Balduran's Seatower

Citizens of Baldur's Gate!

Let it be known that by edict of the Grand Dukes the famous Seatower of Balduran is henceforth open to the public! Donate in Sel√Ľne's Temple, seek shelter in Ilmater's Monastery and enjoy the famous Golden Dragon Ale in Roryn's tavern. But be warned:
There are rumors of some hidden danger beneath the surface and the waters are unusually calm this year.

Duke Eltan,
Hammer 1368 DR.

Balduran's Seatower Banner

The BS Company presents:

Balduran's Seatower is a quest mod for BG:EE, BGT, and EET that adds a new area to the city of Baldur's Gate, accessible via the south-west corner of the Docks District.

The mod is available as an Early Access Open Beta - the "Early Access" because of the (reduced) content, not the shape of the mod we hope!

The Early Access Open Beta (EAOB) has approximately 50% of the planned content which can be played without any loose ends. It is directly compatible with BGT, BG:EE w/o SoD, and EET.

If you need the Worldmap for other mods, install it after BST and use the current 10.2.6.

You can play the EAOB from a previous save if it is from before entering BG city for the first time. In this case, the Seatower will not show on your worldmap but is accessible through a direct travel link from the south west corner of the docks.

It includes numerous new quests:

  • Find a missed monk who vanished with the Ilmater's alms for the poor!
  • Help a soldier's brother who got into trouble with smugglers... and more!
  • Protect the Seatower Commander against a doppelganger invasion!
  • Follow the stray Sahuagin into the secret tunnel and explore the sea cave beneath the tower!
  • Anger the drowned spirit in the well!
  • Help Inn master Roryn to catch all 11 rabbits inside the tavern!
  • Get a pot of ale from the cook. All who laugh about this quest wait until they've met her!
  • and more!

Have a look at the readme to see an extensive list of all available quests - but don't spoil yourself too much! Everything starts by entering the Seatower area.

Promotion artwork by Acifer! Baldur's Gate and Flaming Fist coat of arms by Buttercheese / TariToons.