The Divine Remix

The Divine Remix aims to rebalance and change several aspects of divine-magic-using classes, such as clerics, paladins, druids, and rangers. The mod was originally known as Cleric Remix.

Version 8 is a major, major rewrite and update. Because of the extensive changes, it should be considered a beta in terms of bugs and stability. Older versions are available at the G3 download center.

This mod is designed to work with BG:EE, BGII:EE, IWD:EE, BG2: Shadows of Amn with or without the expansion pack Throne of Bhaal, and various mod conversion projects such as Tutu, BGT, and IWD-in-BG2.

New Spells

A small selection of new spells are available: Cause Medium Wounds, Cause Blindness or Deafness, Cure Blindness or Deafness, Detect Good, Divine Shell, Faerie Fire, Impregnable Mind, Protection from Good, Protection from Good 10', Resist Acid and Corrosion, Strength of Stone, Conjure Air Elemental, and Energy Drain. Previous versions included a number of imported spells from Icewind Dale; these spells are no longer in The Divine Remix and are instead available in the IWDification mod.

Several minor changes are also made to existing spells. Cure Disease no longer cures blindness or deafness (use the new Cure Blindness or Deafness spell); Protection from Evil 10' and Negative Plane Protection are now third level spells; and Chaotic Commands now protects a slightly smaller scope of effects.

Two options are available for this component. You can select overwrite, in which case The Divine Remix versions of spells will overwrite similar spells introduced from other mods, e.g. any of the umpteen versions of Faerie Fire will be replaced by DR's version. If you choose not to overwrite, only the spells not already in the game will be added, preserving other mods' versions of these spells.

Disable Kits

When selecting a kit at character creation, the Infinity Engine is hardcoded to display only nine choices. You can install more than nine kits, but only the first nine installed will be offered as selections. This component gives you the option of making all previously installed kits invisible at character creation, leaving a blank slate for new kits. Please note that this component only removes the kits from selection at character creation--any creatures that still need to use these kits (such as enemies or NPCs) will be fine, i.e. removing the Lathander kit will not prevent the Lathander priests at the temple from being Morninglords.

For each class, you have the option of removing mod kits, or mod and original Bioware/Beamdog kits. You can choose to remove kits for each of the four divine classes (cleric, druid, paladin, and ranger) separately.

Cleric Remix

Cleric Remix

General cleric changes are fairly mild. The original three kits have their allowed alignments shifted to be their deity alignment plus one step out--e.g. Morninglords of Lathander (a neutral good deity) will now allow followers of lawful good, neutral good, chaotic good, and true neutral. Notably from the original alignment setup, chaotic neutral clerics only have an option for Talos, and lawful evil only for Helm. Kits have unique holy symbols for their deities, for ToB players. The original cleric kits now use their specialty names instead of generic priest, e.g. the kit names will change from Priest of Lathander to Morninglord of Lathander.

The cleric maximum spell progression has been altered to match available 2e source material. Tthe most notable difference is that very high level clerics should see more 7th level spell slots.

The clerical strongholds in Shadows of Amn have also been changed slightly, following along the lines of Oversight. Cleric-Rangers will now be offered a choice of stronghold, and the alignment requirements to assist one of the BG2 temples have been altered slightly--Helm no longer accepts Chaotic-aligned characters, for example. The kitted clerics will be offered a stronghold based on their deity, though some trueclass clerics, Painbearers, and Firewalkers will be offered a choice between two temples.

Silverstar of Selûne

Requires Cleric Remix component

This component installs the Silverstar of Selûne cleric kit.

SILVERSTAR OF SELÛNE: Selûne (pronounced: seh-loon-ay), Our Lady of Silver, is the goddess of the moon, the stars, and those who use them to navigate. Her eternal foe is the evil Shar, goddess of darkness, night, loss, and forgetfulness. Selûne is often called the Moonmaiden for her connection to the silver moon that orbits Faerun. She is the goddess of the moon and travelers. Selûne's home plane is The Gates of the Moon with her home a shining hall of silver called Argentil.

