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  1. Hello all, I'm a long-time BG2 player with some experience with a few mods, but never SCS. I'm midway through the SCS installation right now, and so far nothing seems to have broken. It's taken awhile in some spots (the mage tactics especially) on my fairly new computer -- over an hour and a half so far. But now the installation's been stuck awhile in Improved Vampires, on a few "copying and patching 1 file" lines. As I was searching the forums to see if this is a common problem, I realized that trying to install it in your Steam folder in Program Files is apparently a problem, but I can't find answers about HOW BIG of a problem it is. Does it just sometimes break? Will it be unusable? Basically, I have several questions and I'm hoping someone can help out the newbie: Flat-out, will I have to re-install elsewhere? Or is an installation in Program Files salvageable? How long is the installation supposed to take? If I close the installation DOSbox right now, or if I close it when it freezes again, will that permanently screw up the game? If everything's broken and I have to completely uninstall, will uninstalling BG2EE completely remove the SCS stuff? Or do I have to uninstall SCS first, and then the game? Thank you so much for your help!
  2. Version v5512


    There are four files available: bg114315.exe - Patch for English players without the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion bgintl114315.exe - Patch for non-English players without the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion BGTalesUS5512.exe - Patch for English players with the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion BGTalesIntl5512.exe - Patch for non-English players with the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion Patches for the Enhanced Editions will be available through the service where you bought it (Beamdog, Steam, GOG).
  3. Version v26498


    Depending on your installation, there are four files available: BaldursGateII-ShadowsofAmnPatchENGLISH.exe - For English players without the Throne of Bhaal expansion BaldursGateII-ShadowsofAmnPatchEUROPE.exe - For non-English players without the Throne of Bhaal expansion BGII-ThroneofBhaal_Patch_26498_ENGLISH.exe - For English players with the Throne of Bhaal expansion BGII-ThroneofBhaal_Patch_26498_EUROPEAN.exe - For non-English players with the Throne of Bhaal expansion Patches for the Enhanced Editions will be available through the service where you bought it (Beamdog, Steam, GOG).
  4. CURRENT ISSUES VOICED LINES (non-fatal flaw). - there are no current recorded voiceovers for lines; the component options are there to hold the WeiDU Component Number order, but no voicings are present BG2:EE/EET - FRIENDSHIP: (non-fatal flaw). - Revisit interjection points in both SoA and ToB. - Few BG2:EE introduced interjections are are covered. - No newly introduced areas have commentary. PID will not react to new areas. ARAN_AWARE (non-fatal flaw). - Component is coded and uses Aran's .tra, but most of the content ends up fitting regular Crossmod content. Pro = easy addition, unloads some .tra work, will probably become a regularly installed mod on EE and BiG World, etc. Con = A_A is already traified, Crossmod is not. Folks might not want to grab Crossmod when doing targeted installs. Component dissolved and all content except detecting kits moved to Crossmod Banter Pack. (non-fatal flaw). We have issues with Aran in the The Broken Sword right after picking him up. Force talking him, (before leaving The Broken Sword), and choosing the bath option - no variables set. Tried this with him and the PC doing everything and just taking a 'friendly' bath with not even a kiss being exchanged. Either way, no variables set and the PC flirting with Aran afterwards, (after bath but before leaving The Broken Sword), the flirts do not register - no variables set. The right variables do set if the PC doesn't take a bath with him though. Not able to replicate on Beta_Luridel (non-fatal flaw) But definitely unwanted behavior. Unable to replicate - procedures and tests logged here:http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27403&p=236635 We can say "Doesn't look like us or a mod interaction on our end." we have some specific answers as to whom else thought this was a good place to interject. The only things left are glitches in evaluating SDNS(Player1) or Wait(3) or smallwait; all those things are engine things and