Tactics Remix

Tactics, originally from Wes Weimer and a number of other authors, was a mod for the original Baldur's Gate II that added a number of difficult encounters and substantially improved AI for enemies. With Wes's permission morpheus562 has created Tactics Remix, based the original Tactics mod, that adds quite a few optional, but difficult, encounters to BG2:EE and EET aimed to make the game more challenging and rewarding.


It is with great pleasure I have been given permission from Wes to update his original Tactics mod to be compatible with the Enhanced Editions. Tactics Remix adds quite a few optional, but difficult, encounters to BG2:EE and EET aims to make the game more challenging and rewarding.

Many of these components have been drawn from different mod authors; I did not write everything here. In particular, Wes Weimer, Gebhard Blucher, Kensai Ryu, Xyx and Ishan have made contributions. I have gone through, updated the components for the EE's, and redid most of the AI from the ground up. The goal is for the encounters to feel similar to their oBG counterparts with more challenging enemy AI.


If you are upgrading from an earlier version of this mod, I recommend uninstalling all mod components and replacing all files with the new ones before doing a fresh install. If you choose to use SCS, parts of this mod should be installed before it while other parts should be installed after. These will be clearly outlined during the install process.


Tactics Remix adds quite a few new components, and all of the components are individually optional: you may install some but not others, your choice. I have also broken up the mods into two groups: 1) Add New Encounters and 2) Update Existing Encounters. New encounters should be installed prior to SCS while updates to existing encounters should be installed after SCS (if you, the player, chooses to use SCS).

Add New Encounters - Install BEFORE SCS

"Kuroisan", the Acid Kensai

Kuroisan, a Kensai / Wu Jen from Kara-Tur will eventually approach you if you are carrying (and wielding) Celestial Fury or Malakar. He is obsessed with Katanas and will try to take yours.

The Ritual

The Ritual component adds a new tactical quest. You can start the quest by speaking to a yellow-robed fellow outside the Watcher's Keep and involves some outdoor combat and obscure symbolism against a very pretty backdrop. Original recommendation for party level is wait until everyone has around 2,000,000 XP.

"Red Badge" Poison-Based Encounter

This challenge is triggered if you are standing outside the Watcher's Keep. You must have more than 3 million XP, and you must either have killed Gromnir or be in SoA.

Gebhard Blucher's Lich in the Docks

A new lich can be found in the Docks district: enter the door to the north of the main Shadow Thief guildhouse entrance.

Kensai Ryu's Gnome Fighter/Illusionist in the Docks

A gnome fighter/illusionist is looking for Valygar inside a building in the docks and he will kill anyone in his way.

Update Existing Encounters - Install AFTER SCS

Improved Irenicus (Not yet released)

Makes Joneleth "The Shattered One" Irenicus a bit more of a challenge when you finally face him in Hell at the end of SoA. Rather than summoning generic demons and immediately losing to you, he sunders himself into fragments, one for each Tear of Bhaal Test in Hell. Each fragment has different strengths and weaknesses. We also add a paltry amount of dialogue.

Improved Guarded Compound in the Temple District

This component makes the guardians of Celestial Fury more "realistically" difficult. They have appropriate spell picks for their levels (Sion is an 18th level conjurer, for example, so he can cast 9th level spells) and a number of abuses are prevented (you can no longer run to the lower floor). They also throw up a large number of protections early: they do know you are coming, after all. Despite their high levels, they use only SoA abilities (no ToB feats or ToB spells).

Improved Twisted Rune

This component makes the guardians of the Staff of the Magi actually believable. An 18th level conjurer, an 18th level fighter, a 26th level Lich, plus they've got the Staff, and they're still routinely defeated by solo characters still in Chapter 2. This component fixed some bugs (their saving throws and spell memorization numbers) and makes more intelligent spell choices (e.g., no gating in demons that will kill you). It also prevents some previous cheesy tactics (traps, cloudkill, etc.). Finally, Layene actually uses the Staff of the Magi the way a PC would (invisibility and spell trap). Before she just sat on it. 🙂 Did you even notice that their fighter, Revanek, appears completely naked? These guys have money to burn and they can't buy him a long sword and some armor? I think not! Despite their high levels, they use only SoA abilities (no ToB feats or ToB spells).

Gebhard Blucher's Improved Demon Knights

This makes the Demon Knights (notably, those at the Demogorgon altar in the Underdark) better opponents. They have more powerful spells and are more resistant to cheese.

Kensai Ryu's Tougher Kangaxx and Guardians

If you visit the tomb of Kangaxx you will find a new guardian in the room above, the Archlich. He's a level 34/21 Cleric/Mage, and he has another lich with him and some guards he's brought. Their purpose is to kill Kangaxx and get his ring. If you already have the ring they do not know this, they think Kangaxx is still alive and has it. They will kill anyone whom they find snooping around his tomb. It's a pretty tough fight so be prepared. If SCS is installed, Kangaxx will revert to SCS AI; however, the guardians will still remain.

Kensai Ryu's Improved Crypt King

Large overhaul for the original Crypt King fight within the Graveyard district. I have overhauled the fight mechanics to make it even more challenging than the original Tactics version.

Kensai Ryu's Improved Copper Coronet (Not yet released)

This component creates more Guards in the Copper Coronet when the guards go hostile. This will only work on games in which you have not yet started the Copper Coronet quest.

Includes GB's "Gorf the Squisher" script fix.

Mike Barnes' Improved Small Teeth Pass (Not yet released)

This makes the Small Teeth Pass (AR1700, optional in Chapter 6 after Elhan) much tougher by adding three Dragons.

WARNING: Reported to be *incompatible* with TDD.

Morpheus562's Improved Drizzt (BGEE)

This makes the BGEE version of Drizzt more formidable. If he goes hostile, he will prioritize attack the player instead of the gnolls.

More encounters will be added.

Enemy Improvements - Install AFTER SCS

Improve All Enemies Hit Points

There are a couple options for the player to select to increase the HP of all enemies. There is an additional option to adjust enemy HP based on the ini file if the player does not like the pre-defined options. Friendly cast summons will NOT have their HP altered.

Special Thanks

  • Wes thank you for your permission to update such an amazing mod! I appreciate being a steward of your work, and I hope you find it enjoyable.
  • Gebhard Blucher, Kensai Ryu, Xyx, Mike Barnes, and Ishan, thank you for all your amazing work on the original Tactics mod. I hope you too enjoy the work I have put into it.
  • Cam for all of your help and assistance. The reasons are many, thank you.
  • JohnBob for providing French translation.
  • All those who assisted in testing and providing feedback! I appreciate every single one of you for all that you do!