Welcome To The Gibberlings Three

The Gibberlings Three (G3) is a very active modding community for the Infinity Engine, which powers games such as Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II, Icewind Dale, Icewind Dale II and Planescape: Torment, both the originals and the Enhanced Editions. We also feature mods for Neverwinter Nights II. Feel free to browse our collection of released mods, view information about mods in progress, check out the portrait gallery, or visit the forums.

: Transitions v2.0 Arrives

Transitions smooths out the transitions between Baldur's Gate campaigns (EET, BGEE, SoD, or BG2EE) , allowing continued play after boss enemies have been defeated. In addition, it adds personal housing, another Bhaalspawn power, quests, and other content.

The new version includes many new and revised features, including new Bhaalspawn powers (Mind Shield and Charm Creature), personal housing is available in BGEE, access to personal residences located in the city of Baldur's Gate during the SoD prologue, a new housing option: across from the Flaming Fist headquarters, closure of BG1 quests that are normally unable to be completed after Sarevok is defeated - pub rumors won't reopen them, BG2 changes have been fixed and tested, Imoen's training (or not) is now completely under the player's control, player's personal chest follows through to BG2 strongholds and pocket plane (EET only), and two new characters in ducal palace after Sarevok has been defeated (treasurer and Fenster - healing services).

Learn more about the mod, download it from G3 or directly from GitHub, view the readme, or join us on the forum.

: Version 21 of the Crossmod Banter Pack for BG2 Released

The Crossmod Banter Pack is a collaborative effort to add new interactions between mod NPCs in Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal, written by the original NPC authors working in collaboration. This mod adds material including banters, romance conflicts and interjections. Version 21 features over 40 new banters, primarily thanks to the hard work of Lava.

The mod is available from the G3 download center, or you can learn more about the mod by perusing the readme, project page, forum, or joining us on Discord

: G3 Welcomes the Heroes, Thieves, and Moneylenders Mod!

Heroes, Thieves, and Moneylenders (HTaM) is a mod for BG2 or BG2EE that adds new quests, episodes and characters, several new areas, additional banters and interjections for NPCs from the main game and from some other mods. HTaM is a project from the Russian Arcanecoast Team--specifically Austin, Scheele, Alisia, tipun, and Gorionar--who have been long-time translators of several G3 mods and is available in English and Russian. We're pleased to offer their mod!

Learn more about HTaM on their project page or forum, or head over to the download section for it.

: Sword Coast Stratagems version 34 is now available

Sword Coast Stratagems is a collection of interconnected mini-mods for Baldur's Gate (on the BGT/BGTUTU/BGEE versions) and Baldur's Gate II. It is primarily a tactical and AI-enhancement mod: the idea is to make the game's combat more interesting, tactically challenging, and realistic by more effective use of, and choices of, creatures' abilities. It also contains a few rule tweaks and ease-of-use features.

Version 34 is largely a bug-fixing release: it fixes several issues (some critical) caused by the release of version 2.6 of BGEE/BG2EE, corrects a severe bug in mage AI accidentally introduced in v33.5, and solves 20-odd more minor issues. It also updates the Icewind Dale spells to IWDEE2.6, makes those spells available on non-Enhanced-edition versions of the game, adds a small new component for BG1 (Improved Carsa/Kahrk interaction), allows enemy spellcasters to use Icewind Dale spells even if the Spell Revisions mod is installed, and makes a few other minor AI and spellsystem tweaks.

Grab it direct here. You can also visit the extensive project pages, readme, or SCS forum for more information.

: Lauriel's Framed Mod Officially Arrives

We're happy to welcome another mod from @Lauriel.  The Framed mod for BGEE and EET provides 2 different versions of Chapter 6 and makes going to Candlekeep a possible side quest not involving the Iron Throne.

You can visit the project pagereadme, and forum to learn more about the mod or head to the download page right now.

: Welcome to the Bardic Appraisal Mod

The Bardic Appraisal mod is a small WeiDU mod that adds an ability to bards (including all kits) that allows them to appraise any identified item in the party. It adds a single, at-will ability for any bard, kitted or unkitted. The ability will prompt a dialogue which will allow you to appraise any identified item in the party's possession. The mod will work on any game, save PsT or PsTEE. Grab it from the Download Center, learn more about it from the readme or project page, or join us on the forums or Discord.

: Crossmod Banter Pack for Baldur's Gate II v20 Now Available

Thanks to the hard work of Lava, version 20 of the Crossmod Banter Pack for Baldur's Gate II is now available. This mod will add new material for between various Baldur's Gate II mods including banters, romance conflicts and interjections. Version 20 adds PI integration as well as a ton of new banters.

The mod is available from the G3 download center, or you can learn more about the mod by perusing the readme, project page, forum, or joining us on Discord

: IWD Crossmod Banter Pack v1.4 available!

This mod adds crossmod content - including banters, interjections and romance conflicts - to several NPC mods for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, as well as serving as a hub for crossmod of future mods for IWD:EE.

Version 1.4 includes content for the newest NPCs - L'anna and Hommet. Full list of talks is available at the project's page.

Learn more about the mod on the project page, readme, forum, or Discord, or head straight to the downloads to get it. 

: Widescreen v3.08 Released

The Widescreen Mod allows the original versions of Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast, Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, Icewind Dale: Heart of Winter and Icewind Dale II to be played at previously unsupported resolutions, like those of widescreen monitors. @lynx has put together v3.08, a new maintenance release, to address some minor issues and to work better with GemRB and Project Infinity. You can get it from the downloads page, browse the Readme or project page, or join us on the forum or Discord.

: Yoshimo's Remorse v3.0 Released

Was the event at the Asylum truly the ending to Yoshimo's adventures with the Bhaalspawn? Is there simply no way to redeem himself? Yoshimo's Remorse is a mod for BG2:ToB that makes Yoshimo a playable character in Throne of Bhaal. However, he is not what you expect him to be... Prepare yourself for new adventures and talks with the infamous bounty hunter, a tormented soul that was left with nothing but regrets. Listen to him as this may be his last chance to find peace. v3.0 fixes a number of issues from the previous release. Grab it from the download page, learn more from the readme or project page, or come join us on the forums.