This mod requires EET, BGEE, SoD, or BG2EE.

The Transitions mod's main purpose is to provide seemless transitions between campaigns in EET. It will provide a mechanism to remain in the BG1 "world" after Sarevok is defeated and BG2 "world" after Irenicus is defeated. For EET, it also allows for skipping ahead to BG2, skipping all or the remainder of SoD, as suits the player.

Progressing through to SoD or BG2 areas of the game is accomplished by using a custom item provided by Duke Belt after the clean-up quests are finished or skipped. Progressing through to ToB is accomplished by using the Amulet of Selderine provided by Queen Ellesmine.

After Sarevok has been defeated, the protagonist can take up residence at the Ducal Palace (requires SoD), thanks to Duke Belt. If the protagonist rescued Duke Eltan and EET is loaded, he will show his appreciation by awarding the keys to a home. There is also the possibility for a number of new clean-up quests, depending upon which of Sarevok's followers have been previously eliminated. BG1 and TotSC quests can be finished after Sarevok's death, giving the player control over the order of events.

In order to plug the plot hole dealing with Sarevok's sword, he can be given his equipment, either equipped or just in his inventory, so that it can be looted and confiscated after his death. If you choose to equip his items, the final fight with him might be slightly more difficult.

Main Component

Required for most, but not all, content

This component prevents the end of game transition to SoD after Sarevok's death and the end of game transition to ToB after Irenicus's death.  It allows access to Duke Belt in the Ducal Palace for game advancement.

To remain consistent with SoD, the protagonist is offered the room on the 3rd floor (requires BGEE) as well as the Korlasz Dungeon quest (requires SoD), both of which may be turned down.  Also to remain consistent with SoD, Liia offers to recruit Imoen for magic training, the timing of which is up to the player.

If SoD is installed, the Korlasz dungeon quest will be a regular skippable clean-up quest, with no tour-guide Imoen, allowing you to come and go as you please.

NOTE: Your party will not be given a key ring when doing the Korlasz quest. If you want one, you can buy one at various merchants in Baldur's Gate when SoD is present

The component also allows for skipping the entirety or the remainder of SoD in EET.

New Bhaalspawn power

Requires Main Component and BGEE or EET

A new Bhaalspawn ability will be added during the first rest period after defeating Sarevok. Good- and neutral-aligned protagonists will receive the equivalent of Greenstone Amulet's Mind Shield and evil-aligned protagonists will receive Algernon's Cloak Charm Creature.

Sarevok's Equipment

Requires Main Component and BGEE or EET

This component gives Sarevok his sword so we can better explain its movement between games and updates the inventory images for Sarevok's armor and helmet with Tantalus' customized versions from the Sarevok Recovery Mod.

NOTE: the sword will be confiscated by the Flaming Fist so it can in turn be stolen from the Ducal Palace as per SoD, however the PC will be compensated for the loss by Duke Belt.

  • Option 1: Sarevok's equipment is equipped - this may make the final fight slightly more difficult
  • Option 2: Sarevok's equipment is just in his inventory - final fight will not be affected
  • Option 3: When installed, use how Endless BG1 handles Sarevok's equipment

Add Clean-Up Quests

Requires Main Component and BGEE or EET

This component adds quests to bring in Sarevok's remaining supporters depending upon who hasn't already been dispatched.

The Korlasz dungeon quest will be offered whether or not this component is installed if SoD is present.

Any and all clean-up quests, including Korlasz's Dungeon crawl if SoD is installed, can be skipped. To skip all of them without being asked about the next and the next, ad nauseum, just reply that you're not a bounty hunter and that Belt will need to hire someone else. If Korlasz is skipped, a few of the more notable items usually found there will be available for purchase at Sorcerous Sundries.

NOTE: Tamoko's quest involves suicide-by-Flaming-Fist. It may be triggering for some players.

  • Option 1: Have survivors of the final battle with Sarevok immediately flee the area when Sarevok dies (to give more clean-up quests)
  • Option 2: Behavior of the Sarevok's supporters in the final BG1 battle is unchanged
  • Option 3: Option 1 and gentler version of Tamoko's quest
  • Option 4: Option 2 and gentler version of Tamoko's quest


Requires Main Component and BGEE or EET

This closes quests that may remain open after Sarevok is defeated and makes sure pub rumors don't reopen old quests.

Clean up townsfolk chatter with reference to Sarevok

Requires Main Component and BGEE or EET

This imports changes to various townsfolk from the Endless BG1 mod.  Will use EBG1's version if available.

Clean up the wounded from the thieves maze

Requires Main Component and BGEE or EET

This component removes Winski and Voleta from the thieves' maze and has Denkod inform the group of their whereabouts. If anyone in the group is wearing Sarevok's armor or helm, Denkod will provide some comedic relief.

This will overwrite Endless BG1's changes to Denkod if they are installed.

NOTE: If you installed the component to add clean-up quests, Winski will disappear from the thieves' maze even if you don't install this component.

Have Elminster make an appearance outside the Ducal Palace

Requires Main Component and BGEE or EET

This component adds back unused original dialogue from BG.  Will use EBG1's version if available.

Duke Eltan's reward

Requires Main Component and BGEE  or EET

NOTE: Duke Eltan will only show up if he was safely delivered to the Harbor Master. The reward for saving his life is a home the protagonist can call their own. Only one home can be claimed, regardless of how many options are installed.

Once a house is selected in-game as the reward, it will be locked, the PC will be given a key, and any actors inside the house will be moved to another location. The house's contents will remain the same. If you sell the key, you in essence sell the house. The key will be among your possessions that are placed in Chateau Irenicus in BG2 for you to find if you didn't sell it previously.

House in front of Palace

This component prepares the 2nd house to the left of the Ducal Palace as one of the reward options.

Cabin in High Hedge

This component adds the cabin in High Hedge as one of the reward options from Duke Eltan. This house is used in various other mods (Ascalon's Questpack and Glam's NPC Pack), so you may want to not select it in-game as your reward if those mods are installed and still using it. Installing it, however, shouldn't affect those mods.

House in Beregost

This component adds the large gray house in the upper west side of Beregost as one of the reward options from Duke Eltan.

House in front of Flaming Fist headquarters

This component adds the house across from the Flaming Fist compound as one of the reward options from Duke Eltan.

Add waves of refugees to Baldur's Gate

Requires Main Component and BGEE or EET

Refugees will start arriving in front of the palace in waves, seven game-days apart starting a week after the death of Sarevok. Each wave will increase the number of refugees, but all are in front of the palace so overall, this is more of a cosmetic thing and will by no means swamp the city with refugees as it is in SoD. This is a slightly modified import from Endless BG1.

Will use EBG1's version if available.

Use abbreviated capture scene leading to BG2

Requires Main Component and EET

Cut out the long fight scene leading to capture prior to BG2 and just show a brief cut-scene.

Use Irenicus in hell movie to restore Bhaalspawn powers when he is defeated

Requires BG2EE or EET

While recuperating in Suldanessellar, the Irenicus in hell movie will be shown as a dream and all Bhaalspawn powers will be restored.