Non-evil lycanthropes honor Selûne as the master of their fate as do astrologers and fortune tellers. Selûne is also growing popular among alewives, laundresses, seamstresses and servants with the message of female empowerment. She is also worshiped by female spellcasters, navigators and sailors.

Selûne's clerics, called Silverstars of Selûne, are dedicated advocates of freedom and tolerance, wanderers on the path of truth and absolute foes of Shar. They seek to build harmony among lycanthropes and non-shapechangers, and they protect the weak and the oppressed everywhere. They cannot abide slavery, and they hate most undead. They rarely settle in one place for long, instead moving along when seized by wanderlust or enticed by a new cause or mission. They deal with lunar energies and phenomena and are, to a limited degree, able to wield the power of the moon, bringing its fierce, pure white light to Toril to advance the goddess's wishes.

– May cast Free Action once per day every 5 levels (starts at 1st level with one use).
– May cast Moon Shield once per day every 10 levels (starts at 1st level with one use), as detailed below.

MOON SHIELD: Upon casting this spell, the Silverstar receives a resistance to all magic. The resistance conferred is 2% per level of the cleric up to a maximum of 40% at 20th level. This resistance is set so if the target already has more magic resistance than the cleric would confer, it will actually lower it to the set value. This effect will last for the duration of the spell or until dispelled.

– Alignment restricted to chaotic good, neutral good, and chaotic neutral.

Nightcloak of Shar

Requires Cleric Remix component

This component installs the Nightcloak of Shar cleric kit.

NIGHTCLOAK OF SHAR: Shar is the goddess of darkness, night, loss, and forgetfulness. Her main aspect is worshipped by those who deal in the night (such as thieves), who hate the light (such as goblin races and their allies), and who feel bitterness and loss. Her symbol is a black disk with a border of deep purple.

Shar's mortal enemy is the goddess Selûne and the two fight on a number of levels throughout their immortal lives. There is a continual war between the two faiths and jihads against Selûne and her followers are common where Shar is strong.

Clerics of Shar are called Nightcloaks. They exist outside the standard church hierarchy. Shar has no main temple, but instead has a scattering of cells and secretive places throughout the Realms. The Nightcloaks of Shar serve as contacts, messengers, and enforcers of the Dark Lady's will.

– May cast Confusion once per day every 5 levels (starts at 1st level with one use).
– May cast Dark Bolt once per day every 10 levels (starts at 1st level with one use), as detailed below.

DARK BOLT: This spell creates small chakrams in the casters hand (one per level of the caster). These chakrams can be hurled, causing silence on a failed save vs. spell on the target creature and causing 2d4 cold damage. Undead creatures must also make a save vs. paralyzation or be held for one round.

– Alignment restricted to neutral evil, lawful evil, chaotic evil, and true neutral.

Holy Strategist of the Red Knight

Requires Cleric Remix component

This component installs the Holy Strategist of the Red Knight cleric kit.

HOLY STRATEGIST OF THE RED KNIGHT: Holy Strategist is the name by which a cleric of the Red Knight is known, and it is an apt title indeed. By devoting themselves to mastering military tactics and strategy, these militant clerics hone their minds and bodies into the deadliest weapons in Faerun. So impressive is their reputation that armies outnumbering their foes three to one have been known to surrender upon learning that a Holy Strategist leads the opposing force.

Collectively, the clerics of the Red Knight are referred to as the Red Fellowship. Many members serve as high-ranking commanders in armies throughout Faerun, often personally leading elite "special forces" units. Others who are not directly in the employ of the church serve as instructors at military academies or as quartermasters in charge of keeping the troops on the front line fed and supplied. When they are not in battle, Holy Strategists wear flowing robes of red accented with white.

– May cast Haste once per day every 5 levels (starts at 1st level with one use).
- At 13th level, Holy Strategists can make two melee attacks per round.

– Alignment restricted to lawful good, lawful neutral, and lawful evil.

