The Delainy Werewolf Bard Mod for Baldur's Gate II

Delainy grew up on an isolated island that was populated solely by werewolves, an island that was embroiled in a conflict between two factions. Into this maelstrom of violence, the protagonist arrived from the mainland in search of the whereabouts of Baldur, for whom the city of Baldur's Gate was named. The heroes aided the werewolves against their wolfwere rivals to the north, but the werewolves intended to betray them and infect them with lycanthropy. Delainy, seeing what was going to happen to a group that proved themselves honorable, risked her life to lead the heroes to a ship and safety. As the hero was getting ready to leave, he asked Delainy if she wanted to go with him, and at that moment, the toughest decision in her life was put before her: whether to go with him, and to explore the wide, vast world that his very arrival opened before her, or the binding loyalties of the pack to her people, her family, and her friends. Ultimately, she chose to stay with her people, for better or worse...

Delainy is planned as a joinable, romancable NPC. We're also planning a parallel project, Durlyle, whom the hero would have encountered if female. Feel free to come and join us on the forums and kick around ideas with us.

Delainy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who is Durlyle?
A: Delainy is based on a character you meet in the Baldur's Gate expansion Tales of the Sword Coast. The protagonist would eventually travel to an island in search of Balduran's ship, where male characters would encoutner Delainy. For female characters, Delainy was replaced by Durlyle. We have plans to develop Durlyle concurrently with Delainy, although we usually just refer to Delainy.

Q: Will there be music and voicing?
A: We have plans for both, yes.

Q: Where can I find Delainy in the game?
A: Delainy will be somewhere in Athkatla, earning her keep as a bard. Her location will be randomized from a set list of starting locations (hint: think taverns) at the beginning of every game, as well as any time she leaves your party.

Q: Can Delainy be cured of lycanthropy?
A: No. Humans that are infected with lycanthropy can be cured by a priest under certain conditions. However, Delainy is a true lycanthrope from birth and therefore can not be cured. Delainy's lycanthropic nature is part of her personality and it is unikely she would purge it, even if it was possible.

Q: Are there quests/events associated with Delainy?
A: There will be a multi-chapter quest included with the mod; this quest will spawn and progress whether Delainy is in the party or not. There are presently three other, smaller encounters/quests that will require Delainy in the party.

Q: Who do you recommend taking in the party with Delainy?
A: Delainy will have at least four banters with every Bioware NPC (some as many as six), so include whichever NPCs you would normally travel with.

Q: Why is Delainy using the Cheyenne language?
A: Bri, the writer, knows Cheyenne and is using it to provide a bit of exoticism, similar to Viconia's use of Drow. That being said, don't expect to see too much of it.

Q: Where can I go to contribute/bitch/learn more?
A: As the mod is still in development, the Delainy forums are currently the best spot for additional information.

Delainy's Background

Delainy grew up on an isolated island that was populated solely by werewolves, an island that was embroiled in a conflict between two factions, that of a group that desired a more bestial existence, in attune to their more primal selves, the other faction was a group that tried to live part of their existence at least in balance with their human side, and as such, were actually a bit more civilized than the naturalistic faction. However, both sides were unable to coexist harmoniously, and eventually the conflict was proving too much for the more civilized faction. As a member of the civilized faction, Delainy naturally grew to like her human side, and the benefits that went along with it. She grew so enamored, she eventually became the unofficial town historian, learning all the tales she could and committing them to memory.

Into this maelstrom of violence, the hero arrived from the mainland in search of the whereabouts of Baldur, for whom the city of Baldur's Gate was named . In the course of his adventures, the hero allied with the civilized werewolves, wiping out the more primal beasts. In the midst of these, Delainy made his acquaintance , even though she knew that he wasn't a lycanthrope like herself, and as the ancient legends said, should have been slain on the spot. However, he comported himself honorably, much to her initial surprise, and Delainy asked him to find a cloak that was stolen from her, an important relic from her people's past, stolen during a storm. Both the cloak and the Balduran relics were found in the wrecked remains that the primal werewolves called home.

Much to her surprise, Delainy was given the cloak, and almost as a lark, she asked him to find some belladonna blooms. When he returned with the blooms as well, she was truly touched. Unbeknownst to her, though, her own people would prove unhonorable in their own actions, for as a "reward" for aiding them in their struggles, they were going to gift the hero with lycanthropy. Even this was upended when the civilized werewolves soon revealed that there were two factions within their midst.

