"Holla, chief."

Angelo Dosan is the fighter-turned-mage who served as your brother's henchman in Baldur's Gate. You may remember that he sentenced you to death and fought against you in the Undercity, and if you were lucky enough to mine the content, you may remember that he is Shar-Teel's father. Most likely he didn't survive your game, but people in this world seem to have a knack for not staying dead.

In the Angelo NPC Mod, Angelo tracks you down in the Graveyard District to make you an offer you can't refuse (though perhaps you will). He comes equipped with the following:

  • Between two and five banters with every Bioware NPC
  • Extensive player-initiated conversation trees
  • A full array of interjections
  • Voicing
  • Custom equipment
  • For those curious about the past, the player can ask Angelo to unfold the story of Sarevok as he saw it. Of course, should Sarevok himself ever join the party, the plot may thicken.
  • Angelo has two major quests—-both in SoA, one of which can carry into ToB.
  • If you are female, are of any race and have at least twelve charisma, you can attempt to romance Angelo.

His stats:

  • STR: 15
  • DEX: 15
  • CON: 16
  • INT: 17
  • WIS: 11
  • CHR: 10

Angelo is Chaotic Neutral. He feels little remorse for the past, but has no objection to giving virtue a try; and in everything looks out for himself. As his new "chief" he wants to see the PC succeed (as long as the PC doesn't set his sights too high, as Sarevok did), and can't understand why the PC insists on running around with a gang of oddballs after risky objectives, rather than settling down and building his or her fortune. He has little to no taste for adventure, and respects experience and competence.

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