Battleguard of Tempus

Requires Cleric Remix component; not available for games with an existing Tempus kit (e.g. IWDEE)

This component installs the Battleguard of Tempus cleric kit.

BATTLEGUARD OF TEMPUS: Tempus is the Realms' god of war, the Lord of Battle, the Foehammer. He is random in his favors, yet his chaotic nature favors all sides equally. He may be on an army's side on one day and against them the next. Such is the nature of war as embodied by Tempus.

The dress of the priest of Tempus is armor, battle-worn and battered. In more civilized regions this has been replaced by a steel skullcap, but the message is the same--these are warrior priests. Their place is in the trenches with the troops, urging them onwards. Priests of Tempus may be found on both sides of a conflict, as none can ever truly know who the war god will favor.

- Can specialize (two points) in any melee weapon that a cleric can use
– May cast Holy Power once per day every 5 levels (starts at 1st level with one use).
– May use Rage once per day every 10 levels (starts at 1st level with one use), as detailed below.

RAGE: The enraged state lasts for 1 turn. While enraged, a Battleguard gains a bonus of 2 to <PRO_HISHER> attack and damage rolls as well as to <PRO_HISHER> Armor Class, and becomes immune to charm, confusion, fear, feeblemind, hold, imprisonment, level drain, maze, stun, and sleep. The Battleguard also gains 15 temporary Hit Points which are taken away at the end of <PRO_HISHER> berserk spree, possibly knocking <PRO_HIMHER> unconscious.

– Alignment restricted to chaotic neutral, chaotic good, true neutral, and chaotic evil.
- Cannot be proficient in ranged weapons.

Painbearer of Ilmater

Requires Cleric Remix component

This component installs the Painbearer of Ilmater cleric kit.

PAINBEARER OF ILMATER: Ilmater is the Crying God, the god of endurance, suffering, martyrdom, and perseverance. It is he who offers succor and calming words to those who are in pain, oppressed, or in great need. He is the willing sufferer, the one who takes the place of another to heft the other's burden, to take the other's pain. He is the god of the oppressed and unjustly treated. In early days Ilmater's symbol was a blood stained rack, but of late a set of white hands bound by a blood red cord is used. The latter symbol has increased Ilmater's popularity in the world at large. Ilmater dwells in the Twin Paradises.

The followers of Ilmater are often perceived as being intentional sufferers, but in reality they offer a great deal along the "pure clerical" nature of healing and recovery to those who have been hurt. They put others ahead of themselves, are sharing, and emphasize the spiritual nature of life over the gross material body. Ilmater's priests are found where they are needed, which is usually in the worst possible conditions, ministering to the needs of the oppressed, and the poor. They dress simply in gray, with gray skullcaps (blood red for the higher ranks).

– May cast Lay on Hands once per day every 5 levels (starts at 1st level with one use).
– May use Ilmater's Endurance once per day every 10 levels (starts at 1st level with one use), as detailed below.

ILMATER'S ENDURANCE: The Painbearer draws upon Ilmater to be able to shoulder the burden of trials ahead. For 1 round per level of the Painbearer, the cleric gains 2 to saves, doubles HP, is immune to panic and disease, and will stand firm in the face of any charge or force.

– Alignment restricted to lawful good, neutral good, and lawful neutral.

Firewalker of Kossuth

Requires Cleric Remix component

This component installs the Firewalker of Kossuth cleric kit.

FIREWALKER OF KOSSUTH: Kossuth, Firelord, the Tyrant among Fire, is an Elemental Lord from the Elemental Plane of Fire. He is generally uncaring to his faithful, but continues to grant his priests their powers since their worship increases his power on his home plane. To maintain continued worship he does take a limited interest in his followers' mortal problems, and occasionally makes his presence known with a manifestation, but never an avatar.

