NPC Tweak

The NPC Tweak mod changes certain aspects of Baldur's Gate II NPCs. It hopes to bring them more in line with the character presented, and/or to make them more useful without deviating from their character. Please note that none of these components will affect an NPC who is already in your party. For best results, it is recommended that you start a new game, or play from before having met the NPCs in question.

Please note that there are ongoing discussions in NPC Tweak Suggestions on the issue of Valygar's racial enemy, which may be changed in a later version of this mod.


When Anomen is disowned by his father ("if you leave this house, you are a nameless dog not worthy to cower at my feet!"), why does he keep his family shield? Surely he should only be able to use it while he is a member of that family? Also, if he fails his knighthood test, he doesn't really get anything out of it - it is generally better to ignore roleplay and have him pass it. This component aims to correct these problems, and make the two paths equal from a powergaming perspective (leaving roleplay to choose between one path or the other). Anomen will now loose his family heirlooms (yes, plural - we also give him an extra one) if he disobeys his father.


For lack of anything I've written myself, the following was posted in the forum for Idobek's NPC Kitpack mod (no relation):

Cernd, the calm and collected druid, a shapeshifter? Changing into a raging machine of murder? That doesn't make much sense, I think. Totemic Druid suits him much better, I'd say.


This component distributes Nalia's thief skills to better suit her life of sneaking out of the Keep. Her new thief skills are as follows: 60 Points in Open Locks (to get out of the Keep) 15 Points in Find/Disarm traps (because it uses similar tools to Open Locks, she will have a minor ability to do it) 40 Points in Move Silently (to not be noticed walking out).