call me Kestral. Good, I really hate doing introductions. Anyway now onto why anyone would possibly read this ever. I would like to make a pure thief npc for Baldur's Gate 2! Don't get me wrong, I love all the various npc mods I've played with over the last few months, but really wished there was an option for a regular old thief. In vanilla BG2 you get Yoshimo, Nalia, CHARNAME (if you do a thief), or Imoen. EE adds Hexxant. For mods you have a few more choices. So I found myself thinking, "Hey! I could probably do one. I got a lot of time on my hand being a stay at home mom and crap. And it'd be nice to have a party member that is well adjusted and actually happy. Or at least rocks at faking it." Now I've never written/coded an npc for an Infinity Engine game before. My experiences are limited to visual/graphic mods for DAO/DA2 and Skyrim as well as private npc mods for Skyrim. But hell I got time to spare. Plus I've always enjoyed roleplaying as a comedic/snarky character. Here's what I would like to have in this: Romance Track for both Men and Women (maybe with differences between a m/f and a f/f romance?), a Friendship track (bromances are cool), PID Flirts and other goodies to keep the character and game interesting, quests, comedy, maybe gifts given to the PC and from the PC, and whatever else I think of. I'd kind of like maybe an npc romance that the CHARNAME can help or hinder. Honestly I loved the quests to help Aveline hook up with Donnic in DA2. Her quests would be more of the light hearted sort unless people really want drama. Then I guess they could be dramady quests. One idea I had for a romance related quest would be a meet the parents/big brother sort. Anyone who is a parent/older sibiling would know how it feels when their little girl gets her boy/girlfriend. Now here's a little bio blurb about her. Name: Elicia Location: Not Decided Gender: Female Alignment: True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral Class: Thief Race: Natural Born Wererat/Uses Human Avatar Stats: 14 21 14 10 7 12 Note: Custom Thief Kit will be included to give her the wererat abilities. Elicia at her core is a selfish, happy thief. What issues she does have stems from being the youngest of her rather large family. She wants to stand out from her older brothers and sisters. The wererat tails along with CHARNAME because she likes gold, dungeons have gold it's win-win. Plus everyone needs help with traps and locks no matter how good aligned they are. More coming later. She also calls herself a lovable berk. For tvtrope lovers see: Lovable Rogue, Little Miss Con Artist, Feelings about other characters: Bioware: Aerie: Elicia thinks she's a wee bit too mopey for her personal tastes but gets a real kick out of her being from a circus. Aerie finds the wererat odd but does appreciate her good humor, or she does when she isn't at the butt of her jokes. Nicknames her Birdie. Anomen: Despite his "unique" personality Elicia likes him quite a bit. She knows a sucker when she sees one and doesn't hesitate to play up a damsel in distress or what have you to get Anomen to do something for her. Also flirts with him to get him to buy her sweets. If CHARNAME is romancing him she will offer "helpful" hints to deal with his boasting/whining. Personally Elicia recommends replacing his dialog with your own in your head. It makes life so much more hilarious. Anomen doesn't approve of her choice of career but otherwise likes the wererat, mostly because she puts up with him. He tries to convince her to get her lycanthropy curse cured until learning she was born that way. He still tries to convince her to give up her lawless stealing ways though. Anomen does enjoy buying her sweets, if only to see happy look on her face. Nicknames him Sir Helmet. If Anomen fails his test his dialog will be different than if he succeeds. Hopefully a romance might be available depending on if CHARNAME decides to play matchmaker with the two. Cernd: She's not too fond of the nature preaching/loving guy. She's also a bit weary of the fact he turns into something that's close enough to a werewolf. Hey she's a wererat and wolves eat rats! Plus she believes his hair looks silly. Also after learning he abandoned his child/leaving him at the druid grove bothers her. Elicia grew up with a close (large) family and why he would let someone else raise his child is beyond her. However she does like pranking him via "borrowing without intent to ask or return" his stuff. Cernd tries to bond with his fellow shapeshifter and is rather disheartened that the whole predator/prey dynamic bothers her. He still tries to get her to be more welcoming of nature despite that fact that wererats are notoriously city-based folk. He's not sure what to make of her rather questionable parenting advice. Nicknames him puppy. Edwin: The two get along about as well you expect a thief and a red wizard to. Elicia finds him even too pompous for her to handle (and she tolerates Anomen.) and doesn't appreciate his attempts to get sample of her blood and/or fur. Blood is supposed to stay inside you after all! She does however mess with his stuff to annoy him and sometimes hits on him just to screw with him. Noone ever said she was smart and/or wise. The Edwina situation is absolutely hilarious to her and she enjoys teasing the heck out of her. Edwin doesn't like the wererat very well, after