Kossuth's church is varied and chaotic since he takes no interest in its structure. As a result it is a collection of cults with each faction coming up with its own ethics, codes, morals, and teachings. Kossuth's symbol varies greatly from faction to faction, but is generally a depiction of fire. It is believed that if Kossuth's following were to somehow become unified he would become a very powerful force in the Realms, something the other gods don't really wish to see happen. Of the four Elemental Lords, the best known and most feared are the cults of Kossuth, who are very powerful in Thay and the lands of the East.

Firewalkers of Kossuth can be of any alignment, but most are evil, reveling in the destructive power of fire. They can be members of any race. They dress in whatever their faction deems appropriate for the representation of their god. This is usually robes and long capes in reds, yellows, and oranges.

– May cast Sunfire once per day every 5 levels (starts at 1st level with one use).
- Gains 2% fire resistance per level.

– None.

Authlim of Iyachtu Xvim

Requires Cleric Remix component

This component installs the Authlim of Iyachtu Xvim cleric kit.

AUTHLIM OF IYACHTU XVIM: Iyachtu Xvim is said to the result of a union between the Black Lord, Bane, and a greater or a true tanar'ri, and thus the blood of Bane runs through his veins. Another tale says he is the spawn of the Black Lord and a corrupted Paladin. Also called the Godson and the Son of Bane, Xvim has served as Bane's instrument in the Realms, carrying out the will of his father. He appears either as a gaunt, naked man with a great scimitar or a black cloud with glowing green eyes.

Xvim was imprisoned under Zhentil Keep during the Time of Troubles, where he was held for ten years. He managed to free himself when Zhentil Keep fell during the Cyrinishad fiasco, where he also managed to steal the portfolios of Tyranny and Hatred away from Cyric. He is now the god of Fear, Hatred, Malice, and Tyranny. He is working toward fully taking the place of his father, Bane, which makes him a bitter enemy of Cyric. His following is strongest in the East, particularly in Thay, but his priesthood is rapidly spreading throughout the Realms. His priests favor black robes trimmed with dark green. They also wear black iron gauntlets with glowing green eyes painted on the back of the hand. These gauntlets are actually the priests' holy symbols of Xvim.

– May cast Greater Malison once per day every 5 levels (starts at 1st level with one use).
– Immune to Fear

– Alignment restricted to lawful evil, lawful neutral or neutral evil.

Lorekeeper of Oghma

Requires Cleric Remix component

This component installs the Lorekeeper of Oghma cleric kit.

LOREKEEPER OF OGHMA: Oghma is the god of knowledge and invention, the Binder of What is Known, and the Patron of Bards. He is the most powerful god of knowledge in the Realms (second if you consider magical ability as knowledge, with Mystra at its head). Deneir and Milil both act as intercessors for Oghma, carrying new information both to him and to those whom Oghma favors.

Oghma's followers believe that knowledge is most supreme, particularly in its raw form, the idea. An idea has no weight but can move mountains. It has no height but it can dominate a nation. It has no mass but it can push aside empires. Knowledge is the greatest tool of humankind, outweighing anything made by mortal hands. Before anything can exist, the idea must exist.

– May cast Secret Word once per day every 5 levels (starts at 1st level with one use).
- Gain a base of 10 lore/level.

– None

Heartwarder of Sune

Requires Cleric Remix component

This component installs the Heartwarder of Sune cleric kit.

HEARTWARDER OF SUNE: Sune (pronounced: sue-nee) Firehair is said to be the fairest of all the powers. When she is represented, she is shown as the most beautiful woman in the Realms, with sweeping, radiant, red hair and incredible charms. The Sunite faith is a popular one in large metropolitan areas and among the nobility. Those of a literary or artistic bent, as well as people falling in love or looking for lifemates, often venerate the Lady Firehair.

Sune herself is said to be benevolent and sometimes whimsical, alternating between deep passions and shallow flirtations. She has been romantically linked with many of the Faerunian powers in the myths of the Realms, though she has never shown any love at all for the gods of fury, Talona, or Tempus, since their functions posit the destruction of many beautiful things, both living and inanimate. Currently, she is rumored to have been rather smitten by the noble actions of Torm at Tantras during the Time of Troubles.

