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Moebius Toolkit 0.2.0

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About This File

Moebius Toolkit is a desktop application (with a web-based alternative for your convenience) which consists of a set of loosely related modules. All of them have been useful to me while playing and discussing the Baldur’s Gate games, mostly for powergaming, balance checking (e.g. for mod creators), discussing the design of the videogames and AD&D 2nd Edition or just satisfying my curiosity.

What's New in Version 0.2.0   See changelog


The 0.2 version contains numerous improvements and fixes respect the 0.1 release, and some new modules. Despite the version not having reached 1.0 yet, the application should be 100% usable and stable.

Improved charts menu

Now the application has a menu entry for all the modules with a chart. Via this menu, the color scheme of any chart can be changed, and screenshots of the chart can be directly copied to the clipboard, or saved to a file (in case you want to quickly share a chart).

New modules

  • Dual XP Calculator: shows stacks of XP required to fulfill the dual class combinations that you want to compare.
  • Progression Charts: compares the progression of classes (single or multi) and displays the evolution of their level or THAC0 improvements.
  • The Game Browser is started, but is still a complete work in progress, with no real useful functionality, but it's there to show some potential.

Backstab Calculator

Gained a "max damage" setting, and now the charts and controls are laid out on a resizable splitter.

Damage Calculator

As usual, this is the most mature part of the application (as the whole application was initially just a Damage Calculator), and the one which has gained more features:

  • The charts can now be saved in two different file formats (as a user this works fairly transparently). The existing JSON format and a more human-readable one called TOML. Both are supported and will probably be supported for a while. Both loading and saving.
  • Many controls on the calculation panel, specially the top ones (which are the hardest to understand), will now show a detailed tip when hovering them with the mouse, hinting at how are intended to be used, and providing the reference values of Strength and Dexterity.
  • All the math internals have been thoroughly reviewed and now are very well unit-tested for correctness. In the process it was found and fixed an error in how the critical hits were calculated.
  • Now both the critical hit and critical miss range is fully adjustable instead of limited to the usual 5%. Some mods reduce critical hit or miss to non-standard values. Now it is possible to calculate the impact of that change.
  • The web version of the application is able to save and load calculations to/from a file on disk, via the usual browser dialog.
  • The menus should not go crazy when two or more instances of the Damage Calculator are opened at the same time in the same application.

A Gibberlings3 project

Last but not least, now the project is also part of the Gibberlings3 family. Many, many thanks to all the people who encouraged me on the project, specially @CamDawg for the encouragement for joining G3, and @morpheus562 for the feedback on the application.

Feel free to reach out in the forum at Gibberlings3.

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