The two factions consisted of one group that was expansionistic, outward looking, who sought to escape the confines of the island, and slowly spread lycanthropy throughout the mainland with them as the nominal leaders. It was this group that wanted to bestow lycanthropy upon the hero but this was thwarted by the second, much larger group. This group was isolationist, and more importantly, believed that only those who were born werewolves were deserving of being werewolves, and were going to slay the characters out of hand, now that their primary rivals were wiped out.

The isolationists were the bigger of the two groups, and after taking down their rivals, focused their attention on the hero. Delainy, seeing what was going to happen to a group that proved themselves honorable, risked her life to lead the party to the ship that the expansionists had constructed to leave the island. As he was getting ready to leave, he asked Delainy if she wanted to go with him, and at that moment, her toughest decision in her life was put before her: whether to go with him, and to explore the wide, vast world that his very arrival opened before her, or the binding loyalties of the pack to her people, her family, and her friends.

Ultimately, she chose to stay with her people, for better or worse...

However, the worse was quick to come. Realizing that they didn't eliminate all of their rivals in the initial purge, the isolationists turned their snouts to the others in their midst, slowly ferreting out those they believed still harbored ideals opposite to theirs.

This shocked Delainy, for while wolves will attack one another, driving intruders away, as such there is no premeditated malice in their actions,. However, the dominant faction's violence showed one of the ugly truths of "sentience"--the desire for revenge.

However, while she would have liked to explore the idea of whether going for increased exposure to humanity as such was a good idea, greater concerns were at the forefront: survival. As a result, Delainy and the last secretive remnants of the expansionist faction put together a crude ship, using the hull of the ship that was the lair of the primal wolves, and managed to set sail for the mainland just as the packs of the isolationists came hounding on their tails.

Thankfully, they managed to catch a breeze, and landed off the coast just to the south of Ulgoth's Beard. Knowing that people on the mainland were deadly when they found a werewolf in their midst, the group of refugees decided whether to stay together, forming their own village again, or to infiltrate human settlements and live among them. The consensus was reached that the majority would stay put, but they would send out agents to see the feasibility of joining with... and then dominating... human villages and towns.

Delainy volunteered almost immediately to leave, for with her departure from her home, she could finally quench her desire to see the greater world, especially since the major ties of loyalty to her pack were severed through the various conflicts that engulfed her home. However, the other werewolves were less than pleased at the prospect of Delainy leaving, for she was the strongest tie they had to their heritage now that they were exiles...but this was also balanced by the fact that of all the werewolves present she was the one best adept at mingling with humans and not being caught. So, after the first initial months which were fraught with danger as the exiled werewolves established themselves, Delainy taught as much as she could to a few other chosen werewolves, and come that spring, the infiltrators left in ones and twos with the directive to return after a few months. Delainy, however, had no intention of ever going back...

Delainy Character Sheet

The current proposed stats for Delainy are:

Class: Bard
Race: Lycanthrope (Werewolf)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Str: 13
Dex: 16
Con: 12
Int: 17
Wis: 10
Cha: 15
Armor Class: 8

Delainy's lycanthropic heritage also grants her additional abilities, though the shapeshifting prevents her from wearing any armor. Her wolf and hybrid forms are immune to normal weapons, have increased movement speed, and regenerate. Delainy will also be able to transform into a Greater Werewolf as her powers progress, and she also has five unique howls that she can use. Here is a preview of two of them:

Mielikki's Summons (Hó'nehe)

Mielikki's Summons, so named in honor of the Lady of the Forest, is known by a great number of werewolves, not just Moon Dancer. This most primal of howls allows the werewolf to call forth her lupine kin, assembling a mighty pack ready to do battle by her side.

Torm's Aria (Éhéestáha)

Werewolves frequently encounter opponents that are much stronger than them, and like their lupine cousins, they are faced with the decision to fight or flee. However, sometimes fleeing is not an option, and they must stand their ground. The Moon Dancer calls on the loyalty, the obedience werewolves have for their pack, and removes all doubt from their mind as to the course of their action.

Items for Delainy

Depending on your path through the game, there are 17 variations of Delainy's custom spear. Below is the starting version.

th_spear.jpgHowl of the Tempest +2

The history of this spear goes back to the founding of Delainy's home. Every galliard, the bards and shamans of Delainy's people, bore this spear in one fashion or ano

ther. Custom dictated that as each galliard assumed their duties, they would have to melt the iron of the spear head and forge it anew, carving a haft themselves, a connection to the past, but existing for them in the present...