Sune's speciality priests, known as Heartwarders of Sune, are aesthetes and hedonists who actively seek out pleasure and beauty in all things, and who nurture the creation of beautiful objects. They are typically found in large cities in the company of the cultural elite. Most are active patrons of the arts, and all play the role of matchmaker for persons in all levels of society. Many are employed as artists, crafters, performers, or instructors, though a few travel the world to promote beauty and love.

- 1 Charisma
– May cast Emotion: Hoplessness once per day every 5 levels (starts at 1st level with one use).
– May use Veil of Djalice once per day every 10 levels (starts at 1st level with one use), as detailed below.

VEIL OF DJALICE: The Heartwarder temporarily augments <PRO_HISHER> beauty to unearthly levels, boosting effective charisma to 20 and forcing any hostiles to save vs. spell at -2 or be dire charmed for six rounds.

– Alignment restricted to neutral good, chaotic good, and chaotic neutral.

Feywarden of Corellon

Requires Cleric Remix component

This component installs the Feywarden of Corellon cleric kit.

FEYWARDEN OF CORELLON: The leader of the elven pantheon, Corellon Larethian (CORE-ehlon Lah-RETH-ee-yen) is said to have given birth to the entire elven race, although sometimes Sehanine or Angharradh are given credit as well. Elven lore states that the Fair Folk sprang from drops of blood Corellon shed in epic battles with Gruumsh mingled with Sehanine's (or Angharradh's) tears. The Creator of the Elves embodies the highest ideals of elvenkind, and he is the patron of most aesthetic endeavors, including art, magic, music, poetry, and warfare. He is venerated by all the Fair Folk, except the drow and those who have turned to Lolth, Ghaunadaur, Vhaeraun, and other dark powers. Corellon is especially popular with elf and half-elf mages, musicians, and poets.

Ceremonial vestments for priests of Corellon consist of azure robes made of gossamer and embroidered with silver quarter moons. Silver circlets engraved with the Protector's symbol are worn on the brow. The holy symbol of the faith is a silver or mithral lunate pendant worn on a slender chain hung from the neck. When adventuring, Corellon's priests generally favor traditionally elven equipment in conscious imitation of their divine patron.

– May cast Spell Immunity once per day every 5 levels (starts at 1st level with one use).
- May place up to 2 proficiency points in weapons and maximum in fighting styles
- Gains a 1 bonus to saves vs. death

– Race restricted to elf and half-elf.
– Alignment restricted to chaotic good, neutral good or chaotic neutral.

Strifeleader of Cyric

Requires Cleric Remix component

This component installs the Strifeleader of Cyric cleric kit.

STRIFELEADER OF CYRIC: Cyric (seer-ick) is a megalomaniacal deity with an immense following. One of the three greater powers of evil on Faerun, he is petty and self-centered, and enjoys misleading individuals of all inclinations so that they perform acts that ruin their lives or so that they make fatal mistakes. He drinks the tears of disillusioned dreamers and broken-hearted lovers. He is not above an alliance with another deity as long as he thinks he can betray the other divine power and come out ahead.

Cyric's church is pledged to spread strife and work murder everywhere in order to make folk believe in and fear the Dark Sun. It supports cruel rulers and indulges in intrigue in such a way that the world won't be overrun by wars (and thus fall under the sway of Tempus). His church is often beset by internal feuds and backstabbing, but this conflict has decreased in recent years as Cyric has gained better control of himself and has consolidated the churches of the deities whose portfolios he took over.

Strifeleaders wear black and purple robes. Silver bands, the symbol of their enslavement to Cyric, are worn on their wrists.

– May coat <PRO_HISHER> weapon once per day every 5 levels (starts at 1st level with one use), as detailed below

POISON WEAPON: Attacks made in the next round with that weapon will inject the poison into the target, dealing out 1 damage per second for 24 seconds (3 damage for the first 6 seconds). A saving throw vs. poison limits damage to 12 total.