all she is rather dumb. He is however interested in getting a sample of her blood for research purposes. Nicknames him Ed/Eddie. Haer'Dalis: The bard and the thief get along wonderfully though she's not sure what to make of the nickname titmouse. The jury's still out on whether she ought to be offended by being referred to as a mouse in any context. She's a rat dangit. There is (hopefully) a possibility of a for fun fling between the two, that the CHARNAME can help or hinder depending on if it gets written. Nicknames him blue. Imoen:These two might have been separated at birth if one wasn't a wererat at least. Pranksters in arms forever. Nicknames her sis. Jaheira: She reminds Elicia of her mother for the most part. She doesn't appreciate Jaheira's nature shtick for being a druid but otherwise gets along with her. When she learns of Khalid's death from the party she feels sorry for her. After all Elicia would be devastated to lose a member of her family. The druid doesn't quite tolerate the thief's playful antics as they seem like a waste of time though she does grow fond of her eventually. Nicknames her mom/mommy. Jan: Jan's inventions are a thing of interest to her. More than once she'll try to get Jan to let her borrow things from him. She will not allow him to ride her into battle as his "honorable" dire rat steed. Even if the idea is comedic gold. Jan doesn't mind her, provided she asks to borrow something. Nicknames him Mister Turnip. Keldorn: Despite him being a paladin (of which she doesn't have very good opinions of seeing as most of them like to hunt "monsters" like her.) she likes the old man. Even if she doesn't agree with him putting the Radiant Heart before his family. Still she tries to get along with him after figuring out he mostly hunts out of control mages, not werebeasts. He reminds Elicia of a team dad of sorts, and actually responds to his "Dad" voice rather well. After all, he has daughters that are around her age. In trade he warms up to the wererat, even though she's a thief she's not evil and a whole bunch of misguided. Keldorn doesn't like Anomen's interest in her if it comes up. She might not be one of his actual daughter, but what kind of dad-like figure would tolerate someone like Anomen being in ANYONE'S life? Nicknames him Old Man and Dad. Mazzy: The two get along as well as you'd think. Mazzy handles her short jokes with the grace of a saint. Nicknames her buttercup for some strange reason. Minsc: Even without the hamster the two would get along pretty well. The ranger being a rodent lover just further puts him on her good list. She likes to tell him she's rusty on her hamster speak. She also spins silly stories about meeting the rare and revered were-hamster. Nicknames him ?. Nalia: They don't get along. She thinks the spoiled rich girl is a wannabe and doesn't understand how life actually works. Nalia finds her uneducated, uncouth, and possibly dirty due to superstition about rats carrying diseases. In short Elicia is the exact type of person she wants to help. Nicknames her git. Valygar: He gets along with the wererat about as well as he gets along with anyone else. She thinks he's too broody and needs to develop a sense of humor. Nicknames him ?/ Viconia: The two don't get along for a number reasons. One's a drow, rude, a jerk with a heart of jerk filled with extra jerk (in Elicia's opinion.) Vic thinks the wererat is at best a somewhat talented thief, but at the end of the day she's still a rat. After all, giant spiders love a tasty dinner of giant rats. Nicknames her ??. Yoshimo: They get along pretty well though she's better at cheating. Or at least she thinks she is. Nicknames him Yoshi. Sarevok: He scares her. A lot. Nicknames him ??. Baldur's Gate 2: EE Characters Dorn: As with Sarevok he's scares the poor wererat. She might not be the brightest but even she knows consulting with demons is a super bad idea. She might steal a lot, but she doesn't just kill for shits and giggles. Besides bodies are hard to hide. Dorn thinks she ought to be seen and not heard. After all CHARNAME didn't bring her a long for her brilliant wit but to pick locks and disable traps. She doesn't nickname him per say but often refers to him as tall dark and scary. Hexxat: While the two have common occupations Elicia doesn't trust the vampire. After all vampires make her nervous, what with the whole blood drinking thing. Blood stays on the inside! Hexxat thinks the wererat is foolish and wonders how she's survived this long. Nicknames her Bitey/Fangs/ect. Neera: The two get along pretty well even if Elicia is weary of wild mages. Plus at least she's pretty. Nicknames her Sparky. Rasaad: She thinks he's easy on the eyes but doesn't agree with the being a good guy shtick. After all heroes tend to have a short life expectancy. He tries to push onto the path of doing good much to her amusement. Nicknames him Sunny. Mod Characters: Coming Eventually. I'd love any suggestions/tips/cheese and/or rodent puns. Maybe suggestions for a romance bgm though I have an idea on one or two. I'm planning on making a mock up portrait of her using Skyrim so I can pay someone to do a BG2-style portrait for her. I'd love suggestions on her stats since all I did was grab one of the DnD books and asked my ex-DM husband what stats would be good for a wererat thief.
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