When Delainy became galliard, she waited until the night of a thunderous storm, and amidst the chill of the freezing rain and crash of the lightning, she stood protectively over a fire, melting the iron down, grinding up one fang from the previous galliard (who had promised that as long as she lived, her very ancestors would safeguard her), and then pounded the black metal to a point. As the new spearhead took shape, she allowed the chilling rain to quench it, and waited as a bolt of lightning thundered downward, sending sparks into the sky. While it lay, glowing red from the bolt, Delainy grasped it in one paw, and squeezed it tightly into shape, her blood cooling it a final time...




Equipped Abilities:
Armor Class Bonus: 1
THAC0: +2 bonus
Damage: 1d6+2, +1 electricity damage, +1 cold damage
Damage Type: Piercing
Weight: 3
Speed Factor: 1
Proficiency Type: Spear
Type: 2-handed
Requires: 5 Strength
Usable by:

Sample Dialogues

You can find sample dialogues for all bioware NPCs and more love talk previews in the Gibberlings Three Forums. Below is a sample love talk:

Delainy: Delainy pulls away from the group as they finish their preparations for the night. She is humming a quiet tune as she makes her way to a private spot, and sits, drawing her muscular legs up to her moderately endowed breast. Delainy's head tilts toward the moon, and a smile crosses her lips. The moonlight trickles down, imbuing her in a lambent aura of silver light, and the tension of the day fades.

Option 1:"May I join you? Unless you would rather be alone, that is."

Option 2:"You know, I wonder who is more beautiful this evening, you or the moonlight."

Option 3:"Don't wonder too far Delainy. If you get into trouble, we may be to late to help you."

Option 4: Go about your business, figuring that whatever time Delainy wanted to watch the sky was her own.

If Option 1, then go to A.
If Option 2, then go to B.
If Option 3, then go to C.
If Option 4, then go to D.

Delainy turns her head in surprise, but a warm smile grows on her lips, and she says, "Of course you can join me if you wish. I would welcome the company, truthfully."

Delainy sighs, and continues, "No matter where I have been, Selune has been my constant companion."

Option 4: Look earnestly at Delainy and say, "You aren't alone now, you know, unless you wish to be alone. I don't want to steal you away from your stargazing."

Option 5: Decide that just gazing at the sky is for the birds, and get up and leave.

Option 6: Enjoy being near Delainy, and gently reach over and take her hand into yours, holding it tightly.

If Option 4, then go to E.
If Option 5, then go to F.
If Option 6, then go to G.

Delainy flushes as your words of praise reach her, but she turns her head slightly, partially shyly, partially curious, though cheerfulness is also abundant as she replies, "Such sweet words, but you should take care that Selune doesn't hear you. She might take you away for herself."

Option 7:"You almost sound like I'm stealing you away from the moon."

Option 8: Smile, and blush yourself as you realize that Delainy reacted pleased with your words. Reach out and grasp her hand and hold it tightly.

Option 9: Figure you have better things to do than waiting out here in the dark trading words with a werewolf, and go back to camp.

If Option 7, then go to E.
If Option 8, then go to G.
If Option 9, then go to F.

Delainy smiles at your warning, "Thank you for your concern, but I will be alright, I promise."

She grins again, "Aren't there moments you have that you just enjoy the solitude, the quiet? For a werewolf, this can be doubly so."

Option 10:"Well, I didn't mean to interrupt, I just wanted to make sure you were safe. Its not like I was trying to steal you from Selune."

Option 11:"Very well, I shall be about my business then. I'm sorry for interrupting."

If Option 10, then go to E.
If Option 11, then go to D.

Matters proceed apace, and you bed down for the evening, Delainy still watching the night sky intently, and as slumber claims you, the only time she stirs is when it is her turn to take the time for the watch. (End dialogue)

Delainy grins, and she says, "You aren't stealing me away from anything. One evening a thief visited a home only to discover there was nothing to steal. The owner of the home returned, and caught the thief. 'You have come a long way to visit me,' he told the prowler, 'and you should not return empty-handed. Please take my clothes as a gift.'

The thief was bewildered. He took the clothes and slunk away. The homeowner sat naked, watching the moon. 'Poor fellow,' he mused, 'I wish I could have given him this beautiful moon.'"

