SoD to Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition Item Upgrade

My inspiration for this mod came from the Siege of Dragonspear expansion itself, and the new and unique items it introduced to the game. I felt they filled a lot of gaps for various classes/kits and many had unique and fun new abilities and effects. I especially liked how with many items there was a tradeoff involved, making the player think and strategize with their use.

I always felt that Beamdog should have allowed more of these items to import in BG2:EE and even have upgrade paths for them to allow for more variety and replay value in that game. Well... since Beamdog didn't, I decided to do so myself!

What this mod does:

  • Imports more Siege of Dragonspear items into logical (to me at least) locations in BG2:EE during the Shadows of Amn campaign. They are attainable in a variety of ways – quest rewards, drops from enemies killed, shops, and containers.
  • Includes an optional component to force all import-able SoD items to be present in their normal locations. Since the Voidsword +3 and Voidhammer +3 are mutually exclusive, a choice is given for which to import. I included this component since many players (myself included) have had trouble with these items not importing into BG2:EE properly.
  • Adds upgrade options for the majority of the imported SoD items via Cromwell and Cespenar. All recipes are on both, so the player should not run into any issues upgrading items. Many of these new recipes require existing upgrade components within the game, keeping in the spirit of having to choose one upgrade over another for strategizing and replay-ability. In addition, I have also created a few entirely new upgrade components to fit with the theme for some of the upgraded items. I included an upgrade path for one importable item from BG1 as well, since I felt it deserved a future in BG2.
  • Adalon now drops silver scales, correcting what I felt was an oversight. (These scales are used in some of the new upgrades.)
  • Saladrex now drops red scales, correcting what I felt was an oversight.
  • Adds green and black scales to the Green and Black dragons in the game.
  • Adds a few new component items for use in the new upgrade recipes on Cromwell and Cespenar.
  • Adds five new wizard spells.
  • Adds alternative/new upgrade paths for some pre-existing items.
  • Imports Helm of Opposition from BG1 - simply because it's fun, and if you know how to use it, it can be very useful.
  • Includes an optional component to change Cromwell's equipment to something more in-line with his skills as a forger of highly magical items.
  • Includes five new mage spells, created through Cromwell and Cespenar using components found in game.
  • Includes alternate completion and upgrade path for the human flesh armor.
  • Includes upgrade paths for a two importable weapons from Baldur's Gate:EE.
  • Adds Ben-Hadar, the elemental prince of water to the Greater Elemental Summoning HLA (the default spell only has the princes of fire, wind, earth).

All of the upgrades were created with balance in mind, and most have unique effects to keep things fun and fresh.