– May use Dread Blast once per day every 10 levels (starts at 1st level with one use), as detailed below.

DREAD BLAST: Fires a ray of negative energy that deals 4d8 damage 1/level (max 20) and confuses target for one round (save vs. spell at -2 to negate confusion)

– Alignment restricted to chaotic neutral or any evil.

Druid Remix

Druid Remix

Only minor changes are made to druids. Druids have looser bounds on their neutrality requirements--rather than being restricted to true neutral, druids are now allowed to have any alignment that contains neutrality: neutral good, neutral evil, lawful neutral, and chaotic neutral are now allowed in addition to true neutral. On the flipside, the druid's ethos is now enforced on their armor selection for multi- and dual-classes. Before fighter-druids were allowed armor (but not weapons) available to fighters; now both armor and weapons are restricted in the same way.


Requires Druid Remix component

This component installs the Oozemaster druid kit.

OOZEMASTER DRUID: Seeping out of every crack and crevice in the dungeon is some foul, monochromatic substance that adventurers wish wasn't there. Just when they get around the yellow mold, green slime drips from the ceiling. Quite often, such abominations well up naturally, but occasionally they are placed by a more deliberate hand--that of the oozemaster.

The oozemaster is not a class for stable individuals. It involves relating one-on-one with things that relate to nothing at all. Unlike the kindred creatures of most druids, the oozemaster's charges have nothing to say. No one has yet developed a Speak with Ooze spell--or if someone has, the oozes haven't responded. Given that oozemasters exude everything but confidence, most of them have few sentient friends and even fewer guests. Thus, they tend to gibber and talk to themselves a lot.

There are, however, substantial rewards to pursuing the path of the oozemaster. As their powers develop they find themselves taking on many of the characteristics of their favored creatures, although they become increasingly alien of mindset and find it harder to relate to others. By this point, though, they tend not to see this as much of a disadvantage.

- May use a Paralytic Touch attack once per day per 5 levels.
This spell functions in the same manner to the second level mage spell Ghoul Touch
- From level 5, the oozemaster's alien metabolism makes them immune to poison
- From level 7, may shapeshift to the form of a mustard jelly. This ability is useable 3 times per day
- From level 9, oozemasters become immune to acid
- From level 11, the oozemaster's alien metabolism renders them immune to disease
- From level 15, oozemasters become immune to blindness, sleep, paralysis, stunning and critical hits as they become one with the ooze and lack a discernable internal anatomy

- Do not gain other standard druidic special abilities (such as shapeshifting into wolves or bears, or the elemental resistance gained at high levels)
- Suffers a -1 penalty to Charisma at levels 1, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 15 as they become increasingly separated from a humanoid mindset and their features continue to distort

Ranger Remix

There are no general changes to rangers in the current release.


This component installs the Bowslinger ranger kit.

BOWSLINGER: The Bowslinger is the epitome of elven skill with the bow. If there is a difficult shot to make, he will make it. Whether the target can only be reached by firing through high winds or is totally concealed, the Bow Slinger is confident of his ability to make the shot.

- 1 THAC0 and damage with any missile weapon for every three levels of experience, slowing to every five levels once the bowslinger reaches 18th level
- Can achieve high mastery (four points) in bows
- May use the 'Called Shot' ability once a day per four levels (starting at 4th level). When the bowslinger activates this ability, any shot made within the next 20 seconds gains 1 to both THAC0 and damage for every four levels of experience
- May use the 'Speed Shot' ability once a day per eight levels (starting at 8th level). When the bowslinger activates this ability, he makes one extra attack per round for five rounds
- May cast 'Detect Invisibility' once a day per six levels (starting at 6th level)

– Race restricted to elf and half-elf.
- Does not gain 'Charm Animal' as an innate ability
- -1 to damage with any melee weapon
- Can only become proficient (one point) in long swords, short swords and daggers
- Can not even be proficient in any other melee weapon
- Cannot wear any metal armor


Requires Core Components

This component installs the Feralan ranger kit. The Feralan is also included in Unfinished Business--if the kit is installed by UB before The Divine Remix this component will not install but the kit will work in the game fine.

