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  1. Pretty much what the title states. Suppose you have a folder containing 3 subfolders and 4 files. The first subfolder contains 5 files, the second one 14 and the third one just 1. How can I collect all those files/file paths (4 + 5 + 14 + 1 = 24) in a single array?
  2. When I was writing a guide about "How to properly handle mod components dependencies" and "Best practices for LABEL's" one important thing got my attention: Do labels from all of my mods are 'reserved' just as filename prefixes? So already defined labels can't be used for other mods, even if they are inside different tp2? So they can be utilized as globally unique ID of the component? Q: What is LABEL and why I should add LABEL's to my mods? A: LABEL is a better DESIGNATED. It allows assigning a unique textual identifier for a given mod component. And use this identifier to handle
  3. I would like to get your feedback, thoughts, and experience regarding the installation routine of WeiDU mods. Assume that we have a mod called "MurphyLaw" , version "1.1.1" with the description of "Anything that can possibly go wrong, does." Most players have this mod installed with version "1.1.1". After a long time, there was an update to "v2.0.0". Players want to update the mod. For every possible case that might exist, what would be the safest and least error-prone workflow in order to have a successful mod update? Case A - Single mod or the mod that was installed as the l
  4. I've finally take some time to talk about this topic. When I take look at the amount of the BWS 'custom extraction rules' and 'custom code' which was written only because modder made simple packaging mistake and then went MIA, i decided that there won't be any kind of 'extraction' feature for PI unless there will be a well-defined standard for all IE mods. Having a well-defined, universal and cross-platform Infinity Engine Mod Package and the cross-platform tool for creation of such package would be wonderful. Definitely there are advantages for players and for mod managers. This general idea
  5. As you know, something like [^abc] processes one character at a time. So in this case everything but a, b or c. What if I need to match everything but the sequence abc? Is it possible to achieve that in WeiDU? EDIT: well, in this case this should be enough [^a-c] but what about the following pattern =>èàè+@@()[][]/>>>| ?
  6. I'd like to share a VScode extension with support for WeiDU syntaxes. That includes highlighting, basic completion, hovers, etc. It's new and still rough, but usable. Some details (and instructions if you want to help with development) are here.
  7. "conflicts + dependencies" is no minor feat, that's why I keep bringing up existing package managers that have had this solved for ages. In that sense python would be a better choice than powershell, but maybe there are some written in csharp too (eg. the windows contenders like chocolatey, nuget?).
  8. Ken and I have been playing around with interjections a lot lately and I've noticed a peculiar issue that I could use some help with since neither of us can explain it. I've chosen a random situation where our NPC interjects Shoal as she asks for a kiss and simplified the example for the sake of brevity. INTERJECT SHOAL 1 InterjectShoal == MYNPCJ IF ~IsGabber("MyNPC")~ THEN @1 DO ~Something()~ = @2 DO ~SomethingElse()~ EXIT As expected, that adds a forced transition with the global and the custom trigger to the dialog. The strange part is that after @1, the dialog should immedi
  9. Avenger


    Version v7.8.0.2


    The DragonLance Total Conversion Editor Pro (DLTCEP) is an unofficial game file editor/checker/browser for Infinity Engine games. Support forum
  10. Version v1


    Note: This package has not been updated in several years. For more recent highlighters, we recommend checking out Argent77's excellent WeiDU highlighters for Notepad++ at Spellhold Studios. This is a copy of NotePad++'s userDefineLang.xml file, usually found either in the install directory or within the following directory: users/myname/appdata/roaming/notepad++ The language has the following user defined languages filled out with almost all IESDP data currently available, with the following mapping: name="WeiDU_BAF" ext="baf" name="WeiDU_tp2" ext="tp2" name="WeiDU_d" ext="d"
  11. While working on a recent mod attempt I’ve come to some impasses due to my rather poor skills at using weidu; in fact, that would be a rather kind appraisal, as I find myself near illiterate when it comes to weidu, doing most of my work by repurposing others’ code for what I need to accomplish, otherwise the actual coding process is rather opaque to me. Let me get to what I’m stuck upon: firstly, I’m trying to create a code that will patch all quarterstaves to remove the backstab feature by toggling the “EE/Ex: Toggle critical hits (25)” feature in the itm files. So far based on previous
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