Icewind Dale Crossmod Banter Pack

This mod adds crossmod content - including banters, interjections and romance conflicts - to several NPC mods for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, as well as serving as a hub for crossmod of future mods for IWD:EE.

There are three components to this mod.

Crossmod Banter Pack

Currently, this mod includes content for the following NPCs:

  • Dendjelion, Dusky, Hommet, Ina, L'anna, Noon, Oak-Maw, Orra, T'viy, Tipps, Urchin, and Xikâsz by Lava Del'Vortel
  • The IWD NPC Project (Holvir, Korin, Nella, Severn and Teri) by Kulyok
  • Karihi, Minerva, Nirik, and Tal'zkah by The Artisan
  • Cassia by Arvendor

As part of this, you'll be prompted to choose a minimum delay between banters. This mod uses scripts to imitate the banter system of Baldur's Gate as the normal banter mechanics appear to not work for IWD:EE. As such, banters may occur more 'predictably' than in BG—generally after resting or traveling over the world map. The 'real-time' and 'game-time' timers may be customized during installation.

Crossmod Romance Conflicts

Many of the mod NPCs have their own romances. The mod includes optional romantic conflicts between NPCs with romances with PCs of the compatible gender:

  • Male: Dusky, Karihi, Nella, Teri
  • Female: Ina, Holvir, Korin
  • Both: Dendjelion, Minerva, Oak-Maw, Tipps

L'anna's romance starts later in game. Her romance does not include conflict talks, but she won't start a romance if you are romantically involved with another NPC.

Holvir-Dendjelion Conflict
Requires Crossmod Romance Conflicts, The IWD NPC Project, and Dendjelion

Holvir and Dendjelion will have a conflict with each other (this is optional by Kulyok's request). This conflict may potentially result in the two fighting each other, unless the PC has a Charisma of 18+.

If Dendjelion kills Holvir, the PC can choose (and be encouraged by some party members) to avenge him. Sparing Dendjelion leads to a -2 penalty to Reputation and breaks romance with Korin, Nella, Teri and Minerva. Additionally, Dendjelion will have new banters with other party members referencing the conflict, with Korin and Nella potentially choosing to leave the party unless the PC is persuasive enough.