The Calling

The Calling really started as a collection of random questions from BG—why didn't anyone take over the gnoll stronghold, considering the two bordering nations are on the brink of war? How come the only class-specific quests in the game are with Narlen Darkwalk? Why isn't Melicamp used more? While the original idea was more along the lines of a stronghold mod for BG, it grew into a planned collection of class-specific quests. Many others were also eager to contribute their quest ideas as well.

The Calling has several different components, of which each can be installed independently of one another.

The Calling

Currently only available in English, French, Polish, and Russian

This component is planned as a series of class-specfic quests for the game, though only one—the mage quest—is currently implemented, though at present the class restrictions are not implemented so it's open to all players. The PC will be offered one set based on his or her class (a 'calling') and can choose to accept or decline. Players can only have one calling per game, though at present the class restrictions are not implemented. The new quests are generally triggered by the completion of an existing quest; sometimes the calling will involve several small quests or one large one.

  • Mage: Thalantyr will initiate the mage calling after Melicamp is saved.
  • Other: Other callings are still under development.

Peaceful Werewolf Isle Resolution (DavidW)

Requires Tales of the Sword Coast, also available in SCS
Currently only available in Chinese, English, French, German, Polish, and Russian

This idea was originally developed by DavidW for Sword Coast Stratagems and donated to The Calling. This component allows for the possibility of not having to fight Kaishas at the final escape from the island, though it depends on your actions around the island and other factors.

Exotic Items Pack

Also available in Tweaks Anthology

This component adds a handful of weapons and items available in Baldur's Gate II and scatters them throughout stores, creatures, and containers in the Baldur's Gate portion of the game. Items include katanas, wakizashis, scimitars, ninja-tos, bags/quivers of plenty, ioun stones, and a handful of spell scrolls. However, please note that the items have been placed with an eye towards balance and likelihood that they would be on the Sword Coast at all. The exceptions are scimitars, which are definitely less exotic than the other items and hence more plentiful.

This component also fixes a known bug in the game, in that the merchant at Gullykin and the Helm temple in Nashkel shared the same store file.