Balduran's Seatower

Citizens of Baldur's Gate!

Let it be known that by edict of the Grand Dukes the famous Seatower of Balduran is henceforth open to the public! Donate in Sel√Ľne's Temple, seek shelter in Ilmater's Monastery and enjoy the famous Golden Dragon Ale in Roryn's tavern. But be warned:
There are rumors of some hidden danger beneath the surface and the waters are unusually calm this year.

Duke Eltan,
Hammer 1368 DR.

Balduran's Seatower Banner

The BS Company presents:

Balduran's Seatower is a quest mod for BG:EE, BGT, and EET that adds a new area to the city of Baldur's Gate, accessible via the south-west corner of the Docks District.

It includes numerous new quests:

  • Clear the catacombs from the evil that nested inside!
  • Find a missed monk who vanished with the Ilmater's alms for the poor!
  • Help a soldier's brother who got into trouble with smugglers... and more!
  • Protect the Seatower Commander against a doppelganger invasion!
  • Follow the stray Sahuagin into the secret tunnel and explore the sea cave beneath the tower!
  • Retrieve a godly artifact from the Old Temple Island!
  • Help Inn master Roryn to catch all 11 rabbits inside the tavern!

The mod is still in development, alpha testing is progressing. There is no ETA but we hope to be able to present a beta in the not-too-distant future.

Promotion artwork by Acifer! Baldur's Gate and Flaming Fist coat of arms by Buttercheese / TariToons.