script things that we can't control, as it is not our dialog that is processing that, it is Aerie's/Quayle's/Kalah's. And we can go back to modding. To be safe, because these things do pop up, I am marking this "Unable To Replicate) and we'll see what comes up. in the meantime, i will pop over and make sure Kivan has his code done up right. Wouldn't want the lad to accidentally leave anything dangling in the wind, y'know. FOR EXPANSION - Investigate idea of the "single playthrough encounter", where a different encounter might be available based on .bcs evaluation of party composition, class, etc. So a bard PC might get something related to FR lore about bards, a cleric might get an 'opposte alignment' encounter... remembering the biggs comments on this, because creating one-off encounters like this may be prohibitively costly in terms of development and testing time versus the amout of time players get to see the content. - Finish Teldra's first and second quest materials and retest vs. current mini-quests. - Look at how gender checks and wild surges interact, and determine feasibility of adding comedic/pathos with friend or romantic partner suddenly switching teams. - Journal entries for big decisionmaking points in the friendship/stuff talkked about/stories told. Add BG2EE materials for these. Ties in with the scribe vibe. cm - Test and integrate fix for this Repaired 7/2/2015 ALWAY ACTIVE FOR FURTHER DEVELOPMENT SoA and ToB FRIENDSHIP: Look for ways of having Aran realistically engage in a discussion that avoids all the materials other mods have covered well, and in detail , avoiding the following: - How did you get here? - What are your feelings about being (potentially) a god? - What was candlekeep like when you were a kid? - Why are you doing this? - Is Aerie sleeping with you now, or just leading you on? - So, that Noober guy... does he have a sister, becuse she might be just my cup of tea... - Gorion - daddy figure or kind uncle? - Hey, those Shadow Thief outfits for the ladies... wow. Cool tattoos, and lots of skin. I wonder how they stay warm in winter... ...looking for fun, interesting, "friends chatting" stuff, open to any PC. SoA and ToB Talks Updates - Adding more options or pathways for dialog to reflect race, class, kit, gender, alignment, and in-game actions. DIALOGUE ALL AREAS: Look for any remaining reply states that force players into 1, 2, or 3 choices and expand them into the Aran-Usual 5 to 7. Hint: If there are less than 4, the option missing is probably "shy or reticent". I seem to have assumed most female PCs will not really be that shy. Or reticent. Sample schematics for inspiration: 1 interested 2 not interested 3 vamping, or teasing 4 aggressive 5 cruel/shutdown (may need one additional, of STFU) 1 interested/aggressive 2 teasing/seductive with or without any intention of following through 3 tender/shy 4 not interested 5 cruel Berelinde's "Benett Rubric" PC reply 1 (Lydia/Kitty): narcissistic, attempt to turn the conversation toward the PC PC reply 2 (Jane): all compassion PC reply 3 (Elisabeth): practical, full of advice PC reply 4 (Mary): inappropriate, sometimes wildly so PC reply 5: exit the dialogue
  5. Avenger


    Version v7.8.0.2


    The DragonLance Total Conversion Editor Pro (DLTCEP) is an unofficial game file editor/checker/browser for Infinity Engine games. Support forum
  6. Useful Variables to Troubleshoot Not all of them, just a select few that are good places to start if something goes hinkey. General Interaction Variables To Watch Way too many and too specialized, but here are some that are possible hiccups (show up in more than a few places). "c-aranfriendbg2","GLOBAL" tracks Friend Talks outside of UnderDark "c-aranfriendud","GLOBAL" tracks Friend Talks inside Underdark "c-aranfriendtob","GLOBAL" tracks Friend Talks in ToB These two are set up for the many small "scenery" one-liners or short dialogs. !GlobalTimerNotExpired("c-aransmalltalk","GLOBAL") // Timer (game-time) has never been set or has expired Global("c-silencearan","GLOBAL",0) // a PID - set "silencer" for folks who hate unsolicited comments "c-arandrunk","GLOBAL" // in a vanilla inn or The Broken Sword, intoxication greater than 50. 