Auren Aseph

When you ask her about her past, AUREN is silent before explaining that she was born in Beregost, not far from your own home. The only daughter of a middle class merchant and his wife, Auren threw herself into the art of swordplay when she was only fourteen. She is barely twenty years old now, but you can somehow tell from the way she carries herself that she is an experienced fighter and has seen much of Faerun. You wonder exactly where she learned how to fight so well and why she has traveled so much at such a young age.

Auren Aseph is a young and eager fighter from Beregost. She was born to a middle class merchant and his wife, and grew up a headstrong girl. She will join your party, offer you her friendship, and will romance Nalia if she is in your party.


Auren's father would tell her stories of adventurers he'd run into while on his caravan routes, and Auren became more and more interested at the thought of adventuring as she got older. She'd spend hours every week at the famous blacksmith Thunderhammer's shop, staring at all of the many types of weapons and armor, both magical and non-magical. Her desire to explore the world and independent nature was quickly noticed when she was thirteen, when the leader of a group of adventurers passing through town saw her eavesdropping on their conversations at Feldpost's Inn.

The adventurers took an interest in Auren and stayed in Beregost for a few months. The leader encouraged Auren to learn the ways of swordplay, and she begged him to teach her all he knew. By the age of fourteen, Auren had joined the group and accompanied them on their travels. She saw much of Faerun as they did good deeds for other towns, explored caves and dungeons, and acquired many types of treasure. At the start of her twentieth year, a series of tragedies occurred that convinced Auren to retire from the world of adventuring. She went to Nashkel, hoping to build herself a new life and settle down with the large amount of gold she had saved up over the years of traveling. She soon heard about the iron crisis and began to notice it herself when she saw her old daggers and sword deteriorating. Auren usually fought with two swords, one which she had picked up in a dungeon during her travels, and another that she had bought in Beregost from Thunderhammer, which appeared to be an ordinary sword, but for some reason showed no signs of deterioration. She was tempted to look into the iron crisis herself, when she realized the pain that adventuring had brought her, so she went about her business and ignored it.

Not too long after she heard about the iron crisis, the news came that a group of adventurers, lead by a Child of Bhaal, had stopped the force behind the iron crisis and had saved the Sword Coast. Realizing that she could no longer ignore the call of adventuring, Auren packed her things and made her way to the south, to Athkatla, to find a group of good-hearted adventurers like herself that would be willing to let her fight alongside them. She arrived in Athkatla and made her way to the slums, to the Copper Coronet, where she was sure she was bound to run into *someone* interesting...


Auren has an original soundtrack that can be downloaded separately.