FERALAN: What happens to children who wander in the wilderness and are never recovered? Or worse, those who are abandoned there? Many succumb to the dangers of the wild, but a fortunate few are taken in by animals, raised as a part of a lion`s brood, or a wolf`s litter. Cut off from civilization, they gradually take on the characteristics of the creatures who adopted them, forming some kind of unity with the spirit of the wild. In the process they become feralans, beings who combine the savagery of beasts with the intellect of man.

Feralans cannot be Lawful Good.

- 10% to stealth
- 1 to Armor Class for every 5 levels of experience (starting at 1st level)
- May use the 'Feral Rage' ability once a day per 10 levels. The enraged state lasts for 60 seconds, and grants a bonus of 2 to hit, damage, and AC, and immunity to charm, hold and fear, maze, imprisonment, stun and sleep. He also gains 15 temporary hit points
- May use the 'Call of the Wild' ability once a day. This unique ability summons an animal companion who will fight for the caster for 3 rounds 1 round/level. More powerful creatures are summoned at higher levels.

- Becomes winded after Feral Rage. While he's winded he receives -2 to hit, -2 to damage and a 2 penalty to armor class
- Can only become proficient (one point) in bastard swords, long swords, short swords, two-handed swords, katanas, scimitars, halberds, flails and crossbows
- Cannot wear any armor or use large shields
- Maximum Charisma is 2 points lower than a standard member of the race

Forest Runner

Requires Core Components

This component installs the Forest Runner ranger kit.

FOREST RUNNER: Wherever a corrupt or oppressive regime holds power, there's bound to be a Forest Runner. Forest Runners rise in opposition to such regimes, living on the fringes of society, usually one step ahead of the law. They're criminals only in a technical sense, as they adhere to a personal code that compels them to wage war against greedy aristocrats and unjust rulers. While the powers-that-be view the Forest Runner as a lawless troublemaker, commoners see him as hero, perhaps their best hope against a tyrannical government.

Forest Runners cannot be Lawful Good.

- 5% to stealth
- Can achieve mastery (three points) with long bows, quarterstaffs, long swords, and daggers
- May use the 'Inspire' ability once a day per six levels (starting at 1st level). This unique ability boosts the morale and attack rolls of the Forest Runner's companions for 3 rounds.

- May not wear any metallic armor
- Can only become proficient (one point) in axes, two-handed swords, warhammers, and crossbows


Requires Core Components

This component installs the Justifier ranger kit. The Justifier is also included in Unfinished Business--if the kit is installed by UB before The Divine Remix this component will not install but the kit will work in the game fine.

JUSTIFIER: Some expeditions are so demanding and some foes so dangerous that they require the attention of a highly trained specialist whose combat skills far exceed those of the typical ranger. Enter the Justifier, a master tactician whose military instincts, fighting versatility, and steely nerves places him in the first rank of elite warriors.

For a determined Justifier no job is too difficult, no enemy too formidable. Their proficiency with weapons gives them an edge in combat, though the smaller time devoted to magical training leaves them slightly lacking in that department.

Justifiers must be Lawful Good.

- 10% to stealth
- 1 to hit and 1 to speed factor for every 10 levels of experience

- Does not gain 'Charm Animal' as an innate ability
- Spell casting ability limited to:
'Cure Light Wounds' and 'Armour of Faith' once each per day from level 8
'Luck' and 'Remove Fear' once each per day from level 10
'Draw Upon Holy Might' once per day from level 12

Wilderness Runner

Requires Core Components

This component installs the Wilderness Runner ranger kit.

WILDERNESS RUNNER: There are rangers, and then there are rangers. Elves are uniquely connected with the rhythms of the forests, some more deeply than others. Only those who have chosen to become rangers may elect to become more fully part of the forest, casting aside the trappings of even elven society to serve the needs of the wood. They are called wilderness runners.