3 talks. Blocking timers so that they can't go off too soon, so spread them out. Mature Content Variables "c-aranpcbedding","LOCALS" cycles from 0 through 7, advancing through 8 static sex scenes. It seems pretty hard to break. Heh. I had to tempt fate, didn't I. A small subset of replies where the PC gives up control and basically says "do what you want with me however you want to" cycles through these - there is no interactivity, only text painting. "c-arankisses","LOCALS" is designed to get a semi-random sequence to work out so that each time PC initiates a PID romantic encounter the approach is slightly different and the potential outcomes are more randomized. This one is the most likely to break down due to multiple IncrementGlobal() calls - chances are, I have pathways with multiple incrementation. "c-aranintimate","GLOBAL" is the incrementing tracking var set by activity ( updates "c-aransex" ). This means whenever a meaningful(/less) physical action occurs through dialog, it should list it out. This is set up so that if a player starts down a path but finds it is too heavy, the SetGlobal() will relect the final action. It also means that in randomized sequences, the activity is registered without resetting "reality" - otherwise, one talk could be wild sex, the next just kissing, and the game would think that PC and Aran just kissed. It should only be found in DO ~action~ "c-aransex","GLOBAL" is the regulating var to tell talks what physical status the relationship has taken. It matches the values 0-4 found in c-aranintimate: c-aransex = 0 : no intimacy c-aransex = 1 : kissing c-aransex = 2 : touching + kissing c-aransex = 3 : heavy innuendo touching ("petting") c-aransex = 4 : full physical intimacy It should never be found in DO ~action~, only in triggers, and is set via .bcs incrementation based on c-aranintimate. Like in real life, you can't take back an action, so short of console use or the specific troubleshooting "what do you think about our relationship" dialogs you can't take back that action... it does not de-increment. Flirting Variables to Watch "c-aranflirtstop","GLOBAL" should be toggled to halt unwanted flirts or re-enable them if the player changes their mind. "c-aranfight","GLOBAL" is toggled by Aran on sequences where he takes offense at something (chance is usually 20% if the encounter is messing with him badly). "c-aranearlyflirt","LOCALS" Flirt SubMenu: Lightweight, Early Flirts for Impatient Players found in PID. Using this 12 times moves you immediately forward, jump-starting regular lightweight flirts, where instead of being friendly he is a little more hands-on. Basically, if a female is showing herself very interested, what red-blooded dude would wait patiently to develop things more? If PC waits rather than throws herself in his direction, then after 3 Friend Talks, "c-aranpcflirtstart","GLOBAL" sets up flirting, as long as PC has not shut down any romance (and isn't showing either Gender=Male or Gender=Female while wearing belt05). After 24 flirts on this level by either PC- or NPC-initiation, this cycles to 2 and opens up the heavy flirts. GlobalGT("c-aranflirt","GLOBAL",40) If you pass the 40 flirt mark total, whether early, lightweight, or heavy, Aran will come calling and automatically advance to "c-aranrom","GLOBAL",2. Whether or not you sleep with him, delay him, etc., you have shown serious interest. Luckily, he isn't afraid of a little running around behind other folk's back, at least at first... Romance variables To Watch "c-aranrom","GLOBAL",1 = PC is female and has not told him via PID that she doesn't want romance or flirting. PID-initiated flirting with him should turn this back on. "c-aranrom","GLOBAL",2 = PC is female and has indicated interest, currently set by one of these: PID (after some conditions are met) - Simply tell him you are interested in having a relationship that is more than friendly. Lots of flirting with him via PID or NPC-initiated. Controllable by not flirting with him and telling him you don't want to have him come up to you and flirt. A rejoining option that indicates you want to be more than friends. Several branches in SoA LT 7, SoA LT8 NPC Management: relationship check chains in most dialog files, there for testing - perhaps to be left in place. ToB Summons from Fate Spirit, and all joining-rejoining dialogs in ToB (hard to tell ToB interactions with other NPCs as less attention is paid there for most NPCs). "c-aranrom","GLOBAL",3 = PC is not in a relationship with Aran. This is set by PID, and a very very few places in dialog. "c-aranbg2rom","GLOBAL" tracks LoveTalk progress in SoA "c-arantobrom","GLOBAL" tracks LoveTalk progress in ToB (when there are some; right now, there are none.
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