Delainy instinctively nuzzles the inside of your neck, and she whispers, "Selune's light is there for all to enjoy." (End dialogue)

Delainy takes note of your leaving, but shrugs her shoulders, and goes back to watching the night sky. As she makes her way back to the camp, she gives one disappointed look in your direction, before finishing her preparations for the night. (End dialogue)

You feel a slight build up of tension in Delainy's hand as you grasp it, but you notice she doesn't pull away from you. She sighs, and leans gently into you, and continues to watch the night sky, sharing her warmth with yours.

An hour passes, and Delainy pulls apart, and licks you on the side of the cheek before heading back to the camp. (End dialogue)


Below is a sample Delainy-Jaheira banter.


Delainy: Jaheira, who is this Silvanus that I sometimes hear you utter? It's obvious he is some kind of deity or other, but I must admit, that I'm kinda still getting used to the whole god thing. It seems like there is a crowd out there for the choosing.

Jaheira: Silvanus? You mean to tell me you've never heard of Silvanus, the Great Tree Father?

Delainy: Well, I have heard *of* him, but I don't really know him. I was curious if you could tell me a bit more.

Jaheira: And why would you care to know of him? I mean, I hope you realize that I'm not one to proselytize much... are you considering becoming a devotee?~

Delainy: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause offense. It's just... well... before our flight the records of our people mentioned other deities, but only three were given any kind of reverence at all. Maybe it's just me, but it seems to me that by studying the gods held in reverence, one can learn much of a people... and, well, I know that I don't want to take up some kind of holy life, its just that I really am curious. I mean, there is a whole new world of things I don't know about.

Jaheira: Just who were these three?

Delainy: The first was Malar, worshipped by the wolfweres that lived to our north. Whenever they managed to catch one of us, they sacrificed him to the one they called the Beastlord.

Jaheira: Yes, Malar is one of the bloodier sorts. We occasionally must put down his followers that rise up from time to time as well. I will grant that they make powerful warriors, but their own chaotic nature makes them unreliable.

Delainy: Yes, we learned much the same, though the edge we had was that we could always retreat behind the wall separating us.

Jaheira: And the other two?

Delainy: Well, the other one isn't much better--goes by the name Daragor. The ones that eventually drove us off worshipped him.

Jaheira: Not much of a better choice. I will admit that I know less of Daragor than I do of Malar, but I do know Daragor much prefers werewolves, while Malar is less discriminating.

Delainy: Yes, and when you and <CHARNAME> defeated the wolfweres, after you fled the island those who called on Daragor ousted those who didn't bow to them in a bloody coup.

Jaheira: I am sorry to--

Delainy: Don't apologize. You had no idea of the repercussions of your actions. Truth be known it wouldn't really matter. In some ways, it was better. For those who worshipped Daragor, while evil, were inward looking, believing they already had the best of all possible worlds. Unlike those who I fled with, those who worshipped Eshebala...

Jaheira: Eshebala? Isn't she the one who...

Delainy: Yes, our lore indicated that she had her own children, ones she called foxwomen. However, she granted her favor to those of us who sought to expand beyond the island. That does make sense, now that I think about it. Compared to the other two, she is much more refined.

Whatever else the other two are, calling them brutish would be just a start! It could tickle her fancy at having werewolves, those she normally despises, to worship her. So does this mean you don't follow these three? I... I don't know if this makes sense but I may be a werewolf, but that doesn't mean I have to hurt people, you know? I mean, yes, it is a part of me, and I wouldn't give it up for the world, but is that all I am? I don't know... but I would like to find out more.

Jaheira: Hmm. Well, I can tell you a bit more of Silvanus, but I must admit, I don't know that he would be the right fit for you. Silvanus is the father of the woods, it is true, but it sounds like you seek to do as much good as you can. I won't deny some of Silvanus' followers do such matters, but he also represents the wild storm, the destructive power of nature that eventually leads to regrowth.

Delainy: Oh, I guess I should give this further thought. Thanks for your time Jaheira.


Here is repository of artwork for the Delainy mod. Discuss the various icons and graphics in the corresponding workroom thread. For all of the icons, the bright green background is transparent when the icon is in-game.

Mielikki's Summons (Hó'nehe)


Torm's Aria (Éhéestáha)


Tempus' Anthem (Éoto'xovahe)


Daragor's Threnody (Éhéhpôhetäno)


Polymorph Other to Squirrel (spellbook icon, innate/casting icon, and scroll icon respectively)


Shar's Requiem (Éhoónôsetäno)





Howl of the Tempest



Luna's Remembrance