- 10% resistance to non-magical fire and cold
- Can achieve mastery (three points) in long bows and quarterstaffs
- May use the 'Enhanced Charm Animal' ability once a day per two levels (starting at 1st level). This unique ability replaces 'Charm Animal', lasting twice as long and affecting all animals in the vicinity
- Can set snares (starts at 20% and improves by 5% per level)

– Race restricted to elf.
- May not wear any armor greater that studded leather
- Can only become proficient (one point) in flails, morningstars and warhammers
- Maximum Charisma is 2 points lower than a standard member of the race

NPC Changes

Add Battleguard of Tempus Kit to Branwen

Requires Battleguard of Tempus component

This component will change Branwen from a trueclass cleric to a Battleguard of Tempus. Branwen is a joinable NPC in Baldur's Gate Tutu and is available in the Baldur's Gate II tutorial. This component will kit both, but the changes will only show up in your game if you have not met Branwen yet.

Change Jaheira to Neutral Good

Requires Druid Remix

A player request, this component brings Jaheira's alignment to neutral good to better reflect her actions and attitude ingame. The changes will only show up in your game if you have not met Jaheira yet.

Add Nightcloak of Shar Kit to Viconia

Requires Nightcloak of Shar component

This component will change Viconia from a trueclass cleric to a Nightcloak of Shar. This component will affect Viconia in either the Baldur's Gate or Baldur's Gate II part of the game, but only if you have not met Viconia yet.

Sphere System

Once the backbone of The Divine Remix, the divine sphere system is now entirely optional. Like arcane magic and its school system, divine magic can be broken into spheres such as animal, necromancy, protection, etc. The spells available to a divine caster are limited to spheres related to their deity's portfolio. There are three levels of sphere access:

  • Major - character can cast all spells in this sphere (including quest level spells)
  • Minor - character can cast spells up to and including level three in this sphere
  • None - character can not cast spells in this sphere

The different spell selections available to a character can vary, sometimes significantly, between classes and even within kits of a class. The spells available to the character reflect their beliefs, and as such, one spellbook for all no longer makes sense. Sphere restrictions are now included in kit and class descriptions. Under the implementation of spheres, spells that had previously been druid-only are now accessible to some specialty priests and in some cases (Dolorous Decay) available to trueclass clerics as well. If a spell belongs to multiple spheres, access to any of the spell's spheres will grant a character access to the spell. Access to all spheres is not required. Alignment now also plays a larger role in spell selection as the selection of spells considered 'good' and 'evil' has been expanded.

If the sphere system is installed, spell selection for all divine casters will be reduced to some degree. To compensate, unkitted clerics will receive an additional spell casting for spell levels 4-7 beyond what a kitted cleric receives while kitted clerics will receive one innate at spell levels 4-7. Kitted clerics will also receive a spiritual weapon appropriate to their faith. Similarly, some clerics also receive some non-cleric high level abilities to compensate for the reduced selection, and some kits have their own, unique HLA. The updated cleric kit list, with sphere installed, is available in the sphere supplement.

  • Clerics have major access to the spheres of all, charm, combat, creation, divination, guardian, healing, necromantic, protection, and summoning and minor access to the spheres of elemental (earth) and elemental (water).
  • Druids have major access to all, animal, elemental (all), healing, plant, sun and weather.
  • Paladins have major access to the spheres of combat, divination, healing and protection.
  • Rangers have major access to all, animal, healing, plant, and weather.

Individual kits may vary from the base classes.

The sphere system was also overhauled to interact better with other mods. Alternate divine spell tables are automatically detected and used, spellbooks for individual clerics are adjusted on the fly via detection, and text paching is used wherever possible to avoid conflict--e.g. updated/missing sphere descriptions are now simply changed in spell descriptions instead of overwriting the entire description. One-stop macros are also available for modders to bring their spells or kits into the sphere system as well.