Ajantis BG1 Expansion

For German players, you can read more about this mod on the German modding community Kerzenburg on this page: Ajantis BG Expansion.

This mod expands on the paladin of Helm Ajantis, the original BioWare NPC. It is compatible with original ("vanilla") Baldur’s Gate 1:TotSC, Tutu, Baldur’s Gate Trilogy (BGT), Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition (BG:EE), and Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET).

For original BG1:TotSC, the mod adds a friendship track and the BG1NPC Project romance for Ajantis. The original BG1NPC Project romance was adjusted slightly with regard to the restrictions of the BG1 engine, although overall the content stayed the same.

For Tutu, BGT, BG:EE, and EET, the mod adds a friendship track and more romance content for the BG1NPC Project romance for Ajantis. Content-wise, the mod is meant as an addition to the BG1NPC Project, but technically it can be installed and played without the BG1NPC Project. If the player started and interrupted Ajantis's BG1NPC Project romance, the friendship sequence should initiate after that depending on how far the romance went. If you do not have the BG1NPC Project installed, the friendship talks become available immediately.

For EE, the mod also adds several banters with Rassad and one with Baeloth, as well as a Rasaad-Ajantis romance conflict.

For SoD, the mod adds farewell dialogues before Ajantis leaves. In romance case the PC will get three letters from Ajantis along the SoD campaign.
In romance case his original farewell "DisplayStringHead" lines in Korlasz' Crypt will be deactivated.
For non-romance case his original farewell lines about going to Waterdeep were tweaked in consistency with BGII: Ajantis will now say that he will travel to the Order in Athkatla.

For BG:EE and EET there is a second, independent component with the option to use the existent BG:EE BAM for Ajantis' shield (green dragon on golden ground), if BG1NPC is installed.

Complement Mod: Ajantis Portrait Pack

Available as a separate download, the Mod gives a choice of custom portraits for Ajantis. The Ajantis Portrait Pack is compatible with BG1, TotSC, BGT, Tutu, BG:EE, BGII:EE, and EET. It detects the game install automatically. For the BGII part of the game, the portrait is meant for the Sir Ajantis NPC for BGII mod, but can be installed independently.

NOTE: For all games, the portraits have the same naming convention as the BG1 default portrait since with v15 and up, the Sir Ajantis for BGII mod uses the game portrait (which is also present in all BG2 games). This means, that if you installed an Ajantis portrait from another source the same portrait will be used as well in the BGII part of the game without need of further action.

Many thanks to the artists for granting permission to include them as alternatives for Ajantis: Amaurea, Azguz aka Azze, berelinde, Casul, Catlepha, Domi, Miloch, Plasmocat, Rabain, Senka and wonnimchunha!

You can view previews of the portraits in the gallery, or view the readme (English, German) or head straight to the download page.